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The Crypt Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / The Crypt

The Crypt Pokie Review

  • RTP96.05%

The Crypt is the place where legends come alive once more! Nolimit City has masterfully orchestrated a reunion of the world's most legendary and iconic figures, albeit a bit decomposed, to create a pokie experience that's nothing short of electrifying. Step into a world of ancient myths and modern features as you navigate the dark corridors of The Crypt.


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Pros and Cons


  • Check iconUnique xNudge Wild enhances wins
  • Check iconxWays symbols expand reels
  • Check iconPotential for 46,656 win ways
  • Check iconResurrection Spins with rich bonuses
  • Check iconMax payout of 27,000 times the base bet
  • Check iconDirect access with Nolimit Bonus Buy


  • Times iconxBet requires triple the base bet
  • Times iconNolimit Bonus might be unavailable in some regions
  • Times iconHigh buy-in for some bonus features

The Crypt Review

The Crypt is a standout release from NoLimit City, redefining the boundaries of online pokies. Set against a backdrop that feels both ancient and mystical, the game beautifully combines legends of old with contemporary pokie mechanics. The dominant colours are deep shades of purple, blue, and black, evoking a sense of mystery and intrigue.

Detailed graphics depict decomposed legends, creating a haunting yet exciting atmosphere. Every spin is accompanied by an eerie soundtrack that perfectly complements the game’s theme, making players feel as if they’re truly exploring a crypt filled with legends. The overall design, combined with state-of-the-art animations, offers an unparalleled gaming experience for both seasoned and new pokie enthusiasts.

Play The Crypt online pokie

How to Play The Crypt

Engaging with The Crypt is a seamless experience, even for those unfamiliar with online pokies. The casino game boasts a dynamic reel structure with 6 reels, presenting players with an impressive 46,656 paylines. Its high volatility promises an exhilarating online gambling real money experience, though players can take comfort in the competitive RTP rates offered, ranging from a generous 96.05% to 87.01%, depending on the game mode.

One of the game’s standout features is the xNudge Wild, which not only amplifies payouts but also introduces an element of surprise with every spin. Furthermore, the xWays mechanic enhances gameplay by expanding the reels, presenting more opportunities for big wins. While the game doesn’t feature a jackpot, the xBet option, albeit requiring a slightly higher bet, significantly boosts the chances of unlocking the sought-after Resurrection Spins.

Players have a wide betting latitude, ranging from a modest $0.20 to a maximum of $100 per spin. Those fortunate might strike a win as high as 27,000 times their base bet in just one spin. And yes, for those who cherish them, the game does offer Free Spins. As players navigate through The Crypt, they’ll uncover other intriguing features and bonuses, which we’ll detail in the subsequent sections.

Basic Information

  • Pokie

    The Crypt
  • Software

    NoLimit City
  • Release Date

    September 2023
  • RTP

    96.05% | 94.01% | 92.15% | 87.01%
  • Volatility

  • Maximum Win

  • Minimum Bet

  • Maximum Bet

  • Payline

  • Reels

  • Jackpot

  • Free Spins


The Crypt Pokie Symbols

Symbols play a crucial role in any pokie game, as they determine the payouts and potential winnings for players. In The Crypt, the symbols are not only pivotal for gameplay but also bring the thematic essence of the game to life. They capture the spirit of legends, intertwined with traditional pokie icons, to provide an intriguing blend of old and new. As we burrow deeper, we’ll explore the variety of symbols that The Crypt has to offer, from low-payout and high-payout symbols to the special ones that trigger unique game features.

Low-payout Symbols

The Crypt incorporates traditional card symbols, which are often found in many pokies, as its low-payout symbols. These include the numbers 9 and 10, and the letters J, Q, K, and A. As is typical in most pokies, securing a combination of at least three of these symbols on a payline can lead to a win. While they might not offer the highest payouts, they appear frequently and can contribute to consistent wins during gameplay.

High-payout Symbols

The high-payout symbols in The Crypt are where the theme truly shines. These symbols feature legendary musical icons, each masterfully rendered to capture their essence. Players will encounter the likes of Elvis, Lemmy, Curt Cobain, John Lennon, Amy Winehouse, and Jimmy Hendrix.

These legends not only elevate the game’s thematic experience but also offer more significant payouts compared to the low-payout symbols. Landing a combination of at least three of these icons on a payline will result in a win, with the potential payout increasing with more matching symbols.

Special Symbols

While The Crypt boasts a rich array of regular symbols, it also features special symbols that enhance gameplay by triggering unique features and bonuses. Detailed information about these symbols and their functionalities will be provided in the section below, helping players understand their significance and how they can influence the game’s outcome.

Symbols Paytable

Symbol Payline Maximum Payout
Elvis x6 2.5x
Lemmy x6 1.5x
Curt Cobain x6 1.25x
John Lennon x6 1.1x
Amy Winehouse  x6 1x
Jimmy Hendrix x6 0.9x
A x6 0.75x
K x6 0.7x
Q x6 0.6x
J x6 0.6x
10 x6 0.5x
9 x6 0.5x

The Crypt Pokie Bonuses

The Crypt is more than just a visual and thematic treat; it’s also a treasure trove of exciting bonuses that amplify the gambling experience. While the base game is compelling in its own right, it’s the bonuses that can truly elevate the thrill and potential payouts for players. From the unique mechanics of the xNudge found also in Mental to the allure of the Resurrection Spins, The Crypt ensures that players are always on the edge of their seats, anticipating the next big win.

Each bonus comes with its own set of rules, triggers, and potential outcomes, making them both challenging and rewarding. Let’s explore each one to gain a comprehensive understanding of their dynamics.

xNudge Wild

The xNudge Wild is one of the standout features of The Crypt. Whenever this Wild symbol lands on the reels, it drops down to the bottom position. For every step it descends, a payout multiplier increases, and once it reaches the bottom, it expands to cover the entire reel.

When combined with the xWays symbol, the payout multiplier can soar to x6. This Wild has the potential to appear on reels 2-5. Moreover, if multiple xNudge Wilds land consecutively, their multipliers are added together, further amplifying the total win.


The xWays mechanic introduces a touch of mystery to The Crypt. It’s a special symbol that can hold 2 to 3 of the same icon inside and, when triggered, expands the reels. These symbols have the potential to appear on all reels, and a reel can be expanded up to 6 symbols high.

Multiple xWays symbols landing during a spin can drastically increase the chances of a substantial win. When fully expanded, players have an impressive 46,656 winways at their disposal.

xBet & Resurrection Spins

The xBet feature is a unique offering in The Crypt. By wagering three times the base bet, players enhance their chances of activating the Resurrection Spins by more than five times. Speaking of Resurrection Spins, these are the main bonus rounds of the game. Triggered by landing 3 Scatter symbols, players are awarded 10 Resurrection Spins.

Any additional Scatter symbol grants 3 more spins. During these spins, at least one xWays symbol is guaranteed on each initial cascade. Moreover, every fourth winning cascade transforms one of the five legendary symbols into Wilds for the remainder of the bonus round, while also adding 2 extra spins. Wins on the highest-paying symbol award a +1x multiplier on that particular symbol.

The Crypt Pokie Bonuses

Rock On with The Crypt’s Legendary Reunion!

The Crypt by NoLimit City is not just another addition to the vast world of online pokies; it’s a game that stands out, both in terms of its thematic richness and its game mechanics. By seamlessly blending legendary figures with modern gameplay elements, it offers players a unique experience that’s both nostalgic and refreshingly new. It is a pokie that can be found at several different online casinos, such as, ZotaBet Casino, and Metaspins.

The dynamic reel structure, combined with innovative features like the xNudge Wild and Resurrection Spins, ensures that players are constantly engaged and entertained. Whether you’re in it for the captivating graphics, the eerie soundtrack, or the potential for big wins, The Crypt promises an adventure that’s both thrilling and rewarding. So, are you ready to meet the legends and uncover the treasures hidden within The Crypt?

Frequently asked questions

What makes The Crypt stand out from other online pokies?

Beyond its captivating theme featuring legendary figures, The Crypt is designed with unique gameplay mechanics, such as the xNudge® Wild and xWays®. These features, combined with a potential of 46,656 win ways, offer a gaming experience that’s distinctive from most standard pokies.

Can I adjust my bet amount in The Crypt?

Absolutely! The Crypt offers a flexible betting range, starting from a minimum of $0.20 to a maximum of $100 per spin, catering to both casual players and high rollers.

Does The Crypt have a fixed number of paylines?

No, The Crypt operates on a dynamic reel structure. This means that, depending on the symbols and bonuses activated, you can have up to a staggering 46,656 win ways in certain spins.

How significant is the role of music in this game?

Music plays a pivotal role in The Crypt, enhancing the overall atmosphere. The eerie soundtrack complements the game’s theme, making players feel as though they are genuinely exploring a crypt filled with legendary icons.

Are there any unique symbols I should be on the lookout for?

While all symbols in The Crypt have their significance, the xWays® symbol is particularly noteworthy. It’s a mystery symbol that can hold 2 to 3 of the same icon inside, expanding the reels and creating more winning opportunities.

What happens if my win exceeds the maximum payout in a single spin?

The Crypt has a maximum payout of 27,000 times the base bet for a single game round. If your win surpasses this limit, the game round will conclude, and you’ll be awarded 27,000 times your base bet.

Are there any collaborations or partnerships related to The Crypt?

While The Crypt showcases legendary figures from the world of music, it’s an original creation of NoLimit City. The game isn’t directly affiliated with any of the artists represented, but it pays homage to their legendary status in a unique and entertaining way.