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Gambling Addiction

Plenty of people in the world get addicted to something in their life time. There are certain addictions that are more harmful then others. A gambling addiction is a tricky one as it can cost a player a lot of money, and money he or she possibly cannot miss. Losing self control while gambling is a dangerous thing that could have very negative effects on someone their life. Are you afraid you might develop an addiction while gambling, or that a loved one is in trouble? Are you wondering what the symptoms of gambling addiction are? Or looking into how you can stop yourself from gambling? In this article, you will find all the information you need regarding the addiction to gambling.

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Like many other things in life, gambling can be addicting. It is hard for a person to even know or understand when they are addicted to something, and gambling is no different.  It is the players responsibility to keep themselves in check. This however is not always easy.

Unfortunately, some players don’t keep themselves in check and lose track of the amount of money they are playing. In the gambling industry this is what is called Responsible Gaming. This mainly refers to players having a great time playing their favourite casino games whilst also having a clear understanding that the casino games are games of chance.

In this article, we will be taking a deep look into the addiction of gambling, where to get help, and some tips as to avoid becoming addicted and losing control over how much money you might be losing.

What is Responsible Gambling Exactly?

If you want the short and simple answer, responsible gaming is when a player plays games at an online casino establishment whilst having common sense. It is advised that players keep it fun whilst being responsible at the same time. It is like playing a board game with your friends.

The important thing to remember is that whenever playing at an online casino, you are gambling online. This means that there are two main outcomes. Either you win or you lose your wager. Additionally, in most games this is all down to luck, and extremely little skills are required for certain games, especially pokies.

One of the main points that you need to remember when gambling is that you should never chase your losses. This will only further your desire to make up the amount of cash you lost by betting a bigger bet. Given that casino games are based on luck it is not as simple as betting a larger amount to get your losses back.

Important Tips You Need To Take Note Of

The following are some tips that can make your gambling experience an even more positive one. Each point is important to keep in mind, and we highly recommend that you implement them in your gambling journey.

Set Your gambling Limits

As for you to avoid putting yourself in a bad position, it is highly recommended that you set limits when gambling. There are many instances in which you can set limits. The most popular is by setting the amount of money you will be betting within that session. You can also set limits through the payment method that you are using to deposit cash into your online casino account. On some of the payment methods you are able to set limits on the amount you wish to deposit. For instance you are able to set a $100 deposit limit per month.

Never gamble with money you cannot afford to lose

Everyone has monthly obligations and bills to pay. If you have money issues and are a gambler this can get you into tricky situation. Make sure to always have enough money to cover your bills. Think about your fixed costs such as food, rent, water, electricity etcetera.

Never gamble with money you cannot miss for the month. It can be a good idea to make an overview of your fixed costs. This way you might have spare money that you can set a side each month that could be used for responsible gambling.

Check Your Gaming History

Whenever playing at Australian online casinos, or any casino in general, we highly recommend that you take a look at your gambling history. This means that it is in your best interest to see the amount of money you have played within a week, month, year, or even since you started gambling. This will provide you with financial information which may show you whether you are in profit or a loss.

Furthermore, it is advised that you keep a note of the amount of money you have gambled with. This will further allow you to have a better understanding of what position you are in.

Take Breaks When Playing

Having breaks between games or losses of bets is important. After losing, individuals have the tendency to place a larger bet as to be able to make up their losses. For this reason, it is best that you allocate an interval of time for breaks. For instance, you place an interval of 30 minutes. This means that after 30 minutes of gameplay you take a short but well needed break.

Implementing such an interval will allow you to reduce the risk of large bets, as well as being able to have a clearer mind when playing.

Talk To Someone

Talking to your friends or family about you playing at online casinos will allow them to keep a tab on you. This means that having people that you see on a daily basis will allow them to keep you in check regarding any situation you are in.

Identifying When Having a Gambling Problem

It is always difficult, for any individual, to understand and then accept that they have a problem when gambling. Looking at the above points will most definitely help you when having a gambling problem.

  • The following are some actions that you should look out for. These actions may lead you to realise that you have a gambling problem.
  • Non-stop thinking on when you’re going to play casino games
  • Wanting to bet larger amounts of money as to feel more thrill
  • Feeling angry or annoyed when individuals try to keep you away from placing bets
  • Wanting to play casino games, rather than taking action on your real problems
  • Chasing your losses, no matter the amount
  • Lying to your loved ones on the amount of money you have bet with
  • Trying to find illegal ways to fund your gambling account
  • Using your loved ones money to bail yourself out
  • Previously tried to stop playing casino games, but falling back into your old habits

If you notice any of the above points, then make sure to have a long and clear discussion with someone professional.

The Three Types of Gambling Addictions

There are three main types of gaming addictions, which are Compulsive Gambling, Binge Gambling, and Problem Gambling. Many times people find it hard to take control of their actions and end up harming themselves and/or others.

Below, you can find an explanation on each of the three main types of gaming addictions;


Compulsive Gambling This sort of gambling is when a player does not have any control when gambling and continues to place bets, even when knowing the full consequences of the outcome. 

Additionally, these sort of players try and use any type of excuse, even when fully knowing that they are not able to pay when losing

Binge Gambling When it comes to this sort of gaming addiction, it refers to players that wager from time to time. But when they do wager, they fully try their best and make a profit from it and lose all sense of control. 

It can give a false idea that the person is completely conscious of the situation. But in reality they are not.

Problem Gambling Problem gambling is when a player has a bit more control of the situation, but does not care on the amount that they are betting with. 

Normally these sorts of players try their utmost to get their losses back in any means necessary.


So What Do I Do If I’m An Addict?

Having a gambling addiction is a very serious matter, and is one that must be noticed quickly. It is not a joke as it has affected a lot of lives in the past, and it can affect anyone. It is important for players to draw a line of what is okay and not okay, as to ensure themselves and the ones around them that they are in a stable state of mind.

You are never alone

If you think you might be struggling with an addiction, it is important to reach out and get some help. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Sometimes all we need is a little guidance to go in the right direction.

There are several places that are specialized in helping you. Reach out to Australian sites such as:



What does Gambling Addiction mean?

Gambling Addiction is when a person has a problem when playing casino games. The problems, more specifically, have to do with betting large to reach breakeven, losing control over decisions, and many more.

Who is at Risk of Becoming an Addict?

Everyone. Every person is able to become an addict. That is the reason why we emphasise that each individual has control over gambling decisions.

Who’s Responsible in the Gaming Industry?

Every business that promotes and operates games and casinos has the responsibility to help their customers whenever they have gambling problems.

Is it Possible to have a Gambling Problem, But Not Playing on a Daily Basis?

Although the amount of times you play does show whether you have a problem or not, the real problem arises when you don’t have self-control. An example could be that you continue to deposit money into your gambling account although you know that you need the money for something more important.

Is it Possible to Enjoy Playing Casino Games, Whilst not Becoming an Addicted Player?

Yes, it is! For several individuals, gamlbing is a form of entertainment. Majority of the time players know that there is a large possibility of them losing money.

Why is gambling addictive?

Wagering money stimulates the same receptors in the brain that are affected by alcohol and drugs, specifically, serotonin and dopamine. This can lead players to continuously chase wins, disregarding their mass of losses and ending up gambling away more than they can afford.

Why can I not manage to quit gambling?

Problem gambling may both be caused by and exacerbate mental health issues including depression, stress, drug misuse, and anxiety. These issues will persist even after gambling stops being a part of your life, so it’s crucial that you give them some attention.

Is problem gambling considered a mental illness?

Even though it’s not classified as a mental illness, gambling addiction can be seen as an impulse-control disorder, and is known to have risks of harming both your physical and psychological health.

Can you cure someone with gambling addiction?

There’s no such thing as an anti-gambling pill that would just help you lose the urge to gamble under addiction, however there’s plenty of steps one can take to help cut down that urge and break the grip that problem gambling might have on your life. It is crucial to find help if you feel that your gambling habits have become uncontrollable.

What’s the best known gambling addiction treatment?

There is a process which is very popular amongst organizations that help people with gambling addiction. It’s called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT in short. This process tries to re-wire certain thoughts and behaviours in the brain that are crucial to building behavioural patterns.