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Raptor Doublemax Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / Raptor Doublemax

Raptor Doublemax

  • RTP96.01%

With a name such as Raptor Doublemax, it is not surprising to see that players playing this game are increasing on a weekly basis. With amazing visuals and cinematics, the game is becoming a fan favourite amongst players. What is the theme of the game? Does it have any bonuses? In this article, you will find all the information you need about Raptor Doublemax.


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  • Check iconGrand Maximum win
  • Check iconDoubling multiplier is great
  • Check iconOverall clean design


  • Times iconHigh Volatility

Raptor Doublemax Pokie Review

A “lost continent before time” where “creatures wander the planet and vie for dominion” is being recreated by the game’s developer, Yggdrasil for Raptor DoubleMax. In other words, Raptor DoubleMax is a game that features dinosaurs and prehistoric plants and animals. As if that wasn’t enough, the free spins include an incredibly powerful multiplier that is rarely seen in the world of pokies. In fact, there are a few more aspects that, although simple on their own, come together to create an exciting and volatile pokie.

Raptor Doublemax theme

Everything has an unusual, overgrown aspect to it, almost extraterrestrial; no doubt it was a whole other world back then. It is located in a damp jungle. Fluorescent plants and the possibility of terrifying dinos lurking across the woods, waiting to maul unwary animals, give the location a Jurrasic Park vibe, and we can tell that the software developers put a lot of time and effort into it.

In spite of its theme that often portrays action and brutality, the game’s music is surprisingly soothing and the systematic method in which symbols drop into the grid creates a sense of calm and balances out the game’s ferocity feel.

raptor doublemax intro banner

How to play the Raptor Doublemax Pokie

Raptor Doublemax can be found in numerous online casinos whether you want to try it out for free or for real money. To know whether or not a casino offers the game, just check the software providers they are partnered with, and if they support Yggdrasil games, you’ll be able to find the game in their Pokies section. For example, Wild Tornado is one of the available places for Aussies to try out the game.

The Raptor DoubleMax pokie machine comprises five three-rowed reels and 25 paylines. Landing 3, 4, or 5 matching symbols or wilds on a payline will result in a win. Multiple paylines can be won at the same time to create winning combos. Bonus features are triggered by winning combos, which shall be discussed in more detail below.

You may place bets ranging from 20 cents to 60 dollars every spin. You may alter the coin value by using the + and – buttons located next to the coin box. Open the paytable by clicking on the information symbol. When you get a payout, the cash value is presented as a ratio to your existing investment.

96.01 percent is approximately typical for the Raptor DoubleMax RTP. The volatility of this pokie machine is anything from typical. The market’s swings are erratic. On average, you may expect to strike a winning combination on 30.5 percent of your spins. The maximum you can win in a single spin is 20,000 times your entire bet.

raptor doublemax pokie gameplay

Basic Information

Below is a table that contains all the necessary specifications that describe Raptor Doublemax which can be compared to those of other pokies.

  • Pokie

    Raptor Doublemax
  • Software

  • Release Date

    August 2021
  • RTP

  • Volatility

    Extremely high
  • Max Win

  • Min Bet

  • Max Bet

  • Paylines

  • Reels

  • Jackpot

  • Free Spins


Raptor Doublemax Symbols and Paytable

As commonly seen in popular Yggdrasil titles such as Bananaz, Achilles, and more, the symbols in Raptor Doublemax are the classic “A through J” royals, as well as four higher-paying theme-specific symbols, in this case, dinosaur symbols, appear on the reels (Parasaurolophus, Velociraptor, Triceratops, and Tyrannosaurus Rex). It pays 0.8, 2, or 5 times your bet if you hit 3, 4, or 5 T-Rex symbols on a pay line, which is the best-paying symbol.

The wild symbol is the fossil. In order to form winning combinations, it may appear anywhere on the reels and act as a replacement for all other symbols except for the scatter. The scatter sign is represented by the dinosaur egg. The primary bonus feature may be triggered this way.

Symbol Maximum Pay out
Jack symbol 3/4/5 = 0.1/0.3/1 times your bet
Queen symbol 3/4/5 = 0.1/0.3/1 times your bet
King symbol 3/4/5 = 0.2/0.4/1.2 times your bet
Ace symbol 3/4/5 = 0.2/0.4/1.2 times your bet
Parasaurolophus 3/4/5 = 0.3/0.6/2 times your bet
Velociraptor 3/4/5 = 0.4/1/2.5 times your bet
Triceratops 3/4/5 = 0.6/1.5/3.5 times your bet
Tyrannosaurus Rex 3/4/5 = 0.8/2/5 times your bet

Raptor Doublemax Pokie Bonuses

Raptor DoubleMax may have a prehistoric motif, but the game’s features are up to date. Adding wilds, increasing multipliers, and free spins provide for lots of T-Rex-sized action. Four extra features are included.

Cascading Reels feature

Once a winning combination is struck, the Cascading Reels feature is activated and a symbol is dropped. New symbols are dropped into the grid to replace the unsuccessful ones. There will be a new wild among those many new symbols. Using the updated symbols, a new payment calculation is then performed as a result. You may expect more symbol drops and more wilds as long as a fresh winning combination appears on the screen.

Doubling Multiplier feature

As a result of each symbol drop win, the Doubling Multiplier is also activated. Win multipliers may be doubled with this. When there is no new winner in a drop, the multiplier is reset.

Free Spins feature

Free spins are unlocked by landing three or more scatter symbols (dinosaur eggs) anywhere on the reels at the same time. There are additional free spins if you have more scatters. The more scatters you get, the more free spins you get.

It is possible to wager and increase your free spins allocation after the feature has been activated. If you bet from 8 to 12 free spins, you have a 50% chance of winning and a 25% chance of winning if you bet from 8 to 16. You’ll return to the basic game if you lose the wager.

The free spins begin with a 1x multiplier. The basic game’s symbol drop wins are still in effect here. Wins increase the multiplier by a factor of two. When a winless symbol is dropped, the multipliers are not reset. During the course of the movie, they either stay the same or go up. Take advantage of the multipliers here to make some serious money.

Golden Bet feature

Activating the Golden Bet feature might increase your chances of obtaining the Free Spins feature. Your stake goes up by 25%, but your odds of hitting the free spins go up by twice as much as well! For a charge of 100 times your entire wager, players in select regions may additionally purchase an extra round of Free Spins.

Raptor Doublemax Free Spins

A Raptor’s End

Despite the fact that the dinosaur theme is a popular one, there are not many other pokies like Raptor DoubleMax which provide fun like this. When the symbol descends with additional wilds and double multipliers, things may become pretty exciting. Warning: This is going to be a rough ride. Approach cautiously due to the high degree of volatility.

The double multiplier in the free spins is the secret to enormous winnings, and it can only rise. The multipliers you may get if you get into a string of successful cascades are enormous.. 20,000x stake winnings will come from this source, and this magnitude of winning is not seen so frequently in the world of online gambling in Australia.

Raptor DoubleMax is a fun game with a lot of action, in my opinion. Let’s hope the free spins’ double multipliers do their thing. Jurassic Island 2 from Playtech has a Wild Trail feature where your last free spin might profit from wilds with a 5x multiplier. This may result in a maximum win of 23,290 x stake.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a free spin bonus on Raptor Doublemax?

You may get up to 16 free games with the Free Spin feature. The winless decrease doesn’t affect the double multiplier since it doesn’t reset it. To maximise your chances of winning the maximum 20,000x stake prizes, play this way.

Can I play the Raptor Doublemax pokie on mobile?

The Raptor Doublemax online pokie is perfectly optimised to be played both on Apple and Android devices of any age, size, and preference, given that you have a good enough internet connection.

Is it possible to play Raptor Doublemax for free?

Raptor Doublemax is accessible to play without placing any wagers on the software provider’s website, as well as numerous third-party sites all over the internet. Some casinos also offer free-play mode in order to give players a taste of what the game feels like.

What is the best casino to play Raptor Doublemax?

There must be a licensed operator with a good reputation and great services when money matters are at stake. A person’s own tastes will dictate which option is the best for them.

What is the maximum I can win on Raptor Doublemax?

The most you can win in a single spin on Raptor Doublemax with real money is 20,000 times what you bet. During the free spins, the double multiplier may only rise. This is where the huge winnings will be made.

What is the procedure for using the Dropdown Multiplier bonus?

The winning symbols are eliminated to create place for fresh symbols to cascade down from above, much as in a cascading or avalanche win. In addition, there is no limit on the win multiplier, and each dropdown victory creates a wild.