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Merlin’s Alchemy Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / Merlin’s Alchemy

Merlin’s Alchemy Pokie Review

  • RTP96.25%

Merlin's Alchemy by Bullshark Games, powered by Hacksaw Gaming, is an online pokie that brings the legendary wizard Merlin into the digital age. Forget the traditional conjurers of the past. This game presents Merlin in a fresh, innovative light, with a touch of Victorian flair, reminiscent of characters from popular fantasy tales.


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Pros and Cons


  • Check iconEngaging and unique Victorian-era Merlin theme
  • Check iconInnovative scatter-paying system and special symbols
  • Check iconPersistent multiplier in Spellbook Free Spins round
  • Check iconFree demo version available
  • Check iconAvailable in top casinos


  • Times iconMerlin’s character is depicted differently to other pokies
  • Times iconThe complex features might be challenging for new players

Merlin’s Alchemy Review

In this game, Hacksaw Gaming transports Australian players into an alchemically charged universe where the legendary wizard Merlin, more akin to a Victorian-era gentleman than the traditional Arthurian figure, takes centre stage. The theme is a fascinating blend of ancient magic and Victorian intrigue, setting the stage for a unique gambling experience. It is reminiscent of another popular wizard-themed pokie, Blue Wizard, crafted by Playtech, one of the most popular gambling software providers.

Merlin’s Alchemy’s design is visually arresting, with its dimly lit lair setting where Merlin performs his mysterious experiments. The game grid lies at the heart of this magical world. Here, players aim to match a minimum of eight symbols in a scatter pays style to secure wins. The inclusion of a mystery symbol, which can land in numbers up to 30 on the grid in a single spin, adds to the game’s allure. These symbols are not just ornamental, as they boost the gameplay with multipliers and wild symbols, intensifying the action.

The soundscape of Merlin’s Alchemy enhances the mystical atmosphere. Eerie ambient sounds complement the game’s visual aesthetics, deepening the sense of mystery and enchantment. This auditory element plays a crucial role in immersing players in Merlin’s secretive and magical world.

Furthermore, the pokie employs a palette that reflects its mystical and alchemical theme. Rich, dark hues dominate the backdrop, creating a sense of depth and intrigue. In contrast, the glowing symbols and elements on the grid shine brightly, drawing players’ eyes to the potential for magical wins.

How to Play Merlin's Alchemy pokie

How to Play Merlin’s Alchemy

This pokie, set within a 6-reel, 5-row grid, operates on a scatter-paying system. Here, the magic happens when at least 8 identical pay symbols appear, creating a win. Following this, the winning symbols vanish, replaced by new ones through the cascade mechanism, adding another layer of excitement to each spin.

The game’s volatility has been rated as medium-high (4/5) by Bullshark Gaming, striking a fine balance between the frequency of payouts and the chance of hitting significant wins. The default RTP (Return to Player) of Merlin’s Alchemy is an appealing 96.25%, with another lower return model also available. This RTP, coupled with a hit frequency of 24.84%, offers a fair chance of returns, keeping players engaged both by thematic elements and the potential rewards.

Betting in Merlin’s Alchemy can range from as little as $0.10 to up to $100 per spin, catering to a wide array of players, from casual enthusiasts to high rollers. The maximum win in Merlin’s Alchemy is a stunning 10,000x the bet. This high winning potential means that a single spin could potentially turn a modest $1 bet into an impressive $10,000, making the game an enticing prospect for those aiming for substantial wins. In the following table, we present an overview of the features of Merlin’s Alchemy.

Basic Information

  • Pokie

    Merlin's Alchemy
  • Software

    Bullshark Games
  • Release Date

    January 2024
  • RTP

  • Volatility

  • Maximum Win

  • Min Bet

  • Max Bet

  • Payline

    Scatter Pays
  • Reels

  • Jackpot

  • Free Spins


Merlin’s Alchemy Pokie Symbols

In Merlin’s Alchemy, the symbols are at the heart of the magic, each one intricately designed to enhance the mystical theme. From mystery symbols that reveal unexpected treasures to special symbols that transform the gameplay, these icons are key to unlocking the wonders of Merlin’s alchemical lab. Below, we’ll explore the low-payout, high-payout, and special symbols in detail, delving into how they contribute to the game’s enchantment and how they can lead to wins.

Low-payout Symbols

The low-payout symbols in Merlin’s Alchemy are beautifully-crafted parchments, each bearing a playing card value from 10 to Ace. These symbols, while offering lower returns, are an essential part of the game’s charm, as they frequently appear on the reels and provide regular, albeit smaller, wins. To achieve a win with these symbols, players need to land a minimum of 8 matching icons anywhere on the 6×5 grid. The game’s scatter-paying system ensures that these symbols don’t need to be adjacent, and any winning combination is removed, making way for new symbols to cascade down, potentially creating further wins.

High-payout Symbols

High-payout symbols in the game are represented by lumps of metal in various colours, each resonating with the alchemical theme. These symbols promise more significant returns when they form winning combinations. Like the low-payout symbols, a minimum of 8 matching high-payout symbols anywhere on the grid will result in a win. The high-payout symbols embody the game’s central theme of transformation, turning ordinary spins into golden opportunities.

Special Symbols

Special symbols in Merlin’s Alchemy add a layer of depth and excitement to the gameplay. These include:

  • Wild Symbol: This symbol can substitute for any standard paytable symbol. In cases where the grid is filled entirely with Wilds, the payout is calculated based on the highest-value symbol on the paytable.
  • Activator Wild Symbol: This special symbol not only substitutes for other symbols but also applies the multiplier value displayed at the top of the reels to the wins it forms part of. If multiple Activator Wilds appear in a win, their multiplier values are added together, significantly enhancing the payout potential.
  • Green Potion Symbol: This symbol adds a multiplier value (ranging from x1 to x100) to the global multiplier displayed above the reels, potentially leading to greatly increased wins.
  • Red Potion Symbol: This potent symbol multiplies the current multiplier by a factor of between x2 and x10. It’s a game-changer, especially when it follows the addition of a green potion multiplier.

Symbols Paytable

Symbol Payline Maximum Payout
Gold Bar x15+ 150x
Red Bar x15+ 100x
Bronze Bar x15+ 100x
Green Bar x15+ 50x
Silver Bar x15+ 50x
A x15+ 15x
K x15+ 10x
Q x15+ 10x
J x15+ 5x
10 x15+ 5x

Merlin’s Alchemy Pokie Bonuses

Merlin’s Alchemy pokie is enriched with a variety of in-game bonuses that elevate the gambling experience to a magical dimension. The Spellbook Free Spins feature stands as a key attraction, offering players enhanced opportunities for substantial wins. Additionally, the game boasts a unique Bonus Buy option, allowing players to directly access these exciting features. Each bonus in Merlin’s Alchemy is designed to intensify the gameplay, offering different pathways to potential rewards. Next, we will explore the intricacies of the Spellbook Free Spins and the Bonus Buy features, and how they contribute to the alchemical adventure that Merlin’s Alchemy offers.

Spellbook Free Spins

The Spellbook Free Spins feature in Merlin’s Alchemy is a gateway to increased odds of landing mystery symbols and achieving larger wins. Triggered by landing a specific number of FS scatter symbols, players are awarded a varying number of free spins – 8, 10, or 12, depending on the scatter count. During these free spins, the Global Multiplier is persistent, starting at 1x and potentially increasing, thereby offering a significant opportunity to boost winnings. This feature is central to the game’s appeal, as it combines the excitement of the unexpected with the potential for rewarding outcomes.

Lastly, it is worth mentioning the Sticky Activator Wild Symbol, which appears only during the free spins bonus. This symbol retains all functionalities of the Activator Wild and remains fixed on the reels throughout the bonus round, providing more opportunities for amplified wins.

Merlin's Alchemy Pokie Bonuses

Bonus Buy Feature

The Bonus Buy feature in Merlin’s Alchemy presents players with an instant route to the game’s most exhilarating elements. For those located in regions where feature buys are permitted, this option includes:

  • BonusHunt FeatureSpins: This feature increases the likelihood of triggering the Spellbook Free Spins. It costs 2x the bet and comes with an RTP of 94.23%.
  • Spellbook Free Spins: Available for 100x the bet, this option directly activates the Spellbook Free Spins round, offering either 8, 10, or 12 free spins.
  • Enhanced Spellbook Free Spins: For 200x the bet, players can access the Spellbook Free Spins with an initial multiplier of x10. This feature provides an amplified start to the free spins round.

These Bonus Buy options vary in terms of cost and potential return, each offering a distinct advantage and a different RTP percentage. They represent an exciting aspect of Merlin’s Alchemy, giving players the flexibility to tailor their online gambling experience according to their preferences and strategies.

Merlin’s Alchemy: A Fresh Take on the World of Magic by Bullshark Games

Merlin’s Alchemy by Bullshark Games stands as a noteworthy addition to the world of online pokies in Australia. It successfully merges an interesting theme with innovative gameplay, creating an enchanting experience for players. The game’s unique Victorian-era twist on the legendary wizard Merlin adds a fresh and intriguing dimension to the familiar narrative of magic and alchemy. The game’s design, with its rich graphics and immersive sounds, sets the stage for an engaging adventure.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Merlin's Alchemy different from other pokies?

Merlin’s Alchemy stands out with its unique Victorian-era Merlin theme, a persistent multiplier in the Spellbook Free Spins round, and the innovative scatter-paying system.

Can the Global Multiplier in Spellbook Free Spins reach a maximum limit?

When it comes to limit, there is no specified maximum for the Global Multiplier in the Spellbook Free Spins, offering expansive winning potential.

Is Merlin's Alchemy suitable for high rollers?

Yes, with its medium-high volatility and a maximum bet of $100 per spin, Merlin’s Alchemy is well-suited for high rollers seeking substantial wins.

How does the Bonus Buy feature work in Merlin's Alchemy?

The Bonus Buy feature allows players to directly purchase access to the Spellbook Free Spins or enhanced versions of this round, with varying costs and RTPs.

What is the significance of the mystery symbols in Merlin's Alchemy?

Mystery symbols in the game reveal either random paying symbols or special symbols, adding an element of surprise and potential for increased wins.

Can beginners easily understand how to play Merlin's Alchemy?

Yes, despite its intricate features, Merlin’s Alchemy is designed to be accessible and enjoyable even for beginners, with clear gameplay instructions provided.

What role do the Activator Wild Symbols play in enhancing the gameplay of Merlin's Alchemy?

Activator Wild Symbols in Merlin’s Alchemy not only substitute for other symbols to form winning combinations, but they also apply a multiplier value to the wins.