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Dream Catcher

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Dream Catcher

You may wager as little as a dollar on a round of Dream Catcher, making it one of the simplest and easiest online live casino games to play. You should read this advice before rushing out to one of the top US online casinos to try your hand at this game of chance.

This guide was crafted to provide you with all the information you need before diving headfirst into this thrilling game.

What Is It?

Live Dream Catcher, from Evolution Gaming, is a live-dealer take on the classic Money Wheel format. A Specialist in live-action gaming created this attraction for fans of similar experiences.

In case you weren’t aware, most casinos only offer table games with a live dealer option. There may not be much of a draw for you to try out the live games at your favourite online casino if you’re more of slots or keno player. This shifted with the emergence of games of luck, such as Dream Catcher.

At first glance, the game’s huge, vertically-mounted table stands out. Numbers 1-54 are included in its 54 different coloured sections, which are divided into four groups: 5-9. The last touches on the segments are the x2 & x7 multipliers. Any player may make a bet on the result of a roulette spin by simply predicting what the next number will be. That’s a triumph for you if your forecast came true.

How Does It Work?

Dream Catcher is a breeze to play. The first round of wagering is about to begin. Bets must be placed before the dealer spins the wheel, and the presenter will announce the cutoff time. The winning number is shown with a pointer in the wheel’s center. Those who had the winning number predicted were given a reward. It is now time for another round of bets.

We have barely scratched the surface of the game’s mechanics and haven’t even begun to talk about what it’s like to play. Either way, Evolution Gaming has you covered. Multiple top quality cameras capture the dealer spinning bright wheels. The lighting and sound are synchronized with the on-screen action. This means that players will experience a more accurate representation of the game. You can feel the energy and excitement from wherever you are thanks to the internet.

Dream Catcher Interface

How Do I Play?

Even if this is your debut time gambling online, you won’t have any trouble learning the ropes. Simply predict where the pointer will land after the wheel has stopped spinning, and your wager will be placed. If you’ve placed your bets, you may relax and wait for a result that you’re hoping will go your way.


You don’t need to be a genius to remember the chances and benefits of this game. In this case, the odds of winning are equal to the number of segments, and the payouts are also one-for-one. For this reason, the reward for a single-digit winning number is one unit. Since there are 23 spaces on a wheel with 54 spaces, its odd is 23/54. Check out the chart below to get a better idea:

# On Wheel # Of Segments Color of segments Odds Payout
1 23 Yellow 23/54 1 to 1
2 15 Blue 15/54 2 to 1
5 7 Purple 7/54 50 to 1
10 4 Green 4/54 10 to 1
20 2 Orange 2/54 20 to 1
40 1 Red 1/54 40 to 1
x2 1 Black / Silver 1/54 Multiplies x2
x7 1 Black / Gold  1/54 Multiplies x7

Multipliers And Return To Player

All bets are reset to zero if the wheel lands on a multiplier (2x or 7x). Until the following spin, no more wagers may be put, and all active wagers will be multiplied by the preceding spin’s multiplier. When playing Live Dream Catcher, the needle on the spinner may keep landing on the same multiplier. The multipliers increase the house’s advantage, but they also help the game return a lot of money to the players.

Live DreamCatcher has a potential return to player (RTP) of 96.58%. It’s on par with, if not superior to, virtual slot machines because of this. Whereas the minimum and maximum amount a player can wager are $0.10 & $5.000 respectively

Strategy Options

Since Live Dream Catcher was based on luck, there’s no certain strategy for maximizing your chances of winning. The scope of the wheel is all that will inform the strategy. In other words, how many segments are you ready to wager a certain sum on?

There are basically three ways to wager. To begin, there is the option of betting on a less favorite but potentially much larger payout. Second, you may reduce the amount you earn every wager but increase the frequency of your victories. The middle ground is the third possibility.

Low Risk

The 20-10-2 strategy, covering 38.88percent of the roulette wheel, is an excellent choice for players who like to minimise their exposure to the game. If you examine the info in the above table, you’ll see that the value “2” spans over 15 rows, “10” spans across 4 rows, and “20” spans across 2 rows. Specifically, you’ll be covering 21 distinct aspects in your report. Your current chances are 38.18%, or 21 out of 54 possible outcomes.

The 20-10-2 approach is placing equal wagers on the numbers 20 and 10, rather than just 2. If you’re going to bet $10 for 2, you may as well put down $5 on 20 plus $5 on 10. You break even if the dice comes up 2, and you’ll really rack up the dough if it falls on 10 or 20. Playing it this way raises your earning potential and keeps your cash safe for longer.

You may be wondering why we didn’t just choose the first number as a safe bet. We don’t get the appeal of betting on “1.” Reward is minimal despite the fact that it covers 23 segments and offers a chance of 23 out of 54. Unless a lucky multiplier emerges, you probably won’t win too much money doing this.

Medium Risk

This is the Simple 5 plan of action as it is more generally known. Using this strategy, you may take advantage of the fact that 14 of the wheel’s 54 segments include the number 5. The percentage of the Dream Catcher’s wheel that you’ve now covered is 25.92%, with an odds of 14/54. This does increase your odds of winning to at least one per four spins.

High Risk

Known as the “Big-Risks, Big-Winnings Strategy,” and we cannot stress the dangers of trying it enough. Do not even consider this option if you value your financial stability above everything else. Only 5.55 percent of the wheel will be covered, so this is not for everybody.

You’ll be placing wagers on the digits 20 & 40 this is a very hazardous choice. You can see that the numbers 20 & 40 on the graph above contain just two and one digits, respectively. The resulting probability is 3/54.

If the wheel lands on 20, you are paid 20 to 1, and if it lands on 40, you get paid 40 to 1. With any luck, the round will conclude with a hefty payoff because of the multiplier.

dream catcher wheel

Will Dream Catcher Be The game Of Your Dreams?

Even first-time gamblers at an online casino will have a good time with Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher. Given its popularity, it’s no surprise that live dealer games are a staple of online casinos.

Experts in the field have acknowledged Live Dream Catcher, so playing this live dealer game is a safe bet. You can now play this game with full confidence thanks to your newfound knowledge of its intricacies and your arsenal of tried-and-true methods.

Don’t feel that dream catcher is the game of your dreams? There are plenty of other live casino games available. One of the most popular games is Crazy Time. Want to play a well-known game? then Deal or No Deal is the game for you! There are many live casino games available. It’s about finding which one is the best for you.

Frequently asked questions

Can I Play Dream Catcher For Free?

Yes, demo versions of the game exist. This means that you will be using game money to place your bets, however, this also means that you will not be able to withdraw your winnings.

Is The Game Mobile Friendly?

Players can play this game on any device they wish. You don’t have to be sitting at your desktop to try your luck, in fact, you can play on the go! Whether you want to play on your iPhone, iPad, or Android, rest assured that the quality of the game will remain the same.

What Does An RTP Of 96.58% Mean?

RTP, or return to player, refers to the percentage of the entire stake that will be returned to players over a certain period of time in a casino game. Dream Catcher’s RTP is 96.58%, so its house edge, the profit the casino will make from each game, is around 3.42%.

What Is The Most I Can Win?

Without multipliers, the maximum payoff is 40x your investment. But, the multipliers add a whole other side to DreamCatcher payouts. A 7x multiplier will raise a 40x bet’s profits to 280x. However, multipliers might appear repeatedly and stack one upon the other.

Is It Worth Playing Dream Catcher?

If you are in the mood to play a live casino game and place bets on betting options that are on a wheel, then yes! Dream Catcher is certainly one of the most popular live casino wheel games you will find!

Who Invented Dream Catcher?

Evolution Gaming is responsible for this particular live casino game. They are one of the leading live casino providers in the market, so we are certain that you will have an amazing time when playing this game.

What Is The Minimum And Maximum Amount I Can Win When Playing Dream Catcher?

The minimum amount a player can be whilst playing Dream Catcher is $0.10 whilst the maximum amount is $5,000.this is important to know to have a good idea of how you are going to place your bets when playing.