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Crazy Time!

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Crazy Time!

If you want to get a little crazy, then you need to play Crazy Time. This highly popular game was created by one of the most reputable and trustworthy gaming providers. Evolution Gaming has done it once again. Players from all over the world, including Australia, are in love with this live casino game.

In this article, we shall be taking a look at all the information you need to know about this colourful, entertaining, and extremely popular game. Buckle up, because the ride may be a bit crazy!

What is Crazy Time?

Created and Developed by Evolution Gaming, Crazy Time is a live casino game, with an eye-catching wheel of 54 different segments. On the wheel itself, one may see that there is a range of different money rewards ranging from 1x up to 10x. There are also 4 completely unique and distinctive bonus rounds included. These are Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Crazy Time, and the Coin Flip.

Back in February 2020, the developers of this awesome live casino game stated that the game is a “carnival of activity”. They further stated that their main aim when developing the game was to create a “show within a show”. In fact, there are 5 game shows in 1! Which is completely something unheard of! Additionally, with it being one of the most developed games produced, it is not surprising to hear that it is also the most expensive game they have created.

There is no doubt that Crazy Time has exceeded expectations. Many players have described the game as if it was like Monopoly Live or even Dream Catcher on steroids. This live casino game is by far the most popular one as Evolution Gaming has said that the game show normally has around 10,000 people playing it at the same time.

In this article, you will find all the information you need about this popular Evolution Game. This is well and truly the only review you will need as we will be explaining from top to bottom. We’re ready! Are you? Let’s go and take a look!

crazy time live dealer casino australia.jpg

The Wheel, Segments on The Wheel & Its Hit Frequency

When opening up the game you will instantly realise that there is a big wheel in the middle of your screen. On this wheel, you will find 54 different segments. It contains different types of fields. In the table below you will be able to view all the different types of fields there are, the number of segments each one has, as well as the payouts.

Segments on the Wheel Number of Segments Within the Wheel Hit 


1 21 38.89% 1:1
2 13 24.07% 2:1
5 7 12.96% 5:1
10 4 7.41% 10:1
Coin Flip 4 7.41% A maximum of €500,000
Pachinko 2 3.70% A maximum of €500,000
Cash Hunt 2 3.70% A maximum of €500,000
Crazy Time 1 1.85% A maximum of €500,000

After viewing the table above, you will be able to have a clear idea of what the wheel contains. As the payout increases the number of segments on the wheel decreases, with 1 having the most (21, 1:1) and Crazy Time having the least (1, A maximum of €500,000).

After the betting period is done, the presenter would proceed to spin the wheel. After the round is done, the presenter would go to the other side of the wheel and spin it in the opposite direction of the previous round.

There are 2 possible outcomes when it comes to the wheel stopping spinning;

Whilst the wheel is spinning, above the wheel itself a board will show a random number from the possible segments on the wheel (as well as the bonuses) on the left-hand side whilst on the right, it would show the amount of multiplier on that number for that round. Please note that there is also the possibility that it lands in no man’s land. When the wheel stops spinning the available multipliers are applied and are applied to the round. After that, you would see if you won or not, and the round ended there.

There is also the possibility of a bonus round. This occurs when the wheel stops on 1 of the 4 possible bonuses available. Only players that have placed a bet on the segment that was chosen by the wheel are able to go forward.

crazy time live casino gameplay.jpg

How To Play Crazy Time

It is a fairly simple game to play and does not have any special rules or combinations to keep in mind like other table games. All you need to do is place a bet/s on any of the available cash notes and wait to see what the wheel lands on. The cash notes are as follows:

  • 1 (Light Blue)
  • 2 (Yellow)
  • 5 (Pink)
  • 10 (Light Purple)
  • Coin Flip (Dark Blue)
  • Pachinko (Dark Purple)
  • Cash Hunt (Dark Green)
  • Crazy Time (Red)

After the will is spun and lands on one of the available number segments above, the bet you placed would be then multiplied by the respective number. But if it lands on a bonus round, then the presenter would take to another interface to play that bonus round.

crazy time evolution big win.jpg

The Best Strategy for Crazy Time

Many players wonder whether there is a strategy that they have to use to win. When playing the lice casino game Crazy Time, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. The most important one is the number of funds you wish to play.
There is no doubt that Crazy Time is all about the bonus rounds. So if you are there to try and win some cash then your best bet is by placing wagers on all 4 different bonuses. This does not mean that you would win. Because there may be instances where there would be 15 straight rounds without any bonuses. Just keep in mind that anything is possible!

Several players really get excited when the segments of the standard wheel are given their respective multipliers. The reason being is that that is the time when things can get serious in terms of returns. The most ideal situation that can happen is that the segment ‘Crazy Time’ gets a multiplier, and the wheel itself lands on ‘Crazy Time’. The Crazy Time bonus rounds guarantee wins, but getting the most out of it is even more exciting.

How Should Players Bet?

There are many ways that players can bet but it all comes down to the number of funds that players are willing to risk each round. It’s hard to risk your money without knowing whether you are even going to break even or not. Below we shall show you how multiple players are betting when playing Crazy Time.

As you may already know, on the interface of this game, you will see 8 notes that have different colours. So let’s take an example of a $16 bet. Several players use this strategy to be able to participate in all of the possible bonus rounds, whilst taking advantage of other numbers if it does land on it.

Many players would split it like this:

  • $10 on 1
  • $2 on 10
  • $1 on Coin Flip
  • $1 on Pachinko
  • $1 on Cash Hunt
  • $1 on Crazy Time

If it were to land on 1 or 10, you would get $20, but if it lands on the bonus rounds, there is huge potential of winning more than that!

Bonuses Galore!

There are 4 different types of bonuses available in Crazy Time which are Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt, and Crazy Time.

In the following sections, we shall be taking a look at all 4 available bonuses when playing Crazy Time. With this, you will have a clear idea of what to expect when playing in a bonus round!

Crazy Time Live Casino Bonus.jpg

Coin Flip

Like any other bonus round, it starts with the wheel landing on its respective segment. When the wheel lands on Coin Flip, only players that have placed a bet on this will proceed. Given that it has 4 segments on the wheel, it is only right to say that this specific bonus is the most likely one to come up, given that it has more segments than any other available bonuses.

When the wheel lands on CoinFlip, the presenter would walk towards the left side of the screen to go to the Coin Flip Section. There you will see a machine with the name “Flip-o-Matic”. The presenter would proceed by placing a coin on the flipping section, where the coin gives 2 possible outcomes. Either blue or red. After the presenter places it in the flipping section, the screen would indicate the multiplier amount of each colour. Obviously the more the merrier! The coin then would be flipped to indicate which multiplier will be used.

There is also a chance of a flip called a Rescue Flip. This sport of flip may occur when the multipliers shown are too low. The rescue flip itself occurs after the initial flip. The Rescue Flip occurs due to the presenter being informed to proceed with such a flip. It is also worth noting that this does not need another wager on it.

For the maximum payout of 5000x, a Top Slot multiplication of 50x must be maintained during the bonus.

Cash Hunt

There is less chance of the Cash Hunt Bonus appearing when compared to Coin Flip, but there is always the possibility of getting it!

When the wheel lands on Cash Hunt, the presenter would move to a different room, where the background would be green. You will also see a large shooting gallery filled with random items, such as apples, cupcakes, ducks, and presents. This shooting gallery contains a total of 108 different multipliers. After the available multipliers are shown, these would then be hidden by the random items, and then they would be shuffled.

Now here comes the hard deciding part. After the random items stop shuffling, it’s time for you to aim towards a particular item and shoot. This would mean that that particular slot is the multiplier that you have chosen for that round. After choosing one, the multiplier of each slot would be relieved, including the one that you have chosen.

It is also worth noting that if you fail to choose a slot within the given timeframe, the game would then automatically choose one for you.

To get a massive win in this particular bonus, you would have to hope for the board above the wheel to choose Cash Hunt, have a great multiplier with it, and have the wheel landing on the Cash Hunt segment. There the initial multipliers within the shooting gallery would be multiplied by the multiplier chosen by the board.


In this bonus round, the player can just sit back, relax, and let the presenter do all the work. When the presenter walks towards the Pachinko section of the studio, you will instantly see a huge wall that has 16 different possible drop zones (at the top), as well as 16 different multiplier landing zones (at the bottom).

This is how the game goes. The presenter will pick up the white bright ‘Puck’, and afterwards, the huge wall will show the different multipliers that will be available in this round of Pachinko and would place them in random possible landing zones. The presenter would then proceed to walk up the stairs to be able to put the ‘Puck’ through one of the drop zones. When the presenter lets go of the ‘Puck’, the ‘Puck’ would change directions multiple times due to several tiny pegs that are between the dropping zone and the landing zone.

For obvious reasons, all players would be hoping for them to get either the highest multiplier possible or a double. If the ‘Puck’ were to land in the ‘Double’ landing zone, the presenter would then have to repeat the whole process again. It is also worth noting that the maximum amount that a multiplier can be is 10,000x.

There is also a feature called a Rescue Drop. If the ‘Puck’ were to land in a landing zone of 2x-4x, this feature may be triggered.

Crazy Time

This is where several players applaud Evolution Gaming for this game. It is one of the biggest and most colourful interfaces you will ever see!

When the wheel lands on Crazy Time, this shows that things are about to get crazy! The presenter would run towards a red door, open it up, and through they go! After that, the interface would change and show a massive wheel which has 64 segments. These segments are filled up by multipliers, and double, as well as triple symbols.

Before the wheel is spun, the player has a decision to make. There are three different coloured flappers, which are Green, Blue, and Yellow. The players are asked to choose one of these coloured flappers to represent which segment they would keep after the wheel is spun.

If the flap you have chosen lands on double or triple, then the round would have to be repeated. The only difference is that the multipliers would change with respect to which segment it lands on. So if the multiplier lands on double, the multipliers would get doubled.

The maximum amount of a multiplier can be up to 20,000x!

A Crazy Conclusion

After reviewing this particular live casino game, it is not surprising to see that several players are in love with this game. The software providers have filled the game up with so many features that it becomes almost impossible to get bored.

The bonus rounds make the game even more worthwhile. With their incredible visuals and payout opportunities, several players continue to play and enjoy their free time. With Evolution Gaming stating that almost 10,000 people simultaneously play the live casino game all the time, it is truly a remarkable achievement and one that is deserving. For more epic live casino games by Evolution, make sure to check out our reviews on;

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Frequently asked questions

Who Created Crazy Time?

Evolution Gaming, which is one of the most popular gaming providers in the industry, is the creator of this popular live casino game.


How Many Bonus Rounds are Available?

There are 4 available bonuses which could be activated at any possible round. Some bonuses are a bit rarer than others;

The Coin Flip Bonus covers four segments on the wheel.

The Pachinko & Cash Hunt Bonuses cover two segments on the wheel, each.

The Crazy Time Bonus Covers just one segment on the wheel.


What RTP Rate Does Crazy Time Have?

There are 3 considerations you need to make. The number 1 bet has an RTP Rate of 96.08%. For Crazy Time, it has an RTP Rate of 94.41%. The average overall for individual bets is 95.41%.


Are There Any Strategies To Crazy Time?

There are a couple of strategies players can use to try and win big in Crazy Time! However, this really depends on the player’s bankroll and how much they’re willing to lose, with the risk of not even breaking even, regardless of the strategies used.


What Is The Hit Frequency Of the special "Crazy Time" Bonus?

The Bonus Game called “Crazy Time” is hit once in every 54 spins on average, which means on the wheel, it has a hit frequency of 1.84%, and can win players up to $500,000.


Should I Place Bets On The Crazy Time Bonus Option?

If you have the funds to do so and are willing to risk losing funds until you get into this specific bonus round, then yes, it will probably be worth it! It’s pretty rare for the bonus to actually be hit though considering it only accommodates one slot on the big 54-segmented wheel, so don’t expect any guarantees that you’ll win.


Where to Play Crazy Time?

Players from Australia can find and play the Crazy Time Live Dealer Casino Game at any online casino which is securely licensed and partnered up with Evolution, the online gambling industry’s leading live casino software provider.


Why Do So Many Players Love to Play Crazy Time?

There are many reasons why players love playing Crazy Time. One of them is due to the fact of its unique gameplay. It is like having 5 shows all combined into 1 massive show.