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Casino Minesweeper

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Casino Minesweeper

If you're looking for a simple, yet exciting game, then Minesweeper by Tangente Gaming is the one for you. It was released back in January 2018 and it has made quite an impression amongst Australian players. It is considered to be a combination of an arcade and casino game. As you may have realised by the title of the game, it is similar to the original, yet old, minesweeper game, but there is a slight twist to it!

In this article, we will be taking a look at what Tangente Gaming have featured in this game as well as all the information you need to play this simple game.

casino minesweeper online

How Is Minesweeper Played?

As we have already said, Minesweeper is a fairly easy game found amongst online casinos. If you decide to play the game, you will instantly notice a sense of adrenaline rush whilst playing the rounds. The game aims to click on one of the available slots open to uncover a square of concrete which has a red flag on it, whilst not pressing on a slot that has a covered bomb. If you press on the bomb, you lose, simple as that.

When opening the game, you will see that you can view your balance, total stake, and the playing field itself. You can place a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum bet of $100. There are also 5 different fields to play with. The smaller the field, the higher the payout. But keep in mind this would increase the chances of hitting a bomb!

Let’s choose the 4 by 9 field and bet $10. This means that there is a 25% chance of choosing the bomb. The multiplier of the first round is 1.31. This means that if you choose the right slot, you would be able to collect a payout of $13.10. This would mean that you would get a profit of $3.10. The further you go, the more the payout would be.

If at any time during the game you wish to stop and collect the payout amount, all you would need to do is click on the collect button. The game is that simple! After clicking on collect, the game would then show you where the bombs were placed, which is quite intimidating at times, to say the least.

Min & Max Bet and RTP

The maximum payout of the game is $785, which all things considered is quite good. This is only able to be achieved after successfully choosing 3 concrete slots in a row. Keep in mind that within each round there is a 50% chance of hitting the bomb slot. The higher the risk, the higher the reward.

Minesweeper has an RTP rate of 98.4%, which is incredibly high. Given that the game is solely based on which available slot you choose, we are not surprised that the figure is that high.


casino minesweeper bgaming

Minesweeper’s Interface & Theme

When loading up BGaming’s game, you will see a dark blue backdrop with the standard field in the middle. Along each row of the field, you will be able to see the multiplier available when choosing the correct slot.

For instance, if you play the 5 by 12 field you will see that the first round has a multiplier of 1.23, whilst the next round has a multiplier of 1.53. This multiplier will increase the more you advance in the game.

You can change the amount you bet, or the field itself by choosing the 3 horizontally lined buttons in the top right-hand corner. You can also see the rules of this game through the 3 horizontally lined buttons. Additionally, you can adjust the sound and music level of the game.

In the bottom part of the game, you will see a black bar that contains the number of funds you have, as well as your current bet, chosen. Whilst playing the game, you will notice that in the middle of the black bar, it will show you the stake amount you can take if you click on the collect button.

The collect button is located in the middle right-hand side of the game. It is a large semi-circle button that has a hand holding a bag of money. Additionally, there is a collect button underneath the cash bag icon.

The Sounds

When starting a round, you would hear a spaceship-like power-up, which is quite satisfying. With each correctly selected slot you would hear a higher pitched, but shorter, power up. But if you hit a bomb, you would hear an explosion sound. This would mean that you have lost the round.

But, if you were to win a round and press the collect button, you would instantly hear a successful powerup, with a hint of Sify. It is a satisfying thing to hear, to say the least. Unfortunately, there is no background music playing, so it might get a bit boring for some.

minesweeper casino game

An Overview of Minesweeper

Overall, Minesweeper is a fairly comfortable and easy casino game to play. The visuals are excellent, with the field looking as if it is in the middle of nowhere in space. Also, the field itself looks as if it is on a spaceship, given how the backdrop looks.

It is a fun game, and many players who have played it have nothing but positive things to say about it. The only thing that players would want is that the game would have continuous background music that players can listen to or mute. But other than that, BGaming has produced a simple, yet entertaining game!

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Frequently asked questions

Who Created Minesweeper and When Was It Released?

Minesweeper was created by BGaming and was released back in January 2018. Over the years, BGaming has received very positive comments over the creation of the game.

What Is The Minimum And Maximum Amount I Can Bet When Playing Minesweeper?

When playing Minesweeper, the minimum amount you can bet is $1, whilst the maximum amount is $100. This is perfect for players that wish to play games that allow them to either bet small or big.

What Theme Is Minesweeper?

With the visuals and sounds taken into consideration, we can conclude that the Minesweeper game has a space like theme.

Does Minesweeper Have Any Bonuses?

Unfortunately, there are no bonuses when playing Minesweeper. On the bright side, it is still a fun and exciting game to play, especially when seeing the multipliers available on the side.

What Is The Maximum Amount I Can Win On Minesweeper?

The maximum amount a player can win when playing Minesweeper is $785. This is calculated by successfully playing the hardest field whilst having the maximum bet in place.

How Many Fields Are Available On Minesweeper?

There are 5 available fields when playing Minesweeper. The fields are 6×15, 5×12, 4×9, 3×6, and 2×3. The 6×15 is considered to be the easiest one and the 2×3 is considered to be the hardest one. This is due to the percentage probability of hitting the bomb. The 2×3 field has a 50% chance of hitting the bomb, whilst the 6×15 field has a 16.67% chance of hitting the bomb.