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One of the top producers of live casino software and games around the globe is BetGames. The business was initially established in 2012 under the name, but in 2021 it underwent a substantial design overhaul and was rebranded to reflect its expanding influence.


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About Their Software

This is clearly demonstrated, particularly when you take into account the several honours they received in 2019 & 2020, notably “Live Casino Provider of the Year” at the 2020 SBC honours. Since the beginning, the software provider has concentrated on creating live casino games. This has various favourable effects on their finished product. On the one hand, does have a bit of a specialty in innovation. Whether you like them or not, their games are unlike any other available.

This aspect must be remembered before we delve into the collection of top BetGames titles. Additionally, they frequently experiment with the concept of live games. Though they might not have the means of a few of their more powerful rivals,’s ability to think creatively sets them apart. They are really inventive, and that is an understatement. Additionally, it explains why some of the top live casino websites feature their games.

Reason Why Most Live Casinos Use Betgames

This is mostly due to the fact that their goods have licences from numerous reputable remote gambling jurisdictions. These nations include Malta, the United Kingdom, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, and Bulgaria. Additionally, the casino is also working to obtain licences in Finland, Colombia, Greece, and Romania.

This completes an outstanding rate of acceptance within the iGaming sector. The upkeep of such a huge number of permits is neither simple nor inexpensive. Still, BetGames benefits from this. This provider’s presence at online gambling sites all over the world has aided in the creation of numerous custom tables and distinctive live dealer games. doesn’t have a specific target audience, but you can still detect the impacts of different gambling traditions. For instance, Andar Bahar is one of their methods for entering Asia. Spin the Wheel

Studio Locations

Casino games from BetGames are streamed from a centralised location. In other terms, all of the titles are broadcast straight from their Lithuanian headquarters in Vilnius. In a way, this ties them to their origins. The business began by streaming just one game to one nation before growing to become a global brand. There are around 200 people on the team bringing you the best live BetGames. While we’re at it, BetGames is known for having some of the most skilled live dealers in the industry. It’s possible that the game hosts were carefully chosen to convey a particular image and appeal.

The highest requirements of live table casinos are met by the meticulous craftsmanship of studio settings. Perhaps this explains why different types of players have been found to be drawn to their portfolio. The device itself is reassuringly well constructed, regardless of the BetGames.

TV Gambling Games

TV gambling games you are playing or how impromptu they are. Rarely do we come across a service delivering such a fantastic and refined environment. It’s also important to note that colours are highlighted. Nothing is traditional, stiff, or bland. Instead, you detect subtly futuristic undertones that are high-tech but nonetheless friendly and enjoyable. Overall, I think it looks excellent.

In terms of the ambience, we think it would be even nicer if you could converse with the vendor. You are able to do this with several of the best service providers in the market. You can learn humorous tales, ask questions, and do many other things. Even so,’s staff members are trained and reputed to remain in charge of hectic games that take place at online casinos.

You now have all the elements for a good studio when you combine it with outstanding camerawork. The studio is adorned with small flourishes like fireplaces, paintings, and vintage clocks. It creates a pleasant atmosphere, which is now uncommon at live casino tables. games

Game Portfolio

First things first: if you merely want to play a straightforward game of poker online, you’re viewing the wrong source. In actuality,’s selection of live casino games lacks any “traditional” options. Some come pretty close, like Bet on Craps, but they’re never just a simple game of cards. If you’re looking for something novel and interesting, that’s fantastic.

However, those who prefer traditional card games and the like should definitely search elsewhere. But we think has the capacity to turn almost anything into a fun game. Some of the feats they’ve accomplished are quite amazing.

So What Exactly Does Provide?

It’s challenging to convey without having you look at the gaming journalism itself, though. Simply said, every release either introduces a novel idea or takes an existing idea in a fresh direction. We may claim that the majority of their offerings are classified as specialty casino games.

They can also be categorised as betting games because all players do is a wager on the outcome. The different variations of casino poker are the sole exceptions. Additionally, none of them employs RNG mechanics because they are all entirely live. Additionally, most of them have betting limits that range from $1 to $100. It’s safe to claim that anyone can access them.

One benefit of this supplier’s portfolio is that you may use their live demo to play Betgames for nothing! For live streaming of all their streams, visit our Betgames results page. Here, among other things, you can find frequently updated lottery game results.

Devices And Platform

The majority of contemporary gadgets are totally compatible with all live casinos. Of course, this also applies to the PC version, which is accessible through any web browser. However, a sizable portion of players now favours mobile. If you fit into this category, you’ll be pleased to learn that is accessible via mobile from any location in the world.

They properly optimise each of their releases for touchscreen controls and smaller screens. Mobile devices running Android, iPhone, and Windows are included. Well done to the developers who were able to deftly resize the user interface to fit practically every common smartphone. A good option for mobile gambling is devices

Bottom Line

Without the need for a doubt, is one of the industry’s most cutting-edge software developers. No one else, including Evo, is prepared to push live dealer games to this extent. They not only give well-known game variations a humorous twist, but they also develop entirely original ideas.

The Wheel of Fortune may be the best part of BetGames’ strategy for live casino tables. It’s a presentation that alternates between games and roulette, offering a brand-new spin on the well-liked betting structure. The absence of classic games, though, can frustrate you. may still master the fundamentals despite all the bizarre creations.

But before you get the wrong idea, offers much more than just innovation. Whatever your opinion of the underlying concepts, the execution is consistently faultless. Don’t trust us? It’s fortunate that you may access the website and play for free. Few people in this field provide free live casino demos, so that’s unusual.

This functionality is typically only found in RNG games. Even if you choose to ignore our recommendations for the best bonuses, you may play for free to test out the tables and see if you like them. If you ask us, it’s a win-win situation. But we would still recommend that you make use of a bonus!

Frequently asked questions

What is is an online gaming provider. This basically means that they create and develop high-quality games for online casino to use. Through this procedure, players would then be able to play the games being offered.

Does Have Any Video Slots?

No, the software providers only specialise in live casino games. This allows them to put all their focus in creating innovative high-quality live casino games.

Which Casinos Have Games?

There are several casinos that have games from the software. Make sure to check a casino’s game library before signing up if playing games is an important factor to you.

Is Legit?, just like any other company that creates games, is required to abide by strict licensing regulations in order to conduct business. These regulations ensure that all games are random and fair.

What Languages Do The Dealers Speak?

While the dealers only speak English, up to 30 different languages are supported by the brand’s user interface, ensuring that you can always stay informed.

Does Have Good Live Dealer’s?

Yes, they do! For the games that they offer, they have some of the most polite and entertaining live dealers in the gambling industry.

What Licences Does Have? has a number of different licences that they have attained. These are licences come from Malta, the United Kingdom, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, and Bulgaria.