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Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax

Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax Pokie Review

  • RTP96.03%

Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax isn't just a visual spectacle; it stands as a testament to Yggdrasil's drive to redefine online gambling. Boasting the innovative DoubleMax multiplier, alongside a bountiful offering of free spins and a wide array of bonus features, Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax offers an Aussie gambling experience that is both engaging and rewarding. Prepare to cast your net in the vast ocean of opportunity that this game presents!


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Pros and Cons


  • Check iconElevated win potential through high variance
  • Check iconDistinctive and immersive theme
  • Check iconMaximum win potential up to 10,000x the stake


  • Times iconThe betting range is not suitable for high rollers

Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax Pokie Review

Yggdrasil‘s recent addition to the world of online pokies Australia offers an engaging underwater-themed experience that showcases the developer’s attention to both visual and auditory detail. Upon entering the game, players find themselves immersed in an underwater scene, complete with detailed corals and swaying seaweed. The visual setting is enhanced by the presence of rising bubbles and reels which have wooden frames.

The audio elements are carefully crafted to match the theme. The game features a soundtrack that complements the aquatic environment, along with sound effects that add depth to the reel-spinning action. Victories are accentuated by orchestral fanfare, contributing to a more refined and uplifting gambling environment.

Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax Pokie

How to Play Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax

This pokie unfolds on a 6-reel, 3-row grid, with 729 ways to secure a win. The game’s betting spectrum is targeted mostly at Australian players who are more careful with their budgets since the available bet range starts from $0.10 and can go only up to $40 per spin.

To win, players need to match three or more symbols on adjacent reels. The symbols need to be matched starting from the leftmost reel. The game features high volatility, paired with a return to player (RTP) rate of 96.03%, offering a balance between the chance of regular wins and the opportunity for larger payouts.

The pokie boasts a maximum win of 10,000 times the player’s stake, underscoring its significant potential for substantial rewards.

Basic Information

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    Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax
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  • Release Date

    January 2024
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Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax Pokie Symbols

The symbols within Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax are carefully designed, serving as a fundamental aspect of the game. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, each symbol plays an integral role in the dynamics and mechanics of the gameplay. The array of symbols spans from those that offer lower payouts, serving to sustain the game’s momentum, to those that promise higher rewards, creating peaks of excitement for players. Moreover, the game incorporates special symbols which bring a unique touch to the gameplay. Below is the overview of symbols and the payouts that they bring.

Low-Payout Symbols

The game features low-payout symbols that are adorned with leaf motifs, representing the card suits of clubs, diamonds, spades, and hearts. These symbols are crucial for maintaining a consistent flow within the game, offering modest wins that provide players with smaller, more frequent payouts. The inclusion of these symbols ensures that players remain engaged, while anticipating the appearance of higher-value symbols; they act as the game’s foundation, setting the stage for more significant rewards.

High-Payout Symbols

The high-payout symbols in this pokie are tied to the theme of fishing and underwater exploration. These symbols include essential items for any fishing adventure, such as flippers, a camera, an oxygen tank, and goggles. The excitement of the game hinges on landing three to six of these symbols, as they have the ability to bring the substantial payouts that players seek.

Special Symbols

The special symbols were introduced in order to distinguish this game from others. While some of these symbols adhere to the traditional roles found in many real money pokies, others have been exclusively developed to enhance the unique gambling experience this pokie offers. Among the traditional elements, the scatter symbols stand out as a key feature. Scatters are instrumental in unlocking the game’s free spins feature. This mechanism is a familiar one, yet it remains an essential aspect of online pokies Australia.

Moreover, the game introduces specific symbols designed solely for its aquatic adventure, like the special chest symbols. These symbols add excitement by offering the chance to unlock more game features. A key feature is the Hold & Spin bonus, which gets activated when the chest symbol and another special symbol unique to this game, the female diver, appear together.

Symbols Paytable

Symbol Payline Maximum Payout
Goggles x6 16x
Camera x6 8x
Flippers x6 4x
Fish x6 2x
Oxygen Tank x6 2x
Hearts x6 1.20x
Spades x6 1x
Diamonds x6 1x
Clubs x6 1x

Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax Pokie Bonuses

The game’s diverse bonus offerings truly enrich online gambling sessions. Crafted with precision, each bonus injects a distinct flavour into the game, unfolding unique advantages and opportunities for rewards. The game distinguishes itself with features such as the Fish Bonus Symbols and the DoubleMax Multiplier Bonus, among others, presenting a suite of bonuses that deepen the engagement. Let us take a look at the bonus offering this game is known for.

Fish Bonus Symbols

In Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax, players will encounter five distinct Fish symbols that can emerge on any of the reels, each carrying different values ranging from 1x up to a maximum of 100x the initial bet. The unique aspect of these Fish symbols is that their value can only be unlocked by the Fisherman symbol, which appears exclusively on reel 5. With only one Fisherman allowed per spin, the anticipation of landing this symbol adds layers of excitement to the gameplay!

DoubleMax Multiplier Bonus

The provider Yggdrasil is known for developing pokies with the DoubleMax mechanism. Raptor DoubleMax is another great example, besides Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax. This bonus becomes active when players manage to align fish symbols in a sequence, starting from the reel on the far left. Upon activation, the DoubleMax multiplier is applied to all winnings from that spin. The unique aspect of this bonus is its capacity for limitless growth, offering the multiplier the chance to increase significantly with each consecutive win.

Free Spins

The Free Spins bonus feature offers players an opportunity to amplify their winnings through strategic symbol landings. As was mentioned above, securing 3/4/5/6 scatter symbols unlocks 8/11/14/20 free bonus spins, respectively. The intrigue intensifies with the appearance of either the fisherman or the female diver symbols during these rounds, as each occurrence not only grants an additional free spin but also doubles the DoubleMax multipliers situated above the reels.

Free Spins Gamble

Prior to entering the bonus round with free spins, players are presented with a gamble feature. It offers a chance to increase the number of free spins awarded. This feature provides players with the opportunity to increase their starting number of free spins, elevating it from 8 to 11, 11 to 14, or from 14 up to 20. What is necessary to do is to successfully predict the outcome of the gamble. However, this high-stakes opportunity comes with a risk; failure in the gamble means forfeiting the entire free spins session!

Hold & Spin

The Hold & Spin feature is activated when players land both a chest symbol and a female diver symbol at the same time. Notably, the female diver symbol is exclusive to reel 6. Once triggered, players are granted 3 initial spins, during which any new chest symbol or female diver symbol that appears not only sticks in place but also resets the number of spins. This mechanism allows for prolonged gameplay and increases the potential for winning combinations. The female diver symbol also doubles the existing multiplier, thus enhancing the value of wins. Filling a reel with symbols activates the DoubleMax multiplier for that particular reel.

Buy Free Spins

For players who want to take a shortcut, Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax offers the option to buy free spins. At the cost of 100 times the bet, players can immediately access the free spins round with 3 scatter symbols, or more than 3 of them, bypassing the need to land the symbols through regular play. For those seeking an even greater advantage, a 500 times the bet payment ensures entry into the free spins round with a full complement of 20 spins. No matter whether Aussie players are seeking a quick entry into the bonus rounds or aiming to maximise the potential for big wins, the Buy Free Spins option adds an extra layer of flexibility to the strategy of playing this pokie.

Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax Australia

Opening the Fishing Season with Nice Catch 2 Double Max

Yggdrasil’s Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax marks the beginning of a successful fishing season among online pokies Australia, showcasing an array of remarkable features that set it apart. Designed to captivate and engage, this game combines a visually stunning underwater theme with soundscapes that transport players directly into the aquatic adventure. The inclusion of excellently crafted symbols, alongside special symbols like the chest and female diver enriches the narrative and gameplay depth.

Particularly noteworthy for this pokie is the innovative DoubleMax mechanism, a signature feature of Yggdrasil, which offers the potential for unlimited multiplier increases, thereby amplifying the excitement and win possibilities with each successive victory.

Yggdrasil continues to push the boundaries within the online gambling scene in Australia and demonstrates a commitment to innovation and the improvement of player experience. Accordingly, this pokie online promises an enthralling experience for every player looking to cast their rod into the waters of online pokies, hoping for a big catch!

Frequently asked questions

What is the theme of Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax?

Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax is themed around an underwater fishing adventure. The game features vibrant corals, seaweed, and a variety of sea-themed symbols.

What are the betting ranges in Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax?

The betting range starts from as low as $0.10 to a maximum of $40 per spin. For this reason, the game might not be the best choice for high rollers, due to its relatively low maximum deposit threshold.

How does the DoubleMax multiplier work?

The DoubleMax multiplier increases with every consecutive win. It always starts from the first win after its activation, and can grow unlimitedly. This mechanism can enhance potential winnings significantly.

What are the special symbols in Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax?

Special symbols include the scatter symbols which are necessary for free spins. Also, there are the chest and female diver symbols for the Hold & Spin feature, as well as fish symbols with varying values.

How do free spins work in this game?

Landing 3 or more scatter symbols triggers free spins, awarding up to 20 spins. During these rounds, the DoubleMax multiplier and additional spins can be won.

Is there a way to directly enter the free spins round?

Players can buy into the free spins round with 100x the bet for 3 or more scatters, or 500x the bet for 20 free spins.

What is the RTP and volatility of Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax?

Nice Catch 2 DoubleMax boasts an RTP of 96.03%. In addition, this pokie is classified as highly volatile, balancing regular wins with the potential for significant payouts.