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Instadebit Casino

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Instadebit Casino

One of the most important aspects of an online casino is the use of payment methods. There are several payment methods that an online casino may use such as credit cards, ecoPayz, and many more. One of the payment methods that many online casinos are adding to their options list is Instadebit.

In this article, we will be taking a look at Instadebit and why you should consider using this form of payment as your next deposit option.

Pro's and cons


  • Check iconSecure transactions
  • Check iconAnonymity
  • Check iconFast transaction Speed
  • Check iconFree of charge processes


  • Times iconRestriction by Country

Info on Instadebit

The foundation of the business known as International Solutions Limited can be traced to April 2003 when the business began its operations in the industry of online financial transactions services.

Since that time, it has continued its expansion while keeping its offices in the same location, in the city of Toronto, Canada. As a consequence of this, the company currently has a worldwide branch office in Malta, which operates under the brand name InstaDebit Global.

More on Instadebit

Instadebit is not a traditional electronic wallet service that enables customers to store and maintain monies in their digital version directly on the servers of the company providing the service. This firm, on the other hand, acts more as a transaction broker, providing a service that acts as a mediator between an online merchant as well as the purchaser or gambler.

Consequently, utilizing this banking technique entails a specific registration process; nonetheless, its method is more along the lines of a 3rd party acting as a mediator in the background.

Steps To Sign Up With Instadebit

These days, this kind of payment may be found integrated into a variety of online shopping and fast paying casinos, where it is accessible to customers. However, before making any efforts to utilize this approach, you should first check to see if it is accessible on the website that you are planning to use it on. Doing so is strongly recommended.

Step 1:

After reaching the website’s homepage, click and find the Sign-Up tab. In this section, all users that are interested in signing up are provided with a form that they are required to fill out truthfully, with regard to their personal identification information. These details include their name and address, a valid email address, bank account details with regard to the bank they use, and any other details necessary.

Step 2:

Customers are expected to submit their application to register for the service once they have finished filling out the complete form & then wait for verification. The procedure will be nearly finished as soon as the email address as well as the bank account information that you supplied are validated successfully.

Step 3:

In addition, the service will also make a small, hardly detectable deposit into the bank account that was provided. This precaution is taken to safeguard all of the service’s customers from any potential efforts of identity theft.

After you have received this deposit, you must immediately submit it to the verification service in order to establish your identity. After that, all that is required is to locate a platform that meets your needs, and then you can immediately begin utilizing the advantages of making these kinds of online payments.

Instadebit Sign up

Instadebit as a Payment Method

One of the areas of digital gaming entertainment that are expanding at extremely quick rates is the online casino sector. Due to this, various linked commercial enterprises, in addition to dishonest hackers, showed interest in the topic.

Because of their widespread usage, iGaming sites are frequently the targets of cyberattacks that aim to steal the personal information and financial resources of players. As a result, these companies now accept only the most trusted and secure ways of payment.

Deposit Using Instadebit

Whenever it involves making deposits, the vast majority of online casinos are able to provide players with access to their cash in real time; nevertheless, there are certain deposit options that may still take some extra processing time.

Clients of InstaDebit will be relieved to know that this is not the situation with this transaction provider, which is mostly attributable to a one-of-a-kind processing facility offered by the service.

The following are the actions that need to be taken in order to make a deposit, assuming that you have previously completed the process of registering for the payment system:

  1. The Cashier and Banking part of the gambler’s preferred online casino must be accessed in order for the gambler to have a comprehensive overview of all of the available choices. In the event that it is one of the options available, individuals are free to pick InstaDebit as their preferred payment method.
  2. When you select the symbol, an extra popup will appear on the screen, and within that window, you will indeed be requested to input your login details for the profile. Throughout most cases, they include the password and username to your digital payment option account, as well as the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number for security reasons.
  3. Individuals are then asked to pick the amount they wish to deposit. This has to satisfy the minimum deposit requirement of the online casino. Once that is sorted, the payment process would start.
  4. After the transfer is confirmed, the player would then be able to see whether the transfer is done or not. They can also confirm by checking their emails, as the payment provider would show a receipt of payment.

Withdrawals With Instadebit

With the services of Instadebit, the steps required to make withdrawals are quite similar to those required to make deposits. The only thing that is different is the way in which the transaction is conducted.

When requesting a withdrawal, individuals still begin the process through the Cashier page. They would then enter the amount of money they desire to take out of their winnings, and then select the InstaDebit payment method from the available payment methods.

Individuals will have the money they withdrew credited to their account as soon as their identification has been validated through the login procedure.

Instadebit payment method

Advantages of Using Instadebit

As a result of developments in technology and particular businesses, most of the perks that the gambler pool formerly received have finally become ordinary player perks. In spite of this, companies have had no choice but to work even harder and attain their best performance capability in order to differentiate themselves from the vast number of other options.

Keeping this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the advantages players will have from using Instadebit.

Security & Safety

The service provides consumers with the highest possible level of safety & security. To begin, the data centres that house the machines holding customer information are subjected to advanced levels of monitoring, as well as strict security standards, and are constantly monitored.

In addition to this, they utilize 128-bit encryption protocols, which guarantee that every piece of information concerning the financing which is being transferred at any time is fully encrypted as well as incomprehensible to any 3rd parties.


It is fair to regard the service as an additional layer of safety given that it is advertised as a middleman between both the user’s bank account as well as the online gambling establishment.

Although encryption techniques do a good job of preventing the publication of players’ private details, InstaDebit goes a step further and almost removes the need for gamblers to share their personal bank details with the casino by shouldering this burden on its own.

Top Gameplay

It has accomplished a big task by keeping a flawless track history during the time it has been in business, which is particularly noteworthy in the internet gambling sector. As a result, the existence of this feature on a casino website is reflective of its credibility, and gamblers may use it to navigate themselves to the best available gaming options.

Transactional Speed

Despite the fact that they put every transfer through such stringent safety and verification checks, InstaDebit operators are nonetheless able to accomplish rapid payouts. Regarding this aspect of the problem, consumers are expected to take into consideration the online gambling establishment or even other e-commerce websites that they make use of.

The majority of service providers are able to successfully implement immediate deposits to avoid keeping impatient gamblers waiting, but the verification and processing of withdrawals can take several working days. Gamblers may withdraw their winnings anywhere from three to five working days or right away. This depends on whether or not the casino uses the Fast Bank Transfer standard or the Real Time Transfer standard.

Processing Done For Free

As was discussed in one of the previous sections, all financial dealings that take place between the e-merchant network as well as the InstaDebit account, and vice versa, are completely and totally free of charge.

Gamblers will be charged a cost of at least $1.95 whenever they make a deposit using their online bank account, and they will be billed a fee of $2 if they make a withdrawal to the same account. When dealing with small quantities, the payment processing service is typically referred to as being practically free.

Instadebit casinos

Disadvantages of Using Instadebit

The benefits that have been described above tend to address all of the primary worries that are held by clients and gamblers that play at a casino. Nevertheless, it is to be anticipated that the service will come with a number of flaws or annoyances that certain users in the customer pool may view to be drawbacks from what is being offered, as similarly seen when using methods like Paypal, Bank Transfer or Sofort.

The following are some of the disadvantages of Instadebit.

Restriction by Country

The firm first focused solely on the process of transactions for Canadian providers, and it wasn’t until much later that it started expanding its services to include other countries, such as Australia. Because the firm maintains its worldwide headquarters in Malta, the majority of its customers come from the U. S. at the present time.

Signup is required

For Instadebit to provide its customers with an even higher level of control, the most cutting-edge payment processing firms typically do not demand that customers register in advance.

They are still able to view their private data by using the bank account that they select to connect to the platform; however, the absence of such processes allows the time spent on the online payment provider to be optimized while also enhancing the player’s sense of safety and security.


Overall, Instadebit is a fast and reliable payment method to use. In fact, the method can be found in numerous trustworthy casino reviews. They have all the important technology in place to keep their information safe and secure.

During its expansion in the past couple of years, it has allowed numerous individuals from all over the world to use this payment method. And with advantages such as safety, fast transaction process, and charge-free payment processes, we understand why there are several people that are using Instadebit on a daily basis.

Frequently asked questions

What is Instadebit?

Instadebit is a payment service provider that allows individuals to pay online. This can either be used at a regular online shop or even at an online casino. It all depends if the platform accepts this kind of payment method.

Is Instadebit Secure?

Yes, it is! Instadebit has all the necessary technology to keep its own data and client data in a safe place. Additionally, they use 128-bit encryption technology for their protocols.

Why Should I Use Instadebit?

You should consider using instadebit as it is a highly respected payment provider. Especially if you are on the market trying to find one to make your online payments.

Where Are Instadebit Headquarters Located?

The Instadebit headquarters is located on a small island in the middle of the mediterranean sea. The country is called Malta.

Is Instadebit Available At Australian Online Casinos?

Yes, it is! Instadebit may be available as a payment option at Australian online casinos. So if you are going to use Instadebit, make sure to find an online casino that is able to accept such payment.

Does Instadebit Have Customer Support?

Yes, it does! With Instadebit becoming such a large payment provider business, it had to adjust in every department, and customer support is one of them. You are able to contact them via a contact form from their site, or even via a call or chat through their 24/7 live assistance.

What Important advantage does Instadebit have?

There are many advantages of using Instadebit, but one that sticks out the most is the safety and security measures they have in place to keep your data safe.