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The Legend of Shangri La Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / The Legend of Shangri La

The Legend of Shangri La Pokie Review

  • RTP96.59%

In the bustling world of online pokies, The Legend of Shangri La Cluster Pays stands out as a gem amidst the boulders. In the realm of this pokie, magic, serenity, and hefty wins intertwine to create a unique gaming experience. NetEnt has worked its magic to bring to life the fabled utopia, Shangri La. With a gorgeous backdrop reflecting tranquillity and an impressive cluster pays feature, this game will have you hooked in no time!


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Pros and Cons


  • Check iconUnique Cluster Pays feature for engaging gameplay
  • Check iconDiverse bonus features including sticky re-spins and free spins
  • Check iconVibrant graphics and soothing soundtracks
  • Check iconLow to medium volatility catering to a wide range of players
  • Check iconGenerous RTP of 96.59%


  • Times iconCluster Pays Mechanic: Can be confusing to newbies
  • Times iconComplex Bonus Features: May be overwhelming to certain players

The Legend of Shangri La Pokie Review

The Legend of Shangri La Pokie invites players into a vibrant world where tranquil scenery meets a visual spectacle. Created by renowned game developer NetEnt it combines serene Asian aesthetics with seamless gameplay. This pokie presents players with an engaging experience that is both visually delightful and richly rewarding.

Adding to the game’s appeal, soothing traditional melodies set the scene, further enhancing the overall gaming journey. The unique cluster pays system, brings a refreshing twist to conventional pokies. This innovative mechanic provides countless opportunities for engaging combinations and enticing wins.

Although novices to the pokie scene may initially find the cluster pays feature slightly perplexing, it’s indeed straightforward and self-explanatory upon a few spins. Since its launch, The Legend of Shangri La Pokie has been a top choice amongst pokie enthusiasts, offering a harmonious yet exhilarating gaming adventure.

legend of shangri la online pokie australia

How to Play the Legend of Shangri La Pokie

When it comes to playing The Legend of Shangri La Pokie, the process is both straightforward and incredibly entertaining. With an RTP (Return to Player) rate of 96.59%, it’s not just the beauty of the game that entices players, but the potential rewards too. Rather than following the conventional payline system like many other online pokies, this pokie utilises the innovative Cluster Pays mechanic.

A symbol forms part of a cluster if it lies adjacent, either horizontally or vertically, to an identical symbol. Winning is as easy as landing nine or more matching symbols in a cluster. The minimum bet per spin starts at a modest $0.10, soaring up to a maximum bet of $200. The potential rewards are enticing, with the max win for a single spin clocking in at an impressive 10,000x your stake, despite the game’s lower volatility. There are other pokies that have a similar max payout with more volatility. One great pokie for instance is Peter Hunter.

The game is teeming with a myriad of different symbols, each adding to the vibrant visual experience and offering unique payout possibilities. And it doesn’t stop there – The Legend of Shangri La Pokie is also packed with exciting features and bonuses that keep players engrossed and eagerly returning for more.

Cluster Pays

The Cluster Pays feature brings a unique twist to traditional pokie play, and if you find this pokie exciting, you will likely appreciate similar mechanics in games like “Seth vs Horus” by Mancala and “Fire Hopper” by Push Gaming.

Basic Information

  • Pokie

    The Legend of Shangri La
  • Software

  • Release date

    September 2017
  • RTP

  • Volatility

    Low/ Medium
  • Maximum Win

  • Minimum Bet

  • Maximum Bet

  • Paylines

    0 (Cluster Pays)
  • Reels

  • Jackpot

  • Free spins



The charm of The Legend of Shangri La Cluster Pays pokie lies not only in its picturesque landscape but also in its intricately designed symbols. These symbols, each boasting striking colours and meticulous details, embody the magical essence of Shangri La. Below we will tackle the different categories of symbols, each serving a unique purpose and offering varying rewards.

High-Payout Symbols

The high-payout symbols in this pokie are made up of three guru symbols – the Elephant, the Monkey, and the Tiger. These symbols, in their larger avatar, count as two symbols, while the smaller ones count as one. The Elephant is the highest-paying of the trio, promising hefty rewards when appearing in clusters of 9 or more. Following closely are the Monkey and the Tiger, each bringing in substantial wins when they form clusters on the reels.

Low-Payout Symbols

The low-payout symbols in the game are the Dragonfly, the Butterfly, the Orchid, and the Koi Carp. Even though they offer lower payouts, these symbols appear more frequently on the reels, thereby enhancing your chance of forming winning clusters. They keep the game momentum going and ensure that players have small but consistent wins.

How to Play the Legend of Shangri La Pokie

Special Symbols

The game hosts two special symbols – the Substitution Symbol and the Free Spins symbol. The Substitution Symbol takes the form of a question mark and transforms into an adjacent symbol to create the highest possible winning cluster. However, it cannot substitute for Free Spin symbols.

Symbols Paytable

Symbol Cluster Maximum Payout
Tigress x30 10,000x
Elephant x30 5,000x
Monkey  x30 5,000x
Orchid x30 2,000x
Green Butterfly x30 2,000x
Dragonfly x30 2,000x
Koi Carp x30 2,000x

The Legend of Shangri La Bonuses

Playing this unique pokie is as zen as the scenery it depicts, however, the bonuses will definitely spark your enthusiasm. Each bonus with unique game mechanics, adds an extra dimension to the gameplay, enhancing your chances of securing substantial wins. Let’s delve deeper into the world of bonuses that this enchanting pokie offers.

Free Spins

Free Spins is an enticing feature in the game. When three or more Free Spin symbols appear anywhere on the reels in the main game, either fully or partially, the feature is activated. What’s more, if two Free Spin symbols land on the reels and another lands just outside the visible reel area, the Nudge Reel feature kicks in to push the third symbol onto the reels, triggering Free Spins. This feature amplifies the fun and has the potential to reward players with substantial payouts.

Number of Free Spins Symbols Free Spins Obtained
x3 x5 FS
x4 x6 FS
x5 x7 FS
x6 x8 FS
legend of shangri la bonuses

Sticky Re-Spins

Sticky Re-Spins can be activated when at least two non-winning clusters of the same symbol appear anywhere on the reels. During this feature, the activating symbols stick to the reels while all other symbols spin again, independent yet simultaneous. As long as new activating symbols continue to land on the reels, the re-spins persist. This feature can convert a non-winning spin into a hefty win.

Random Substitutions

Random Substitutions is a feature that can turn the tide of the game in an instant. It’s activated when at least two clusters of the same symbol appear in the main game. At least one substitution symbol is then added to the reels, adjacent to the existing clusters. More substitution symbols are added randomly until a win is achieved, increasing the potential for significant wins.

The Reel Finale: Unfolding the Magic of Shangri La

As we journey towards the end of our exploration of The Legend of Shangri La Pokie, it’s clear that this offering by the esteemed game developer offers a stream of engaging gameplay mechanics, captivating visuals and a harmonious blend of theme-related sounds. The Cluster Pays system, Substitution Symbols, Sticky Re-Spins, and Random Substitutions all come together to create an experience that’s not just entertaining but also offers solid winning opportunities.

With a perfect balance between the peaceful ambience of Shangri La and the delight of potential wins, this pokie stands as a testament to exceptional game design and rewarding features. Its seamless integration of theme, graphics, and sounds, combined with a plethora of bonuses, makes The Legend of Shangri La a must-play pokie for any gambling enthusiast.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out one of our recommended online casinos and play Shangri La with all its mystery and winnings, that await your discovery. Spin the reels and let the legend guide you towards extraordinary wins!

Frequently asked questions

How does the Nudge Reel feature work in The Legend of Shangri La Pokie?

The Nudge Reel feature is a bonus element that gets activated when two free spin symbols appear on the reels and another free spin symbol is just outside the visible reel area. The third symbol gets nudged back onto the reels, potentially activating free spins.

How do the large and small Guru Symbols in The Legend of Shangri La Pokie differ?

In The Legend of Shangri La Pokie, large Guru Symbols count as two symbols, whereas the small ones count as one. This difference can affect how clusters are formed and wins are calculated.

How is the win from the free spins round calculated in The Legend of Shangri La Pokie?

During the free spins, between 2 and 6 substitution symbols are added to the reels, and between 1 and 4 are removed before the next spin. If the total win from the free spins round is less than 10x the bet, an additional spin may be awarded.

Is The Legend of Shangri La Pokie a high-volatility game?

No, The Legend of Shangri La Pokie is considered to be a lower volatility game. This means that it offers more frequent, smaller wins, which can be appealing to players who prefer a less risky gaming experience.

How many bonus features does The Legend of Shangri La Pokie offer?

The game boasts a variety of engaging bonus features including free spins, sticky re-spins, and substitution symbols. Each feature adds a unique twist to the gameplay, enhancing the overall gaming experience.