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Lightning Dice

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Lightning Dice

In the casino market, it is clear to see that there are multiple games available for players to play. With gaming providers, such as Evolution Gaming, one of the best gaming providers in the world, it is hard for gamblers to get bored when playing at online casinos.

Lightning Dice Review

On the 1st of June 2019, Evolution Gaming yet again released another live casino game which has turned out to be not only unique but indeed a trendy one amongst gamblers. The game is called Lightning Dice.

Due to the fact that it has been so successful, we believe that it is only right for us to provide gamblers who are keen on playing this quick live casino game with all of the information that they require before attempting to engage in such a game. Brace yourself, for the review of the game of Lightning Dice, is about to begin!

Some Things to Know Before You Play

It is important that before playing Lightning Dice, or any other live casino game, it is recommended to check out all the information regarding the game, for you to be able to have a clear understanding of what the game entails.

In the section below you will find some information about this highly popular game.

  • Given that there are 3 dice when playing Lightning Dice all the different numbers between 3 and 18 have a different multiplier applied to them.
    For instance, if you get 3, which means you get 3 x 1 on the 3 dice or even 3 x 6 you would get a payout of your betx150. It is also important to note that only the numbers 3 and 18 qualify for a multiplier of 1000x.
  • The most common multiplier is 50x which is given to several numbers, which are: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.
  • The RTP of Lightning Dice (Based solely on the Totals of 3 or 18 wagers) is 96.21%
Lightning Dice Presenter Australia

How to Play Lightning Dice

For you to be able to play Lightning Dice, you would first need to load the live casino game from an online casino. After doing so, you would see the Lightning Dice studio. It’s time to play some Lightning Dice!

First off, you would need to see what sort of bet you would wish to place. Do you want to place a Low bet? A High bet? Any double? Any Triple?

After choosing the type of bet you wish to play within the betting period, all you would need to do is sit back, relax, and let the presenter do their thing. Additionally, given that the game has the word “lightning” in its title, then this would mean that a multiplier would be given to one of the multiple fields on the betting board. Who knows, maybe the lightning multiplier would land on your field!

After the round is over the camera would go close to the dice to reveal the dice’s numbers. From this, the game would show you whether you chose the winning combination or not.

As you may have realised, the game is fairly simple. It is based on chance and luck. There is practically close to no skill required at all.

Lightning Dice Interface Australia

Lightning Dice Strategy

With almost all casino games, gamblers try to find a strategy to use when playing. As for us to give you a clear understanding of what our strategy is, below you may find a table where it allows you to view all the different numbers, their respective multipliers, the number of possible combinations for each one, as well as the probability of them to happen.

Number Multiplier Combinations Probability
3 150x 1 0.463%
4 50x 3 1.389%
5 25x 6 2.778%
6 15x 10 4.630%
7 10x 15 6.944%
8 7x 21 9.722%
9 6x 25 11.574%
10 5x 27 12.500%
11 5x 27 12.500%
12 6x 25 11.274%
13 7x 21 9.722%
14 10x 15 6.944%
15 15x 10 4.630%
16 25x 6 2.778%
17 50x 3 1.389%
18 150x 1 0.463%

On the interface of the game, there are also other available bets which don’t have to do with a specific type of number, which are:

  • Low (3-9): 2x
  • High (12-18): 2x
  • Any Double: 2x
  • Any Triple: 25x

That is a total of three bets. Additionally, all 3 sets of numbers have the possibility of a 50x multiplier.

Lightning Dice Dashboard Australia

If You’re Tight On Money

But, if you are tight on money and wish to be careful with it, then we suggest you place a bet on either Low or High. This would be more in favour of you in terms of probability than betting on a single number.

It all depends on the level of risk you are willing to take. But wait, there’s more!

Numbers from 8 to 15 are able to receive a huge multiplier on them. The maximum amount is 50x! The most common multipliers placed on them though are between 5x and 7x, which to be fair is still quite high.

The highest possible multiplier is 1000x which can be either on number 3 or number 18.

Lightning Dice: Bright Like a Lightning Bolt

Overall, Lightning Dice is an extremely fun and entertaining game. The presenters are really interactive with their players making the game even more fun to play. The visuals and audio are a perfect match and it’s not surprising given Evolutions’ reputation for these sorts of games.

There are multiple bets available and that allows players to take a chance on their gut feeling about what is going to happen. With players being able to choose a number or more between 3 and 18, the low or high bet, and double and triple bet, it really allows the players to choose from a large range of betting options.

What we also really like about the game is the Lightning Bolt effect that happens when a multiplier is given to 1 or more fields. It really gives that electrifying feeling before the round starts.

It is not surprising to see that Evolution has yet again produced a high-quality game. Over the years they have produced incredible live casino games, such as Live Monopoly, and we really can’t wait to see what’s next!

Frequently asked questions

Who Created Lightning Dice?

Lightning Dice was created by one of the most popular and trustworthy gaming providers in the industry. The company is called Evolution Gaming.

What Is The RTP Rate Of Lightning Dice?

There is no fixed RTP rate figure in Lightning Dice. there is only a range. The RTP range in Lightning Dice is between 96.03% – 96.21%. As you can see there isn’t much difference.

What Are The Minimum And Maximum Available Multipliers?

The minimum multiplier is 5x, whilst the maximum multiplier is 1,000x. As you can see there is a big difference between the two figures. Let’s say you bet $2. If you get a 5x you would receive $10, but if you get 1,000x you would get $2,000.

Can I Play Lightning Dice On My Mobile Device?

Yes, you can! One of Evolution’s top priorities is that makes its games available on all devices. They have done the same with many other casino games.

Is It Easy To Play Lightning Dice?

Yes, it is! It is almost one of the easiest live casino games out there. All you have to do is choose a betting amount, choose a number, and boom! You have played your first-ever round of Lightning Dice!

How Many Bets Can I Place When Playing Lightning Dice?

You can place multiple bets in one single round. For instance, you can place a bet on 4, 6, 9, and 12 all at once. In the article, we recommended that you bet on either 8 or 13, 9 or 12, and 10 or 11.

How Many Dice Are Used In Lightning Dice?

In Lightning Dice, there are 3 dice used. These 3 dice are normal 6-sided dice. To give you a better idea of what they are, they are the same dice that are played on Live Monopoly.