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Achilles Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / Achilles

Achilles Pokie Review

  • RTP95%

Greece's legendary hero takes centre stage in Yggdrasil's Achilles, a pokie that's as heroic as its namesake. Step back in time to the days of Ancient Greece, and witness as the tale of the Trojan War unfolds, all in vibrant colours and superb graphics. This fascinating adventure promises unexpected twists, exciting features, and epic winnings, all packed in a humorous caper.


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Pros and Cons


  • Check iconEngaging Ancient Greek theme
  • Check iconUnique base game modifiers
  • Check iconRich array of bonus features
  • Check iconHigh-quality graphics and animation
  • Check iconExciting Free Spins round


  • Times iconRTP slightly lower than average

Achilles Pokie Review

Yggdrasil has excelled in bringing the ancient Greek epic of Achilles to life in this pokie. Boasting high-quality graphics and goofy cartoon-style animations, it offers a visually pleasing representation of the legendary tale. The characters of Achilles, Helen, Agamemnon, and the Greek Soldier are realised in lively colours that contrast beautifully with the austere backdrop of the city of Troy.

The sounds of the pokie further enhance the experience, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of an Ancient Greek battlefield. Meanwhile, the royal symbols, although not as exciting as the others, are brightly coloured and easy to distinguish, allowing for seamless gameplay.

Achilles online Pokie

How to Play Achilles the Pokie

Playing Achilles pokie is fairly straightforward. To begin, select your bet size, which can range from a minimum of $0.20 up to a maximum of $80 per spin. The game features 20 fixed win lines spread across five reels and three rows.

The pokie’s Return to Player (RTP) is 95%, slightly below the industry average, but still offering fair winning possibilities. With a volatility rating of 4 out of 5, you can expect wins to be larger but less frequent. The maximum win achievable in a single spin is an impressive $419,900.

During your gameplay, you will encounter wild symbols creating winning combinations and unique base game modifiers, each corresponding to a character from the game’s storyline. The characters, are Agamemnon, Achilles, Helen, and the Greek Soldier. Each of these modifiers, which can be triggered at random on any spin, adds an exciting dynamic to the base game.

Basic Information

  • Pokie

  • Software

    Yggdrasil, ReelPlay
  • Release date

    March 2022
  • RTP

  • Volatility

    Medium - High
  • Maximum win

  • Minimum bet

  • Maximum bet

  • Paylines

  • Reels

  • Jackpot

  • Free Spins


Achilles Symbols

Step into the heart of ancient Greece with the Achilles pokie, where symbols capture the timeless tale of heroism and warfare. Each symbol within the game is a testament to the legendary tale of Achilles and his illustrious role in the Trojan War.

Steeped in history and mythology, the symbols in this game range from high-paying characters, stoic low-payout icons, and extraordinary special symbols, all contributing to an epic adventure on the reels. Now, let’s embark on a journey of discovery and delve into the significance of each symbol category and the rewards they hold.

Low-Payout Symbols

For the lower-payout symbols, Achilles employs the classic playing card symbols, ranging from 10 to Ace. Despite their lower value, these symbols appear more frequently and can still contribute to steady wins. The key to scoring big with these symbols lies in their frequency, making them an essential part of your game.

High-Payout Symbols

The high-payout symbols in the game revolve around characters from the Trojan War mythology. Achilles, Helen, and two soldiers (a skinny and a bearded one) each offer unique rewards. Achilles, as the game’s star, offers the highest payout of all symbols. Aligning five Achilles symbols can yield significant rewards. Helen and the two soldiers, while not as valuable as Achilles, can still net you substantial wins if you manage to land multiples of them on the reels.

Special Symbols

In this pokie, you will encounter several distinct special symbols, namely the Wild, the Bonus Symbol and the Mystery Symbol. Each of these will offer its own element of surprise to the game while elevating your gaming experience and paving the way for unique and exhilarating outcomes.

Symbols Paytable

Symbol Payline  Maximum Payout
Wild (Achilles) x5 50x
Skinny Soldier x5 x20
Agamemnon  x5 x15
Bearded Soldier x5 x12.5
Helen x5 x12.5
A x5 7.5x
K x5 7.5x
Q x5 5x
J x5 5x
10 x5 5x

Achilles Pokie Bonuses

When it comes to bonus features, the Achilles Pokie truly outshines other Online Pokies, offering a wealth of enticing bonuses that add layers of excitement and potential winnings to your gaming experience. Anchored in the narrative of the Trojan War, these bonuses are more than just extra features – they’re part of the storytelling, enabling you to engage with the characters and events of this ancient epic tale, in a deeper, more rewarding way.

So, let’s strap on our armour, draw our swords, and venture into the battlefield of bonuses that the Achilles Pokie has to offer.

Agamemnon Modifier

The Agamemnon Modifier can be triggered on any spin, promising a column filled entirely with wild symbols. This feature can occur on any reel, providing multiple opportunities for larger payouts. The sudden emergence of wild symbols facilitates winning combinations, bolstering the overall payout from that spin. This feature doesn’t guarantee a specific multiplier, but the increased chances of forming winning combos can lead to a significant boost in rewards.

Achilles Modifier

At any spin, the Achilles Modifier might be triggered, inviting the player to choose one of six shields. Depending on the chosen shield, a 5-of-a-kind win, a bonus round, or a big win may be awarded. The 5-of-a-kind win ensures a substantial reward while the big win implies a large payout based on the overall stake. If a bonus round is triggered, the player is thrust into one of the exciting bonus features, offering the chance to win up to 60x the current bet.

Skinny Greek Soldier Modifier

On any spin, the Skinny Greek Soldier Modifier could be triggered. This feature adds 4 to 7 mystery symbols to the reels and applies a x1 or x2 multiplier to the potential winnings. The Greek Soldier hurls rocks at the walls of Troy, and wherever they land, mystery symbols appear. These symbols can transform into any symbol from the paytable, with the exception of the bonus symbol, potentially creating unexpected but welcome winning combinations.

Helen Modifier

The Helen Modifier can also be triggered on any spin. It introduces a supersize symbol on the reels which can be 2×2 or 3×3 symbols big. Occasionally, two 2×2 supersize symbols can appear on the reels. These supersize symbols can be any symbol from the paytable, excluding the Bonus Symbol, opening up opportunities for substantial wins due to their large size.

Achilles Pokie Bonuses

Trojan Horse Bonus

This bonus round is triggered when the bonus symbol on the 5th reel shows the Trojan Horse. As Greek soldiers enter the Trojan Horse, cash prizes are awarded. Up to 5 soldiers can enter the Horse, each bringing with them a different cash prize. Once the Trojan Horse is full, the bonus round concludes, the total cash prizes are added to the balance, and the game returns to the base game. The maximum win available in the Trojan Horse Bonus is 40x the current bet.

The Empire Bonus

Triggered when the bonus symbol on the 5th reel reveals a world map, players are asked to pick a country on the map. Greek soldiers move to the selected country and attempt to conquer it. If they fail, the accumulated cash prizes are added to the player’s balance, and the game resumes to the base game. Each cash prize is multiplied by the total bet, offering the potential for substantial rewards. The maximum win available in the Empire Bonus is 60x the current bet.

Achilles Free Spins

The Achilles Free Spins Bonus is triggered by the appearance of three Bonus symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5. This bonus grants 10 free spins, additional Wild symbols on reels 1 to 4, and potentially sticky Wild symbols that stay on the reels for up to 3 free spins. The player can also earn extra free spins by landing a Bonus symbol on reel 5 during this bonus round.

Sticky Wilds

As a part of the Achilles Free Spins Bonus feature, this game also offers Sticky Wilds. When Wild symbols appear on reels 1 to 4 during the Free Spins, they can become sticky and remain in their positions for up to three spins. This fascinating feature brings an exciting dynamic to the game.

The sticky nature of these wilds boosts the potential for winning combinations and increases the chances for bigger wins, adding yet another level of suspense to your gameplay. Whether they stick for one spin or three, these Sticky Wilds make each Free Spin a whirl of anticipation and excitement.

Buy Into Free Spins

For players eager to jump into the action, the option to buy into free spins is available at a cost of 80x the current bet. This opens up a straight path to the Achilles Free Spins Bonus, where additional wild symbols and potentially sticky wilds can drastically increase the player’s winnings. The potential rewards can far outweigh the buy-in cost, especially with the chance of getting additional free spins during the bonus round itself.

However, it’s vital to mention that this approach, while potentially lucrative, carries its risks as players could end up with less rewarding spins, or even nearly empty-handed. As such, the buy-in option should be considered an exciting but potentially high-risk strategy.

Achilles Pokie free spins

Achilles: Marching Toward Troy

Achilles, with its blend of historical heroism and playful charm, is a pokie that leaves an indelible mark in the realm of online gaming. Its light-hearted characters and richly hued graphics wrap around a core of pure, sensational action, creating a dynamic that’s tough to resist. From its rewarding multipliers to its innovative modifiers, Achilles presents a playing experience that’s both enjoyable and unique.

The implementation of modifiers, each tied to a character, not only amps up the anticipation in every spin but adds a layer of richness to the storyline. This creative twist makes Achilles not just another Trojan War-themed pokie, but a journey into a humorous and vibrant reimagining of the classic tale. Moreover, the opportunity for players to strategise with the ‘Buy Into Free Spins’ feature offers an extra dash of excitement, giving you more control over your game, and the potential rewards are an appealing carrot at the end of the proverbial stick.

So why not try your luck at one of the best online gambling sites such as Spin Samurai, bag your casino welcome bonus and try out your luck with Achilles or any other of Yggdrasil’s famous titles such as BananaZ 10K Ways? Or possibly even with Rise of Olympus, which is a pokie released by Play’n Go. Two casinos that have all of these pokies are Wolf Winner and Lucky Dreams, so maybe you can try your luck there. As our voyage with Achilles reaches its glorious finale, let us look forward to exploring new worlds, uncovering hidden riches, and indulging in the stimulating unpredictability of the countless online pokies that await us.

Frequently asked questions

How frequently does the Achilles Modifier activate?

While the Achilles Modifier can add an exciting twist to the gameplay, the exact frequency of its activation is governed by a Random Number Generator. This ensures every spin has an equal chance of activating the Modifier, keeping the game fair and unpredictable.

How can I trigger the special modifiers in the Achilles pokie?

The Achilles pokie has several special modifiers like the Agamemnon Modifier, Achilles Modifier, Skinny Greek Soldier Modifier, and Helen Modifier. These can be activated randomly on any spin, adding a fun and unpredictable twist to the gameplay.

Is the Achilles pokie suitable for beginners?

The only thing a beginning player has to look out for with Achilles, is it’s high volatility. This means money can be lost or won quiet quickly playing this game”

What kind of experience can I expect from the Achilles pokie?

Achilles Pokie offers a balanced blend of historical and humorous elements, creating an immersive gaming environment. The array of bonus rounds and modifiers keeps gameplay engaging and dynamic, ensuring an entertaining session every time you spin.

Can the Bonus Symbols appear in the free spins round in Achilles Pokie?

Bonus symbols in the Achilles pokie primarily appear on reels 1, 3, and 5 in the base game. Their appearance in the free spins round would be subject to the specific rules of that round.

What is the role of the Shield Scatter in the Achilles pokie?

In the Achilles pokie, the Shield acts as the Scatter symbol. While it doesn’t directly activate any bonus rounds, the Scatter helps create winning combinations, contributing to the potential rewards of the gameplay.

How does the 'Buy Into Free Spins' feature affect my gameplay in Achilles Pokie?

The ‘Buy Into Free Spins’ option allows players to jump directly into the free spins round, bypassing the base game. It costs 80x your stake and could potentially boost your winning opportunities. However, this should be used strategically, considering your overall betting budget.