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PayPal Casino

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PayPal Casino

With PayPal being a popular form of payment, it is not surprising that many individuals are looking into using PayPal as a way to deposit and withdraw money from their gambling account. Are you able to use PayPal at every online casino? What makes PayPal so safe and easy to use? In this article you will find all the information you need regarding this payment processor.

Pro's and cons

PayPal is regarded to be one of the safest forms of payment that can be done online. So if you are someone that is looking for an online casino that offers its players the chance to deposit and withdraw in a fast way, then make sure to choose an online casino that allows you to use this form of payment.


  • Check iconPayments are processed instantly
  • Check iconPlenty of Security and support from the payment provider's end
  • Check iconSimple and easy to use
  • Check iconWithdrawals are faster than with most bank cards


  • Times iconNot found in the majority of casinos
  • Times iconSmall fees on withdrawals

Introduction to PayPal

It was founded back in 1998 and since then it has established itself as one of the most reliable electronic digital currency deposit services in the world. This form of service is used in multiple business industries, and gambling is one of them. Many online casinos provide their players with the opportunity of using alternative payment services such as crypto, Mastercard, and more, but the payment that is most commonly used is PayPal.

paypal logo

The way PayPal works is considered to be extremely simple. It is like having a completely separate checking account that is to be used as a way of payment at online businesses.

An individual would create an account with the payment service, and after all the application documents are approved, the individual would be able to deposit money from their bank account into their PayPal account. With the funds found in their PayPal account, they are able to use it as a form of payment on the internet, especially with an online casino.

Using PayPal In A Different way

There is also another way how users can utilise the payment provider. This is by linking your account with the payment provider with your credit card. This will allow you to make an automatic withdrawal from your account whenever you deposit an amount at an online casino.

The reason why you should opt to use this feature as it allows you to keep your sensitive information safe. The reason is that it would ensure that the information provided is being shared with only one website whenever a payment is made online.

There is also the option of opening multiple different accounts and using each account for a specific purpose. In this case, you can opt to open an account purely for gambling purposes. This will not only help you see in terms of how much money you are using to gamble but will also allow you to have better budgeting planning.

paypal mobile

How to Deposit at an Online Casino Using PayPal

Usually, whenever a player uses PayPal and deposits at an online casino for the first time, a bonus is attained and able to be used. After the initial deposit, things are made simple when depositing with PayPal using a smartphone or laptop, but it is important to note that the process of depositing a sum of money at an online casino may differ from one another.

But do not worry, although it may differ, the process is considered to be extremely easy. Here are the steps you need to take to know exactly the process of depositing money into your gambling account using PayPal:

  1. Before attempting to deposit money, it is essential to see whether or not you are connected to a credit card which has funds in it, or that your PayPal account has enough funds within it.
  2. Navigate yourself into the cashier section within the casino. There you will find multiple different payment options such as Mastercard and Visa. You need to choose the PayPal option.
  3. Think about the amount of money you wish to deposit and afterwards enter the sum you wish to process into your account.
  4. Make sure that you are meeting the minimum required deposit fund.
  5. Sit back, relax, and wait for the sum of money to appear on your account. Given that you are using the PayPal payment
  6. provider, the payment should be processed immediately.
  7. With the money that you have deposited you are able to start playing the casino games!
paypal dashboard

How to Withdraw at an Online Casino Using PayPal

When it comes to withdrawing, it may also differ from one online casino to another. But it is also considered to be a fairly simple process, especially when withdrawing through PayPal.

Below, you are able to view the steps needed as for you to be able to withdraw money from your gambling account into your PayPal account:

  1. Navigate through the website and find the cashier page. This page will allow you to withdraw the amount of cash you wish to withdraw.
  2. Take a look at all the withdrawal options and choose the PayPal option. Before clicking the withdrawal button, make sure that all the information that you have provided is correct.
  3. Choose an amount you wish to deposit and click withdraw.
  4. Sit back, relax and wait until your cash is transferred into your PayPal account.

Security and Safety of PayPal

PayPal has many perks to it, and security and safety is one of them. It has multiple security measures which players are entitled to, which are Fraud Protection, Buyer Protection, as well as Advanced Data Encryption. A way to know whether a casino is legitimate or not, is by viewing whether they accept PayPal as a form of payment or not.

The reason being is that PayPal goes through a process with a business to see whether they should allow their service to be used or not. One of PayPals goals is to work with legitimate online casinos, so scammy or dodgy online casinos are avoided at all costs.

With the Account Protection Feature, this allows players to take care of any unauthorised purchases as well as identity theft. This means that if anyone illegally accesses your account and attempts to withdraw your money without your authorization, the payment provider would block it and keep your funds safe.

Paypal Security Graphic

Is it Ideal To Use PayPal For Deposits and Withdrawals at Online Casinos?

Given that PayPal is considered to be one of the most reliable and safest payment providers in the market, it would be ideal for players to find an online casino that enables them to use this form of payment. It has many key features that many other payment providers don’t have, and it is critical to take those features into account. Having the ability to get your money back after it is stolen is a huge advantage for the payment provider.

Even though you might be using PayPal as of now, it is still advised to choose an online casino that has PayPal as you don’t know what might occur in the near future.

Frequently asked questions

Is PayPal available at every online casino?

Unfortunately, not all online casinos authorise this form of payment. So, if you are looking to sign up with a casino and want to use Paypal to make your transactions, we suggest making sure that they offer it beforehand.

Players can view our toplist above, where they can find our rendition of the top Paypal accepting casinos available in Australia.

What are the alternatives to PayPal?

If the online casino does not offer you the chance to pay with PayPal, then you don’t have to worry. There are many other payment providers in the market, such as Credit Card or Mastercard which allow you to still deposit money into your account.

Does Paypal have any transaction fees?

Depending on the total monthly amount of transactions, the fee for Aussie users ranges from 2.6% + 30c to 1.1% + 30c each transaction. Depending on the monthly total amount of transactions, overseas users will be charged a fee of between 2.1% and 3.6% + fixed cost* each transaction.

When can I expect my PayPal deposit or withdrawal to finish processing?

When can I expect my PayPal deposit or withdrawal?
While making a payment to a PayPal casino is very instantaneous, receiving a PayPal withdrawal may take up to two business days. This is far quicker than most wire transactions, although PayPal is still not the quickest option for withdrawals. PayPal can’t compete with the quickness of online wallets like Neteller and Skrill, which allow rapid withdrawals from select casinos.

How reliable is PayPal as a casino payment option?

Because of its speed and dependability, PayPal has gained popularity over the years. Although it is available at certain virtual gambling establishments, it is not common. A handful of regulated areas prohibit players from using PayPal for online casino deposits, and casinos in these jurisdictions typically choose not to handle PayPal payments.

You should utilise PayPal in casinos if doing so is legal in your location and you’ve located a reputable site that accepts PayPal as a payment option. However, rather than restricting yourself to sites that take PayPal, you may have more success selecting a site from our comprehensive list of the finest online casinos.

Does PayPal Need An Internet Connection To Work?

Yes, you do. PayPal only processes your desired transactions when the payment provider is connected to an internet connection. So if you wish to transfer money to an online casino account, make sure to find a great internet connection source to do so.