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Hacksaw Gaming

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Hacksaw Gaming

Explore the dynamic realm of Hacksaw Gaming, where each online casino game offers a unique and thrilling adventure. Renowned for its innovative approach, Hacksaw Gaming blends world class technology with engaging gameplay to create an unforgettable gambling experience.


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Hacksaw Gaming Casinos Australia

Australian online casino enthusiasts have a wealth of options when it comes to enjoying Hacksaw Gaming’s exciting titles. The OnlineGamblingAus team has meticulously chosen the top online casinos that not only offer a wide array of Hacksaw Gaming’s pokies but also ensure a safe, engaging, and fair gambling experience. These casinos are recognised for their superior customer service, lucrative bonuses, and commitment to player satisfaction, making them the ideal destinations for Australian players.

Hacksaw Gaming: An Overview

Hacksaw Gaming, since its inception in 2018, has quickly established itself as a trailblazer in the iGaming industry. Founded by Marcus Cordes, the company’s ethos revolves around innovation and a mobile-first approach, setting them apart in a competitive market. With a foundation in Malta, Hacksaw Gaming has dedicated its efforts to creating an exceptional range of pokies, scratchcards, and instant win games.

Its commitment to simplicity, accessibility, and high-quality design ensures a seamless and engaging player experience. The company’s rapid growth and expansion into various international markets highlight its success and potential in the gambling industry.

Major Achievements

Hacksaw Gaming’s journey in the online gambling industry has been marked by significant milestones and recognitions. One of their earliest achievements was receiving an award in 2019, which highlighted their innovation and excellence in game development. Following this, they made a remarkable entry into the pokie market in 2020 with groundbreaking pokies featuring massive jackpots.

Its expansion into key European markets, such as Greece, Denmark, and Spain in 2021, further underscores their growth and influence in the industry. These accomplishments reflect Hacksaw Gaming’s commitment to quality and their ability to adapt and excel in a competitive environment.

Hacksaw Gaming major achievements

Technology & Customizability

Hacksaw Gaming, at the cutting edge of online pokies, blends sophisticated technology with player-centric design. Its pokies are known for their high-end graphics and seamless play on various devices, reflecting a commitment to technological excellence and broad accessibility. The focus on customisation allows Hacksaw Gaming to cater to a wide array of player tastes, offering unique themes and gameplay styles that enhance the overall gambling experience.

Pioneering Technology

Hacksaw Gaming leverages state-of-the-art technology to create pokies that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional on various devices. It places a strong emphasis on mobile-first technology, ensuring that its online casino games are optimised for seamless performance on smartphones and tablets. This approach aligns with the modern trend of on-the-go gambling, making Hacksaw Gaming’s offerings highly accessible and engaging for a wide range of players.

Customisation & Player Focus

The adaptability of Hacksaw Gaming’s technology extends to its high degree of customisation. It offers tailored gambling experiences that resonate with diverse player preferences. This level of customisation is evident in the varied themes, gameplay styles, and features across its pokie portfolio. By prioritising player experience, Hacksaw Gaming ensures that each game is not just a pastime but a unique adventure.

Player Experience

Hacksaw Gaming’s approach to player experience is centred around creating engaging and immersive pokies. It focuses on innovative game mechanics, offering a range of features such as variable bet levels, autoplay, and unique bonus rounds evident in titles such as Double Rainbow and Chaos Crew 2 . The design of each game is crafted to ensure an engaging user experience, with high-quality graphics and audio enhancing the overall appeal.

Responsible Gambling

Hacksaw Gaming also demonstrates a commitment to responsible gambling. It incorporates features that promote safe and controlled play, aligning with industry standards for player protection. This includes tools for setting limits on gameplay and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, reflecting its dedication to offering not only entertaining but also responsible gambling experiences.

Hacksaw Gaming player experience

Hacksaw Gaming Portfolio

The game portfolio of Hacksaw Gaming is an impressive collection of over 120 casino games that showcases its prowess in the online gambling world. With a focus on diverse themes and inventive gameplay mechanics, Hacksaw Gaming ensures each online pokie game provides a unique experience. From thrilling adventures to relaxing, visually stunning games, the portfolio caters to a wide range of player preferences. Highlighting its commitment to quality and player engagement, Hacksaw Gaming’s portfolio stands out in the crowded online gaming space as a testament to its creative capabilities. Let us take a peek into 5 of the top games by this stellar software provider:

Chaos Crew 2

A sequel to the widely acclaimed Chaos Crew, this pokie enhances the original’s graffiti-inspired urban theme with more vivid graphics and dynamic features. It’s popular for its edgy art style and the thrill of chasing potentially large wins.


Set in a mystical Eastern theme, Densho immerses players in a world filled with ancient symbols and cultural references. The game stands out for its detailed artwork and the depth of its storytelling element.

Double Rainbow

This pokie captures players with its tranquil, rainbow-themed design, offering a calming gameplay experience. It’s distinguished by its bright, cheerful graphics and a soothing soundtrack, appealing to players who enjoy a more relaxing gambling atmosphere.

2 Wild 2 Die

Known for its high-octane gameplay 2 Wild 2 Die, this game brings an intense and thrilling experience. Its standout feature is the innovative use of wilds that add to the excitement and the potential for significant wins.

Feel the Beat

Themed around music and rhythm, Feel the Beat offers a unique audio-visual experience. The casino game integrates music-themed gameplay elements and interactive features that enhance player engagement.

Each game in Hacksaw Gaming’s portfolio is not just a pokie; it’s a distinct narrative and visual journey, offering players an immersive and memorable experience.

Feel the Beat by Hacksaw Gaming

Hacksaw Gaming Software Solutions

Hacksaw Gaming offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions that cater to the needs of the online gambling industry. These solutions are designed to provide operators with a seamless integration process, backed by sophisticated technical support and flexible options. The company’s software is equipped with a full back-office system, which includes player search tools, detailed performance reports, and a variety of RTP configurations for their casino games.

Hacksaw Gaming’s marketing tools and game assets further enhance the quality of service provided to operators. This well-rounded package underlines Hacksaw Gaming’s commitment to delivering efficient and effective software solutions in the gambling sector.

Why Choose Hacksaw Gaming?

Selecting Hacksaw Gaming for your pokie adventures means embracing a blend of creativity, technology, and player focus. Renowned for its vibrant and thematic game designs, Hacksaw Gaming transcends traditional gameplay, offering unique and memorable experiences. Its commitment to mobile optimization ensures accessibility and convenience, catering to the modern player’s lifestyle.

With Hacksaw Gaming, you’re not just playing a game; you’re engaging in a world of imaginative and immersive pokies, each crafted with care and expertise.


  • Innovative and diverse game portfolio
  • Mobile-first design
  • High-quality graphics and engaging themes
  • Regular introduction of new and exciting games
  • Strong commitment to responsible gambling


  • Limited to pokies, scratchcards, and instant win games
  • Not all games available at every online casino

Frequently asked questions

How does Hacksaw Gaming ensure the security of its games?

Hacksaw Gaming employs industry-standard SSL encryption to safeguard the security and privacy of player information, ensuring a secure gaming environment.

What kind of themes can players expect in Hacksaw Gaming's pokies?

Players can explore a diverse range of themes in Hacksaw Gaming’s pokies, from adventurous and mystical to modern and whimsical, catering to various interests.

How frequently does Hacksaw Gaming release new games?

Hacksaw Gaming is known for its dynamic release schedule, regularly introducing new and exciting games to its portfolio, keeping the gaming experience fresh for players.

Does Hacksaw Gaming offer any unique game mechanics or features in its pokies?

Yes, Hacksaw Gaming’s pokies often include unique mechanics and features like innovative bonus rounds and interactive gameplay elements, enhancing player engagement.

How does Hacksaw Gaming cater to different market preferences?

Hacksaw Gaming designs its games with a global audience in mind, incorporating diverse cultural elements and preferences to appeal to players from various regions.

Are Hacksaw Gaming's products compliant with international regulations?

Yes, Hacksaw Gaming’s products comply with international regulatory standards, ensuring fair and legal gaming experiences across different jurisdictions.

How does Hacksaw Gaming ensure the fairness of its games?

Hacksaw Gaming’s games are regularly audited for Return to Player (RTP) percentages and use random number generators to ensure fairness and randomness in gameplay.