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With several years of experience under their belt, it is not surprising to see that Evolution Gaming is in the position that they are. They provide several high-quality games for online casinos to provide to their players. What more does Evolution Gaming do? How do they make money? In this article, you are able to view all the information you need regarding this world-class gaming provider.


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In the online gambling industry, Evolution Gaming is a B2B company that is often regarded to be one of the most trustworthy and reliable software providers within the Australian online gambling industry. It has been in business for such a long period of time that it has solidified its position as the industry leader among all gaming providers.

In the following paragraphs, we will examine a variety of questions concerning this gaming provider that may pop up in your head. Whilst also explaining what a gaming provider is. So, let’s get right into it!

What Are Game Providers?

A gaming provider is a company that designs and develops games for use in online casinos. These games are offered by the gaming provider themselves. The way it works is; online casinos essentially “rent” out the games that are supplied by gaming providers to their customers so that they may play such games. Players have the option of participating in a wide variety of games, including card games, table games, pokie games, and live dealer games, among others.

If gaming suppliers such as Evolution Gaming did not exist, online casino games would be a lot less interesting, as those who develop actual casinos focus more on their platforms, rather than the games they offer. This way, game software is provided by companies such as Evolution, which have all their resources focused on developing and optimizing the games, specifically.

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What Does Evolution Gaming Do?

Evolution Gaming designs and builds casino games of the highest possible quality for usage by online casinos and distribution to the players of such casinos. They provide a diverse selection of games in a variety of genres. We are talking about over 800 distinct games. The fact that the firm that provides games has access to such a diverse collection of titles is unquestionably a significant strength on its side.

In addition to this, they provide a diverse selection of topics. From outer space to the middle of the desert to the bottom of the ocean. The variety of games available to players is simply astounding. Players have a lot of options and that is exactly what they need.

Some of their most popular titles include;

evolution gaming software provider australia

What Role Does Evolution Gaming Have in Casinos?

The existence of internet casinos can be almost directly attributed to Evolution Gaming. In spite of the fact that there are a great number of different gaming providers, the majority of online casinos strive to make it obligatory for players to obtain games that are provided by Evolution Gaming.

Players who gamble enjoy having a wide variety of games to choose from, therefore it should come as no surprise that online casinos are attempting to acquire these games.

Evolution Gaming Goal

Evolution Gaming forms strategic alliances with online casinos in order to supply all of the games that are offered to the gamers at such casinos. Evolution Gaming is constantly working to enhance its games in order to provide online casinos and players with the greatest possible experience.

This is done with the goal of providing the best possible experience for both parties. It is not surprising to find that they have managed to keep their position while going through this procedure because the development of their games is a significant contributor to their success.

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How does Evolution Gaming make Money?

One of the main ways that Evolution Gaming generates revenue is by receiving a monthly share of the revenue generated by online casinos. Given that online casinos permit players to use Evolution Gaming’s games, the primary method by which the company makes money is by taking a fixed percentage of each online casino’s monthly income. This is because online casinos are enabling players to use Evolution Gaming’s games.

The alternative method involves the payment of a fixed amount. This is done on dedicated table games most of the time. On these types of dedicated table games, the monthly cost charged by Evolution Gaming is a fixed amount.

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Why is Evolution Gaming so Popular?

There are many reasons why Evolution gaming is so popular. For starters, they develop their game in a way which makes it both enjoyable and thrilling at the same time.

Many different versions of the most popular table games

If a gaming provider wants to get on the good side of players and online casinos, then one of the best ways is to provide games that players want to play. Evolution has a wide range of popular live table games such as Blackjack, Roulette & Baccarat.

Not only does Evolution Gaming provide such games, but they also provide them in a way that has amazing quality. They also have a good amount of VIP tables which have a higher table limit.

Friendly and Professional Employees

Many players have regarded evolution gaming’s live dealers to be extremely friendly and professional. This helps massively in the overall image of the gaming provider. Having such feedback not only helps with players but also helps when negotiating with online casinos.

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It should come as no surprise, taking into account the reputation that evolution gaming has earned for itself, that numerous online casinos are exploring evolution gaming with a view to wanting to form business relationships with the company. It should also not be surprising to see that it is one of the very best in the market given that it offers such a huge selection of games and receives such amazing reviews from its customers.

Frequently asked questions

What is Evolution Gaming?

Evolution Gaming is a company that creates and develops games for online casinos to provide to their players.

What Games Does it Offer?

They have a wide range of games, including both the popular and unpopular kinds. Such kinds of games include pokies, blackjack, poker, roulette, baccarat, and many more. They also offer live dealer games such as monopoly, deal or no deal, cash or crash, etc.

How Does Evolution Gaming Get Paid?

There are two main ways evolution gaming gets paid. One is through a fixed price. This is done in the integration part of the process between evolution gaming and the online casino. The second way is through a monthly percentage of the online casinos revenue.

Is Evolution Gaming Popular?

Yes, they are! They are considered to be one of the most popular gaming providers in the world. With factors such as years of experience, positive feedback, and high quality games, it is not surprising to see that they are in the position that they are.

What Are The Most Popular Games Evolution Gaming Have Produced?

Evolution Gaming has a number of games, but players tend to go back to the same game each week. The most popular are Monopoly Live and Lightning Roulette.

What Are The Opinions of Players on Evolution Gaming?

Many players have regarded Evolution Gaming to be one of the best gaming providers in the industry. With many stating that the reason for this is due to the fact that there is a wide range of games to choose from and they have high quality games as well.

Are Evolution Gaming Dealers Likeable?

Evolution Gaming makes sure to hire dealers that are friendly and professional. Because of this, practically all the dealers are extremely likeable.