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Fire in the Hole 2 Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / Fire in the Hole 2

Fire in the Hole 2 Pokie Review

  • RTP96.07%

Fire in the Hole 2 by Nolimit City digs deeper into the world of underground mining with this explosive sequel, offering a 65,000x max win potential and innovative features to enhance your gambling experience. This high-volatility pokie promises an adrenaline-packed adventure.


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Pros and Cons


  • Check iconMassive 65,000x max win potential
  • Check iconHigh RTP options up to 96.07%
  • Check iconInnovative features like Collapsing Mine and Lucky Wagon Spins
  • Check iconDynamic gameplay with 46,656 paylines


  • Times iconHigh volatility may not suit all players
  • Times iconComplex features may require a learning curve

Fire in the Hole 2 Pokie Review

Fire in the Hole 2, developed by Nolimit City, is a sequel that plunges players back into the gritty, subterranean world of mining. This pokie builds on the success of its predecessor, offering an action-packed gambling session set against a backdrop of dark, ominous mineshafts illuminated by dim, flickering lanterns. The theme is vividly brought to life with a colour palette dominated by earth tones — shades of brown, gold, and the occasional glimmer of precious metals, providing visual depth and realism to the experience.

The soundtrack, a symphony of clinks, clanks, and explosive detonations, pairs perfectly with the game’s visual aesthetics, enhancing the sense of being deep within an active mine. Graphics are sharp and detailed, immersing players in a world where every spin can lead to a significant discovery or a dramatic collapse. The design and audio elements work in harmony, creating an atmosphere that’s both intense and incredibly engaging for Australian fans of online pokies and immersive gambling.

Fire in the Hole Slot Aus

How to Play Fire in the Hole 2

Playing Fire in the Hole 2 is an adventure filled with unexpected turns and potential rewards. The pokie operates on a 6×6 grid, starting with 3 active rows that can expand up to 6 rows through the Collapsing Mine feature, revealing up to 46,656 ways to win. All spins begin with the potential for new symbols to drop in, replacing winning combinations and increasing the chance for additional wins within the same turn. This dynamic mechanism, coupled with features like xBomb Wild Multiplier and Wild Mining, adds layers of strategy and excitement to every single spin.

The Return to Player (RTP) options are varied, catering to different preferences, with the highest RTP set at 96.07%. The game’s high volatility is a testament to the thrilling, yet unpredictable nature of mining for riches, reflected in the gameplay where the potential for significant wins is juxtaposed against periods of lesser activity. With a maximum win of 65,000x the stake in a single spin, players have the chance to strike it rich.

Bets range from a minimum of $0.20 to a maximum of $100, accommodating both cautious players and high rollers. This pokie stands out not only for its engaging theme and graphics but also for its challenging yet rewarding gameplay mechanics.

In the following sections, we’ll go deeper into the specifics of Fire in the Hole 2, including Basic Information, symbols and bonus features that set this pokie apart from the crowd.

Basic Information

  • Pokie

    Fire in the Hole 2
  • Software

    NoLimit City
  • Release Date

    February 2024
  • RTP

    87.05% - 96.07%
  • Volatility

    Extremely High
  • Maximum Win

  • Min Bet

  • Max Bet

  • Payline

  • Reels

  • Jackpot

  • Free Spins


Fire in the Hole 2 Pokie Symbols

In Fire in the Hole 2, every spin unearths a variety of symbols that are as rich in detail as they are integral to the game’s mechanics. From the low-payout symbols that depict the hardy tools of the mining trade, to the high-value treasures awaiting discovery, every icon plays a part in the player’s quest for riches. Special symbols add to the excitement, triggering the pokie’s unique features and bonuses. Below we explore the specifics of these symbols, detailing the low-payout, high-payout, and special symbols, to give Aussie players a comprehensive understanding of what to look for as they spin their way through the depths of this enthralling pokie.

Low-payout Symbols

In the cavernous depths of Fire in the Hole 2, the low-payout symbols are represented by the traditional card ranks from 9 through to K. These symbols are styled to fit the mining theme, looking as though they’ve been carved straight out of the rocky substrata themselves. To secure a win with these symbols, players must land at least three of a kind on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel.

The payout increases with the number of matching symbols landed, up to a maximum of six of a kind. These symbols offer a more frequent, though smaller, source of winnings, keeping the gameplay engaging as players dig deeper into the mine.

High-payout Symbols

The high-payout symbols in Fire in the Hole 2 are the treasures and tools every miner dreams of uncovering: a shovel, boots, an old map, a pouch, and a lantern. These symbols are designed with a high level of detail, glowing against the backdrop of the dark mine shaft, and offer significantly higher payouts compared to their low-payout counterparts described above.

A winning combination is formed when three or more of the same symbols appear on consecutive reels from left to right. The most valuable of these is the lantern, which lights the way to the biggest base game wins. Landing six of these luminous symbols can reward players with up to 7.5 times their stake, making them a coveted find in the depths of Fire in the Hole 2.

Special Symbols

Special symbols in Fire in the Hole 2 play a pivotal role in unlocking the pokie’s full potential. These include the xBomb Wild symbol, which substitutes for any symbol except the Bonus symbols and explodes to remove adjacent symbols while increasing the win multiplier for the next collapse. The Bonus symbols are key to triggering the Lucky Wagon Spins, a feature that can lead to the game’s most substantial payouts.

The unique Dynamite and Dwarf symbols activate during the Lucky Wagon Spins, each adding their own explosive or accumulative effect to enhance wins. These special symbols are not only integral to achieving significant wins but also add an extra dimension of strategy and excitement to the gameplay.

Symbols Paytable

Symbol Payline Maximum Payout
Lantern x6 7.5x
Pouch x6 3.75x
Map x6 2.5x
Boots x6 2x
Shovel x6 1.75x
K x6 1.5x
Q x6 1.25x
J x6 1.10x
10 x6 1.05x
9 x6 1x

Fire in the Hole 2 Pokie Bonuses

Fire in the Hole 2 pokie enriches the player’s experience with a range of bonuses that can significantly boost winnings and gameplay. These bonuses, including the Lucky Wagon Spins and the various enhancers that activate during this feature, are designed to enhance the potential for big wins. Each bonus brings its unique twist to the gameplay, offering players the chance to increase their winnings through multipliers, additional spins, and special feature activations.

In the section that follows, we will explore the Lucky Wagon Spins in detail, along with the enhancers that can appear during this feature, providing a clearer understanding of how these bonuses contribute to the thrill and potential rewards of playing Fire in the Hole 2.

Lucky Wagon Spins

The Lucky Wagon Spins are triggered when three or more Bonus symbols land on the reels. This feature opens up the game to exciting possibilities, starting players off with two, three or four active rows depending on the number of Bonus symbols triggered. Players begin with three spins, and this count resets to three every time a coin lands on the reels, prolonging the bonus round. During Lucky Wagon Spins, the uppermost row reveals enhancers for every spin, which include Coin values, Multipliers, a Beer, Dynamite or a Dwarf, activating when a coin lands on a reel below. This bonus round blends strategy with chance, as the placement and type of enhancers can significantly impact the outcome, likely leading to substantial wins.

Enhancers During Lucky Wagon Spins

Coin Values: Establishes the coin’s value, directly affecting the winning potential for each coin that appears.
Multipliers: Boost the worth of every coin on the reel below, presenting an opportunity to significantly increase winnings.
Dynamite: Multiplies the bet value to the initiating coin and can clear away dirt or enhance coin values, introducing an energetic twist to the bonus round.
Beer: Reactivates up to five previous coins, triggering their enhancers on the subsequent spin, effectively granting a bonus enhancement.
Dwarf: Aggregates all the values within the reel area at the location of the activated coin, providing a collective impact that can result in notable gains.

Bonus Buy Options

For Aussies eager to experience the excitement of the bonus rounds without waiting for the right combination of symbols to land naturally, Fire in the Hole 2 offers the Bonus Buy feature. This feature allows players to purchase direct access to Lucky Wagon Spins at a price. The price varies depending on the number of Bonus symbols and the guaranteed presence of special features such as the persistent Dwarf. This option provides an immediate route to the game’s most dynamic and likely lucrative elements, catering to those willing to invest more for the chance of a quicker return.

Fire in the Hole Pokie Au

Mining for Mega Wins: Discover Fire in the Hole 2

Fire in the Hole 2 from Nolimit City successfully builds on the foundation laid by its predecessor, offering an enriched gambling experience with its deep mine theme, high volatility, and the potential for explosive wins up to 65,000 times the bet. Through innovative gameplay mechanics, such as the Collapsing Mine feature and an array of engaging bonuses like the Lucky Wagon Spins, this pokie stands out as a must-try for Australian enthusiasts seeking action-packed sessions.

With options like Bonus Buy, players have even more control over their journey through the mines. For those who enjoy the thrill of discovery and the chance of significant rewards, Fire in the Hole 2 is a compelling choice, much like other Nolimit City creations, The Crypt and Bounty Hunters xNudge.

Whether you’re a fan of the original Fire in the Hole xBomb or new to the series, this pokie promises a rewarding adventure beneath the earth’s surface.

Frequently asked questions

Can Fire in the Hole 2 be played without prior experience with the original game?

Absolutely, Fire in the Hole 2 is designed to be accessible to newcomers as well as seasoned players. The game introduces its mechanics clearly, ensuring that all players, regardless of their familiarity with the original, can dive right in and enjoy the mining adventure.

What makes Fire in the Hole 2 stand out among other mining-themed pokies?

This pokie differentiates itself with unique features like the Collapsing Mine and Lucky Wagon Spins, alongside the high volatility and the possibility of a 65,000x max win. Its immersive theme and innovative gameplay mechanics provide a fresh perspective on the mining genre.

Are there any tips for increasing the chances of triggering the Lucky Wagon Spins?

While the outcome of spins is entirely down to chance, engaging the xBet feature increases the likelihood of triggering the Lucky Wagon Spins by guaranteeing a Bonus symbol on each spin, albeit at an increased bet size.

How do the Dynamite and Dwarf features affect the gameplay during the Lucky Wagon Spins?

The Dynamite and Dwarf features significantly enhance gameplay by either adding multipliers and removing non-winning symbols (Dynamite) or collecting all values on the reels at the triggering coin position (Dwarf), leading to potentially higher wins.

What role do the enhancers play in the Lucky Wagon Spins?

Enhancers like Coin Values, Multipliers, and others actively boost the potential for winnings during the Lucky Wagon Spins, making each coin that lands on the reels more valuable or even activating special effects that can prolong or enrich the bonus round.

Is there an optimal bet size for playing Fire in the Hole 2?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, it’s recommended to choose a bet size that allows for a comfortable session length, giving the high volatility enough time to potentially pay off. Managing your bankroll effectively is key to enjoying the pokie to its fullest.

How does Fire in the Hole 2 maintain player engagement over time?

With its diverse range of features, high volatility, and the excitement of uncovering large wins, Fire in the Hole 2 keeps players coming back. The thrill of activating the unique Collapsing Mine feature and the anticipation of hitting it big with the Lucky Wagon Spins contribute to a highly engaging player experience.