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Home / Pokies / Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune

Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune

Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune Pokie Review

  • RTP96%

Explore Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune pokie, where the enigmatic shapeshifter Syn takes centre stage. This game transports players into a world where heroes clash with villains for ultimate control. With its engaging characters and innovative gameplay elements, such as the unique Power Up feature, this pokie strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and exhilarating gameplay, ensuring a memorable experience for Aussie pokie aficionados.


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Pros and Cons


  • Check iconFeature for upgrading symbols during play
  • Check iconPower Up mini-game
  • Check iconFree Spins with multipliers
  • Check iconExceptional visuals quality and enthralling backdrop


  • Times iconNo bonus buy or ante bet options

Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune Pokie Review

Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune is an intriguing new pokie developed by the esteemed game creator Play’n GO, a company with a rich history of producing compelling online casino games since 1997, with recent hits like Scales of Dead and Raging Rex 3. In this latest addition, players return to the magical Mithrune, following the story of Syn, a shapeshifter endowed with remarkable powers.

Play’n GO continues its tradition of using dynamic animations to bring characters to life, enhancing the interactive and visually appealing nature of each spin. Syn, the central character, is animated beside the grid, actively assisting players with every spin.

The pokie unfolds in the fantastical land of Mithrune, complete with floating castles and heroes endowed with intriguing powers. The game’s design and audio effects work together seamlessly to create an engaging and enjoyable online casino game, making it a highly recommendable title in Australia.

How to Play Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune

How to Play Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune

As a visually appealing video pokie, Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune features a layout of 5 reels, 4 rows, and 20 paylines. The game accommodates a wide range of players, offering a betting range with a minimum bet of $0.10 and a maximum bet of $100.

It’s important for players to note that this game offers a standard Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96%, in line with several other popular pokies from the same provider, including the renowned Moon Princess pokie, which shares the same RTP percentage. However, there are variations of the game with different RTP rates, so players should be aware of the version they are playing.

The chances of hitting the maximum win in this pokie are notably slim, with the odds being 1 in 2,147,483,647 spins. This aspect is characteristic of many Play’n GO games, adding an element of challenge and excitement. Tales of Mithrune operates at a medium volatility level, making it suitable for a variety of playing styles. The game offers a maximum win potential of up to 3000 times the bet, providing ample opportunity for significant wins.

Basic Information

  • Pokie

    Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune
  • Software

    Play’n GO
  • Release Date

    January 2024
  • RTP

  • Volatility

  • Maximum Win

  • Min Bet

  • Max Bet

  • Payline

  • Reels

  • Jackpot

  • Free Spins


Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune Pokie Symbols

In Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune, the assortment of symbols significantly influences the game’s unique atmosphere and directly impacts the potential rewards for players in Australia. The range of symbols, from those offering lower payouts to the more lucrative high-payout icons, along with the distinct special symbols, each hold their own importance and can dramatically affect the course of the game.

Low-Payout Symbols

The low-payout symbols in Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune are represented by traditional card values, including ten, J, Q, K, and A. These symbols, although offering lower returns, are essential for frequent smaller wins that keep the game engaging. Landing a full line of five identical low-payout symbols rewards players with a return ranging from 0.3x to 0.4x the bet. These symbols, while modest in value, are a staple in the game and provide a steady stream of rewards.

High-Payout Symbols

The high-payout symbols of the game are illustrated as five different heroes, each with their own unique design and value. These symbols offer significantly higher returns compared to the low-payout ones. Achieving a combination of five-of-a-kind with any of these heroic figures results in a payout ranging from 1.25x to 5x the bet.

The high-payout symbols not only augment the visual appeal of the game but also offer chances for more considerable wins, crucial for players in Australia seeking substantial rewards in their pokies online experience.

Special Symbols

The special symbols in Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune include Wilds and Scatters, each playing a unique role in enhancing the gameplay. Wild symbols are invaluable for creating more winning combinations, substituting for other symbols to complete winning lines. The Scatter symbol, appearing on reels 1, 3, and 5, is the key to unlocking the Free Spins feature. Landing Scatters on these reels simultaneously triggers this coveted bonus round, offering players additional chances to win and experience the game’s full potential.

Symbols Paytable

Symbol Payline Maximum Payout
Wild Symbol x5 5x
Syn the Shapeshifter x5 5x
Gorm the Barbarian x5 2.5x
Silvana the Ranger x5 2x
Olc the Goblin x5 1.5x 
Anastina the Sorcerer x5 1.25x 
A x5 0.4x
K x5 0.4x
Q x5 0.3x
J x5 0.3x
10  x5 0.3x

Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune Pokie Bonuses

Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune enriches its gameplay with unique bonus features that significantly heighten the possibility of achieving substantial wins. This game continues the saga from its predecessor, in which Mithrune’s champions embarked on a daring mission to overthrow the nefarious Dark Lord Duran, with Syn the Shapeshifter playing a key role. In this edition, the bonuses further amplify Syn’s capabilities, bringing additional layers to the gambling experience.

Players can anticipate a range of compelling bonus features like the Character Upgrade, Power Up Feature, and Free Spins. Let’s take a closer look at these bonuses and their impact on the game.

Character Upgrade

In the Character Upgrade bonus, Syn wields the power to transform one or more Character symbols into the game’s highest-paying symbol, Syn itself. At any moment during the base game, Syn can utilise its magic to choose another high-value character symbol. If the selected symbol appears on the grid when the reels halt, it morphs into the Syn symbol. This transformation significantly raises the chances of securing larger payouts, given that Syn is the game’s top-paying character.

Power Up Feature

The Power Up Feature in Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune is a unique mini-game that enriches the overall bonus round. Activating this feature requires players to land a minimum of three scatter symbols. This triggers a selection grid comprising 20 individual reels. Players are given three chances to activate or enhance as many reel modifiers as possible, each needing three tokens.

The feature commences with three free spins and a win multiplier on the middle reel activated by Syn symbols. Once three non-winning spins occur, the selection process ends, and the Free Spins mini-game starts with all the unlocked modifiers.

Free Spins

The Free Spins round utilises all the modifiers unlocked during the Power Up Feature. Gathering three Red Potion tokens progressively increases the Syn multiplier on the middle reel, with the potential to reach up to x10. Securing three scatter symbols during this round awards an additional free spin, capped at a total of 10 consecutive rounds.

Moreover, if players amass three tokens of Gorm, Anastina, Olc, or Silvana, these characters integrate into Syn’s shapeshifting ability. In the Free Spins rounds, these characters consistently change into the highest-paying symbol. This feature heightens the possibility for significant wins, especially as more heroes become unlocked.

Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune Pokie Bonuses

Mithrune Magic: Unveiling the Mysteries in Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune

Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune, developed by Play’n GO, showcases the developer’s skill in creating pokies that are both visually appealing and engaging in gameplay. The game, set in the enchanting realm of Mithrune, provides players with a unique blend of entertaining features and opportunities for significant wins. The game’s standout elements, such as the Character Upgrade and Power Up Feature, along with the dynamic Free Spins round, keep players absorbed and offer varied ways to achieve rewards.

With its medium volatility and a top win potential of 3000x the bet, the pokie appeals to a broad audience, from those who play casually to those who seek more significant challenges. Whether for the allure of the mystical theme or the allure of potential wins, Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune is sure to captivate and entertain its players, especially those seeking online pokies in Australia.

Frequently asked questions

What setting does Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune take place in?

The pokie is set in the mystical realm of Mithrune, centring around the story of Syn, a shapeshifter with remarkable abilities. It features a rich fantasy and adventure theme, complete with a cast of heroes and antagonists, set within a magical kingdom.

Could you explain the mechanics of the Power Up Feature?

In this feature, players engage in a mini-game activated by scatter symbols. It presents a grid of 20 reels, where the objective is to unlock as many reel enhancers as possible using collected tokens. This additional gameplay aspect offers more ways to win and adds excitement to the overall experience.

Is it possible to modify the wager amount in this game?

Absolutely, players have the flexibility to adjust their wager, with options ranging from $0.10 to $100 per spin. This makes the game accessible to a variety of players, regardless of their betting preferences.

What distinguishes the Character Upgrade bonus in this pokie?

The Character Upgrade bonus is a unique feature where Syn has the ability to transform other high-value characters into the most valuable Syn symbol. This can lead to significantly increased winnings during the game.

Are there any tips for playing Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune effectively?

As with all pokies, luck plays a major role. However, players can benefit from managing their funds wisely and setting a playing budget. Gaining familiarity with the game’s features and understanding the paytable can also be beneficial.

What is the highest possible win in Tales of Mithrune Syn’s Fortune?

Players can win up to 3000 times their bet, offering the chance for impressive payouts in the game, making it an exciting choice for those who enjoy pokies online.

How does the inclusion of the Free Spins feature affect gameplay?

The Free Spins feature, triggered by specific symbols, utilises all the modifiers from the Power Up Feature. It not only increases winning opportunities but also adds an extra dimension of excitement to the pokie.