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Feel the Beat Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / Feel the Beat

Feel the Beat Pokie Review

  • RTP96.20%

Feel the Beat pokie turns up the volume with an electrifying mix of beats and wins, inviting you to groove along on its 5x5 grid. With Hacksaw Gaming's innovative mechanics, every spin pulsates with the chance to hit a jackpot. This game promises not just a rhythm-filled adventure but a visually stunning experience that keeps you on your toes, ready for the next beat drop.


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Pros and Cons


  • Check iconUnique Speaker Mechanic for wins
  • Check iconExciting multipliers up to 200x
  • Check iconChance for 10,000x stake wins


  • Times iconHigh volatility
  • Times iconFewer bonus features

Feel the Beat Review

Feel the Beat is a vibrant and energetic pokie developed by Hacksaw Gaming that truly lives up to its name, immersing players in a rhythmic dance party right from their screens. Set against a dynamic backdrop that pulses with neon lights and electric hues, the game captures the essence of a high-energy nightclub. The grid is framed by animated lights and characters, with each spin synchronised to an upbeat soundtrack that complements the game’s lively theme.

The graphics are sharp and modern, with a colour palette that combines bright neon tones with deeper shades to create a visually compelling experience. The sound design enhances the atmosphere, with catchy tunes and sound effects that resonate with the theme of celebration and music.

Australian Online pokies enthusiasts searching for a game that combines innovative gameplay with stunning aesthetics will find Feel the Beat to be a refreshing addition to their gambling repertoire. The game stands out not just for its original theme and engaging visuals but also for its unique features that promise both fun and the potential for significant rewards.

Feel The Beat Slot

How to Play Feel the Beat

Playing Feel the Beat is like stepping onto the dance floor, with intuitive gameplay that makes it easy to get into the groove. The game operates on a 5×5 grid with 27 fixed paylines, where wins are achieved by landing matching symbols across the reels from left to right. The RTP (Return to Player) of Feel the Beat is set at a comfortable 96.2%, arbitrating a balance between frequent smaller wins and the chance for substantial payouts. The pokie’s high volatility means that while wins may not come as often, they have the potential to be much larger, aligning well with the maximum win of 10,000 times your stake in a single spin. Betting options are flexible, accommodating a range of players with minimum bets starting at $0.10 and going up to a maximum of $100.

Feel the Beat is packed with features that add depth to the gameplay without overwhelming the player. The Speaker Mechanic is a standout, flipping symbols on the grid to create wins, while the X Symbol introduces multipliers up to 200x, significantly boosting payout potential. These features ensure that each spin can bring unexpected excitement and rewards, keeping the gameplay engaging and dynamic.

For those interested in investigating further into the mechanics and special features, the following sections provide further insights into what makes Feel the Beat a must-try pokie.

Basic Information

  • Pokie

    Feel the Beat
  • Software

    Hacksaw Gaming
  • Release Date

    January 2024
  • RTP

  • Volatility

  • Maximum Win

  • Min Bet

  • Max Bet

  • Payline

  • Reels

  • Jackpot

  • Free Spins


Feel the Beat Pokie Symbols

Feel the Beat pokie dazzles with an array of symbols that bring the dancefloor to life, each designed with diligent attention to detail to enhance the game’s vibrant theme. From the low-payout symbols that echo the beat of the music to the high-payout icons that capture the essence of a night out, each symbol is crafted to contribute to the overall experience.

Special symbols add to the excitement by triggering casino game features that amplify the potential for big wins. The interplay of these symbols against the game’s dynamic backdrop creates a visually stimulating and engaging gameplay experience. Following this, we’ll dig deeper into the low-payout, high-payout, and special symbols, exploring their unique characteristics and roles within Feel the Beat.

Low-payout Symbols

Feel the Beat’s low-payout symbols are represented by the classic J-A card royals, each pulsating with neon lights to fit the game’s energetic theme. These symbols are the backbone of the pokie game, offering more frequent, yet smaller, wins that keep the rhythm ongoing. To secure a payout with these symbols, players need to land three or more matching icons on any of the 27 paylines. The payouts increase with the number of symbols matched, with a five-symbol combination offering a reward that can provide a nice boost to the player’s balance. The design of these royals, while conventional, is infused with a neon flair that ties them seamlessly into the game’s nightclub-inspired aesthetic.

High-payout Symbols

The high-payout symbols in Feel the Beat elevate the excitement on the grid, featuring more thematic designs like a cat and a mouse icon, both adorned with neon and futuristic touches. These symbols not only reflect the game’s party vibe but also hold the key to bigger wins. Landing a combination of these symbols, especially a five-of-a-kind, can significantly increase the player’s winnings, making them highly sought after during each spin. The intricate designs and the higher value attached to these symbols make them a thrilling sight on the reels, perfectly encapsulating the high-energy atmosphere Feel the Beat aims to create.

Special Symbols

Special symbols in Feel the Beat pokie are where the game truly comes alive, introducing unique mechanics and opportunities for substantial rewards. The Wild symbol, easily recognisable and designed to stand out, substitutes for all symbols in the paytable, enhancing the player’s chances of hitting winning combinations. The Speaker symbol activates the innovative Speaker Mechanic, flipping symbols to potentially create more winning lines, while the X Symbol reveals a multiplier when part of a win, amplifying the payout up to 200 times. These special symbols are central to the casino game’s most exciting moments, bringing unexpected twists and turns to every spin.

Symbols Paytable

Symbol Payline Ma40xximum Payout
WILD x5 40x
Horned Mask (mouse) x5 40x
Cat Mask x5 30x
Loop x5 18x
Star  x5 15x
4 Rings x5 9x
A x5 2x
K x5 2x
Q x5 2x
J x5 2x

Feel the Beat Pokie Bonuses

Feel the Beat pokie lights up the gambling experience with its dynamic bonus features, each designed to amplify the excitement and potential for big wins. The game’s bonuses are a mix of free spins and multipliers, set against the backdrop of an electrifying dance party theme. These features not only enhance the gameplay but also immerse players in a more interactive and rewarding experience. From the energising PUMP UP THE JAM! to the exhilarating GET YOUR BOOTY ON THE FLOOR! bonus, and the generous free spins, each element is crafted to keep the party going and the wins flowing. Let’s explore the specifics of these bonuses, including how they’re triggered and the advantages they bring to the game.


The PUMP UP THE JAM! Bonus in Feel the Beat pokie turns up the excitement with a lively round of free spins that echoes the game’s vibrant dance party theme. Triggered by landing the required combination of FS scatter symbols, this bonus immerses players in an enhanced gameplay experience where the rhythm never stops, and the chances for big wins are amplified.

Once activated, players are awarded free spins, during which the game’s dynamic features, such as the Speaker Mechanic, become more prevalent, offering a higher likelihood of striking winning combinations. The essence of this bonus lies not just in the additional spins but in the enriched potential for substantial rewards, making each spin within this mode a thrilling prospect.

PUMP UP THE JAM! Bonus Free Spins Payout
Free Spins 10
Additional Free Spins 2 FS Symbols = +2 extra spins
3 FS Symbols = +4 extra spins

This bonus is a core part of the Feel the Beat experience, designed to keep players engaged with the prospect of extended playtime and the excitement of potentially lucrative outcomes. The combination of free spins and the game’s signature features during this bonus creates a perfect blend of entertainment and winning opportunities.


The GET YOUR BOOTY ON THE FLOOR! Bonus takes the excitement up a notch with a unique twist on free spins. When activated, this bonus not only grants a series of free spins but also introduces an increasing global multiplier, adding a thrilling layer of anticipation with each spin. The multiplier grows with specific in-game actions, potentially leading to exponentially higher payouts. This bonus is about building momentum, with each spin potentially more lucrative than the last, making it a highly anticipated feature for players looking to maximise their winnings.

Bonus Buy

Feel the Beat enhances player control and excitement through its Bonus Buy feature, offering a direct route to the pokie game’s thrilling bonus rounds. This option allows players to bypass standard play and immediately engage with the PUMP UP THE JAM! bonus, ensuring instant access to free spins and the enhanced features they bring for a price.

The Bonus Buy is a testament to the game’s player-focused design, providing a customisable gambling experience tailored to those eager to get straight into the heart of the action. This feature, indicative of modern online pokies, adds an extra layer of strategy and choice, making Feel the Beat even more appealing to players seeking dynamic gameplay and instant high-stake opportunities.

Feel The Beat Free Spins

Hit the Jackpot Dance Floor: Feel the Beat Review

Feel the Beat by Hacksaw Gaming carves a unique niche in the online pokies landscape with its electrifying dance party theme, setting it apart from other music themed games like the power metal-inspired HammerFall by Play’n Go and the 70s disco-themed Funky Time Live. It’s the game’s inventive theme, combined with standout features like the Speaker Mechanic and the X Symbol multipliers, that make it a standout.

The PUMP UP THE JAM! Bonus rounds out the experience, offering players engaging gameplay that’s both fun and filled with winning potential. In a sea of online pokies in Australia, Feel the Beat dances to its own rhythm, offering a fresh and lively gambling experience that’s sure to resonate with players looking for something beyond the ordinary.

Frequently asked questions

What sets 'Feel the Beat' apart from other online pokies?

Feel the Beat stands out with its unique dance party theme, vibrant neon graphics, and innovative features like the Speaker Mechanic and X Symbol multipliers. Unlike traditional pokies, it offers an immersive experience that combines the excitement of music and dance with the thrill of online gambling.

Can the Speaker Mechanic significantly impact my winnings?

Absolutely. The Speaker Mechanic can transform symbols within winning paylines, potentially creating more lucrative combinations. This feature adds an exciting twist to each spin, enhancing your chances of securing higher payouts.

What role do the X Symbols play in the game?

X Symbols reveal multipliers that can drastically increase your winnings for that spin. With multipliers ranging up to 200x, they can significantly boost your payout, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.

How does the 'PUMP UP THE JAM!' bonus enhance the game?

The ‘PUMP UP THE JAM!’ bonus provides free spins, during which the game’s features, like the Speaker Mechanic, are more likely to be activated. This increases the potential for winning combinations and makes the bonus rounds especially rewarding.

What makes the bonus buy feature attractive to players?

The Bonus Buy feature appeals to players looking for immediate action by providing direct access to the ‘PUMP UP THE JAM!’ bonus round. This feature is perfect for those who prefer not to wait for the bonus to be triggered organically, offering a shortcut to the game’s most exciting aspects.

How does the theme of 'Feel the Beat' enhance the gambling experience?

The dance party theme of ‘Feel the Beat’ is not just a visual treat but also a way to keep players engaged and entertained. The combination of upbeat music, neon-lit graphics, and theme-consistent features creates an immersive environment that elevates the standard pokie experience.

Are there any special symbols in 'Feel the Beat' that trigger unique game mechanics?

Yes, the game features several special symbols, including the Speaker and FS scatter symbols. The Speaker symbol activates the Speaker Mechanic, potentially flipping symbols to create wins, while the FS scatter symbols are key to unlocking the ‘PUMP UP THE JAM!’ bonus round with free spins, enhancing both the gameplay and the opportunities for big wins.