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Lucky Streak

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Lucky Streak

Welcome to the dynamic world of Lucky Streak, where live casino gambling is transformed into an enthralling experience. Renowned for its live dealer software prowess, Lucky Streak invites Aussies to a realm where each game is a spectacle. Where tradition meets innovation in a seamless blend, ensuring your time at the tables is not just about the play, but about memorable moments and engaging entertainment with Lucky Streak.


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Lucky Streak Casinos Australia

Lucky Streak: An Overview

Lucky Streak’s quest began in 2014, with a clear mission to revolutionise live dealer casinos by leveraging advanced technology and innovative gameplay features. The company’s commitment to quality and player satisfaction was evident from the outset, with its operations kicking off from artfully designed studios in Latvia. Lucky Streak’s small yet dedicated team has achieved remarkable growth, driven by a passion for creating immersive gambling experiences.

Expanding Horizons

Within a short span, Lucky Streak has expanded its footprint globally, offering games in multiple languages to cater to an international audience. The company’s portfolio features popular table games like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette, each crafted to provide an authentic and engaging online casino experience. Lucky Streak’s focus on high-quality video streaming, user-friendly interfaces, and interactive gameplay has set it apart in the competitive Aussie online gambling industry.

Major Achievements

Lucky Streak’s impact on the live online casino market has been marked by significant milestones and accolades. Notably, the company’s rapid ascent to prominence is highlighted by its widespread adoption among leading Australian online casinos and its ability to consistently deliver premium online gambling experiences. While specific awards and recognitions are part of its growing legacy, Lucky Streak’s true achievement lies in its unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, which continues to redefine the standards of live casino gambling.

Technology & Customizability

Lucky Streak’s technological mastery is at the core of its success, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge streaming capabilities and game features. The software provider’s studios are equipped with the latest in high-definition video technology, ensuring crystal-clear streams and immersive gameplay. Lucky Streak places a strong emphasis on customizability, allowing players to tailor their gambling experience to their preferences, whether it’s adjusting video quality or selecting auto-play options based on their internet connection.

Lucky Streak Live Casino Software

Player Experience

Lucky Streak is renowned for prioritising the player experience, ensuring that every aspect of their live casino games is designed with the user in mind. From the atmospheric studios to the interactive gameplay features, Lucky Streak creates an engaging environment that captures the essence of a real casino, while providing the comfort and convenience of online play.

Immersive Gambling Environments

The live dealer games from Lucky Streak are set in art-deco styled studios, which provide a sophisticated backdrop that adds to the immersive experience. The attention to detail in the studio design, combined with high-definition video streaming, brings the vibrant casino atmosphere directly to the player, no matter where they are.

Friendly & Professional Dealers

A key component of the engaging player experience Lucky Streak offers is the presence of friendly and professional dealers. These croupiers are not just experts in the games they host but are also trained to interact with players in a way that makes the gambling ventures more sociable and enjoyable. The ability to communicate with dealers and other players through live chat further enhances the sense of community and interaction, making each casino game more than just a transaction but a social event.

Tailored Gambling Options

Lucky Streak understands that flexibility and choice are crucial to a satisfying player experience. To this end, they offer a wide range of betting limits across their game tables, catering to both high rollers and casual players alike. This inclusivity ensures that anyone can enjoy the thrill of live casino games, regardless of their budget.

Intuitive & User-Friendly Interfaces

The player experience is further enhanced by Lucky Streak’s intuitive and user-friendly game interfaces. These interfaces are designed to be easy to navigate, making it straightforward for players to place bets, interact with the dealer, and adjust game settings. The inclusion of features such as dealer tipping, instant screen results, and auto mode options adds layers of convenience and personalisation to the gambling experience.

Emphasis on Responsible Gambling

Lucky Streak is committed to promoting a responsible gambling environment. The company incorporates a range of features and tools into its games to support players in managing their gambling activities responsibly. These include options for setting betting limits, self-exclusion periods, and accessing help and support for problem gambling. This focus on player welfare underscores Lucky Streak’s dedication to providing a safe, enjoyable, and sustainable online casino experience.

Lucky Streak Riga Studio Live

Lucky Streak Gaming Portfolio

Lucky Streak’s gaming portfolio is renowned for its focus on live dealer games, bringing the authentic and thrilling experience of a traditional casino into players’ homes. Their state-of-the-art studios and professional dealers ensure an immersive gambling experience that’s second to none.

Baccarat VIP: A premium version of Baccarat designed for high rollers, offering higher betting limits and an exclusive gambling environment.
Blackjack VIP: Tailored for players looking for higher stakes, this version provides a more personalised experience with higher betting limits.
Roulette Oracle 360: An immersive Roulette experience that offers players a comprehensive view of the action, enhancing the live casino atmosphere.
Roulette Portomaso Fashion: Set in a stylish environment, this game combines the thrill of live roulette with the glamour of fashion, offering a unique live gambling adventure.

Lucky Streak Software Solutions

Lucky Streak’s software solutions are recognised for their innovative approach to live dealer games, offering seamless API integration that allows easy incorporation into existing online casino infrastructures. Their advanced back-office tools provide operators with crucial analytics and real-time data to optimise player engagement and operational efficiency. With a strong focus on multilingual support, Lucky Streak ensures that their games are accessible and enjoyable for a global audience, taking into account various linguistic and cultural preferences.

The games are continuously updated and enhanced to maintain a fresh and engaging gambling experience for players, showcasing Lucky Streak’s commitment to innovation.
Lucky Streak’s dedication to top-notch and flexible software solutions has made it a partner of choice for leading online casinos like Joo Casino and Lucky Hunter, aiming to provide premium live gambling experiences.

Lucky Streak Live Casino Solutions

Why Choose Lucky Streak?

Choosing Lucky Streak brings a fusion of traditional charm and cutting-edge innovation to your live dealer offerings. Known for its high-definition streaming and interactive gambling experiences, Lucky Streak ensures that every game captivates and engages.

Its seamless integration capabilities make it an effortless addition to any online casino platform, appealing to a global audience with varied gambling tastes. Lucky Streak stands out for its exceptional quality, adaptability, and commitment to player satisfaction, making it a distinguished choice in the competitive online gambling landscape.


  • Immersive HD streaming
  • Diverse live dealer games
  • Easy integration
  • Interactive features
  • Engaging dealers
  • Global language support
  • Regular innovations


  • Fewer RNG games
  • Newer market presence

Frequently asked questions

What is Lucky Streak known for in the online gambling industry?

Lucky Streak is recognized for its high-quality live dealer games, including Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette, offering immersive HD video streaming and interactive gambling experiences.

Can Lucky Streak's live dealer games be integrated into any online casino platform?

Yes, Lucky Streak’s live dealer games are designed for seamless integration, allowing them to be effortlessly incorporated into existing online casino platforms.

What makes Lucky Streak's live dealer games stand out?

Lucky Streak’s games stand out due to their engaging live dealers, user-friendly interfaces, and the incorporation of interactive features that enhance the player experience.

Are Lucky Streak's games accessible to players in Australia?

Yes, Lucky Streak’s live dealer games are widely accessible to players in Australia, available through various online casinos listed in our toplist that cater to the Australian gambling market.

How does Lucky Streak ensure the fairness of its live dealer games?

Lucky Streak adheres to strict regulatory standards and employs advanced gambling technology to ensure the fairness and integrity of its live dealer games.

What kind of customization options does Lucky Streak offer for its games?

Lucky Streak offers a range of customization options, allowing operators to tailor the gambling experience to meet the preferences of their player base, including aspects like betting limits and interface layout.

How does Lucky Streak keep its live dealer game offerings fresh and engaging?

Lucky Streak is committed to continuous innovation, regularly updating and enhancing its game features to maintain a fresh and engaging gambling experience for players.