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Software providers

With an increase in popularity in the iGaming industry, it is not surprising that game software providing companies are increasing. Within this article you will be able to view all the important information regarding game providers with answers to questions such as: “How do they make money?” and “What is the connection between a software provider and a casino?”. If you are asking yourself these sorts of questions, then make sure to read through the whole article to have a better understanding of what game providers are and do.

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What are Game Providers?

Have you ever gambled with real money at an online casino? Have you ever noticed that the vast majority of casinos provide a wide selection of casino games? Casinos are able to give customers access to their gaming platforms thanks to the development of software that provides a variety of different games. Games might be different from one provider to the next, although most providers make similar kind of games. The most made games by these software providers are real online pokies, which come in lot of variety.

What Role Do They Play in Online Casinos

Online casinos wouldn’t be able to work efficiently without the software that runs their games. Game providers are the ones that make it possible for players to play any game they want at an online casino, thus these companies are extremely important to these businesses.

How Do They Make Money?

Game companies, like all other types of companies, are in the business of making a profit. The online casino would pay the game providing software for its services since the program is supplying the online casino with games that can be played by registered players. Instead of a set fee for a game, or their whole selection of games, it is also possible that providers and casinos make an agreement of a percentage of what players lose on their games.

Online gambling software providers

Recognize the Best game providers

Every player has their own preferences and things to look out for in a game. The games from one software provider can be loved by some, but hated by others. You’ll have to find which providers suit you the best. However there are some traits that most players find important.

What to look for in casino games?

Here are some key points to keep in mind when looking into a game provider’s game:

  • Graphics: Take a look at how clear the game looks like. The higher the quality, the better. Remember that these games are going to be played by players, so if you notice that the graphics quality is poor, then the player will notice as well and most likely stop playing it after a minute or two. If the graphics look kind of cartoonish then you may want to look at a different provider.
  • Animation: If the animation of the game doesn’t make you feel happy, excited, and enthusiastic, then you may want to change the game. Keep in mind that these games are there for players to enjoy their time playing. If they don’t have those sorts of emotions then they would get bored.
  • Mobile Games: Given that mobile phones are used by almost every person, it would be a sensible decision for game providers to make their games available for players via phone. This sort of cross platform content may be a make or break situation for a customer.
  • Features: Games that have multiple features within it tend to be more popular amongst players.
  • Sound: This is one of the most crucial factors. If the sound of the game doesn’t match the theme then the player would get confused and not really get into the game that much.
  • Interface: It is critical that the game is as user-friendly as possible. If the player finds it hard to navigate through the game, then they would most likely get bored and leave the game. A way to make it easy is by providing keyboard shortcuts for instance.
  • RTP: Last but not least, the payout percentage (return to player) of the games you play is important. Some software providers are known for having a high or low RTP in the games they provide. This has a big effect on your winning chances.

Best software providers

Comparing Game Providers

It is key that when comparing gaming software providers, you start by checking out what previous or current customers have said about the games offered by each gaming provider. This will give you an idea of what to expect from each provider’s games. This will also help you to get a better picture of the current status of the providers and is offered for your convenience. It is of the utmost importance to obtain information of this kind from a trusted source, as there may be websites that fabricate criticism with the intention of causing harm to the gaming provider.


NetEnt is a renowned software provider with an aim to deliver the optimal gaming experience in the casino industry. They have been active in the gaming industry for over 20 years and operate for over 200 casinos worldwide, amongst whom are the largest casino operators in the world.

NetEnt have been nothing less of a pioneer over the years, having been one of the initial companies that have driven the market to becoming the massive industry it is today. Now they provide top-range gaming solutions through their avant-garde platform, ranging availability of their games across almost every big online casino on the market.

Many will say that your experience on gambling sites is not complete without the games of NetEnt.

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is another one of the largest software providers with their hand spread across the gaming industry. Pragmatic Play focuses on both pokies as the live casino. This huge software provider has spread their productions across hundreds of online casinos.

Their multiple award-winning portfolio consists of a wide range of products, and are mainly known for their well-regulated, innovative games which are designed with a keen eye on mobile-use.

pragmatic play game provider


Evolution is one of the leading software providers in the live casino industry. They managed provide an unmatched user experience and have massively helped increase the success of their client operators.

They have built some of the best and most popular unique live casino games such as their massively popular lightning series – providing live roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, all with a bonus twist that could win you up to 500x your initial bet. Below is a screenshot of one of their most popular games, Lightning Roulette.


Microgaming have been in the iGaming business since 1994. They have been fuelling the industry with innovation, entertainment, and more, all while setting industry standards, after having launched one of the world’s first ever true online casino softwares.

Nowadays, with licensing and regulation to cater for the whole world, they are supplying numerous platforms with their cutting-edge gaming technologies, supporting some of the biggest online casinos in the industry.

Play’n GO

Play’n GO began as a small team and office in Sweden, which was founded in 2005 and is currently a major gaming provider. Their innovation led the industry by delivering an unrivaled array of titles to licensed casino operators in over 25 countries, including Casino Mate & more. ​

Through engagement with partners, regulators, and research agencies, they’re committed to social responsibility. ​ OMNY, their casino platform and server-based gaming solution in order to give the optimum gaming experience. ​

Try out Free Games

You can also try out the different free games provided by these gaming providers and even more, such as Playtech, Red Tiger or Mancala as to be able to generate your own conclusion on them. Using free games allows you to play them without having to deposit any money. From this you will be able to see the visuals and audio and come up with an answer on whether or not the gaming provider is good.

A Look Toward the Future of Gaming Services

When we take a look at software providers, we can say that they have been around for more than two decades, and because of the ever-evolving gaming industry, it is no surprise that from a 1 themed slot machine has turned to thousands of different themes.

Before, when internet gambling was fairly new, online casinos were using a singular gaming software provider, but nowadays, online casinos are utilising the services of multiple gaming providers. This gives casinos the opportunity to give players a wider range of games to choose from. With this sort of change, it won’t be surprising to see if casinos start developing their own games and provide them to their customer audience.

What are casino game providers?

Casino game providers are those companies that are responsible of supplying casinos with games and software to offer to their clients. There are hundreds of game providers on the market and each one has their own unique regulated games.

What is the best pokie game provider?

NetEnt and Pragmatic Play are two of the most popular pokie designers on the market. Their slot games can be accessed across hundreds of casinos, including the biggest most popular ones.

What is the best live casino software provider

Evolution are well known if not world renowned regarding their live casino software. Their live dealer games are unmatched and amongst the most popular games to play in the online casino industry.

Why are casino games developed by these providers and not the casino itself?

Software and game providers are there to take some weight off the casino’s shoulders. One could only imagine how intense and hectic managing a casino could be, let alone having the responsibility of designing the games for it too. These providers partner up with casinos and provide their games universally, to ensure fairness.

How Many Software Providers Are There?

There are over 200 brands right now responsible of designing and regulating games for online casinos. Some of which have been on the market since the 1990s, while others are relatively new to the game. Overall, we think that the number is only bound to grow over time.

Do different game providers use the same format for similar games?

Even if two game providers specialize in pokies, their pokies will differ from one another. Some might have similar overall themes or features, but no game provider will ever create a game that’s identical to another’s.

What Makes a Software Provider better than the others?

What players generally look for in a perfect game provider is the following; – High and fair RTP percentage – High Quality Graphics & Smooth Gameplay – User Friendly gaming interface – Games Variety Available – Popularity amongst different casinos

What are the top 5 most popular software providers in general?

The top five mostly depends on personal preference, however, we have set aside some of the best & most frequently used on the market, which are; 1. Evolution 2. Yggdrasil 3. NetEnt 4. Playtech 5. Microgaming