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Boom City Live

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Boom City Live

Boom City Live from Pragmatic Play takes the traditional dice game to a new level. Launched in July 2022, this live entertainment show combines the simplicity of dice predictions with the excitement of a game show. Set in a stylish studio environment, the game allows Australian players to interact in real time, not just with the game but also with the host and participants.

Top Online Casinos for Playing Boom City Live

Choosing the right online gambling platform is crucial, especially given the vast array of options available. Navigating this crowded space can be overwhelming, as players seek a balance of safety, reliability, and the full spectrum of live casino features.

Our meticulously crafted online casino reviews are designed with this in mind, rigorously assessing a range of criteria to pinpoint the finest choices for Australian players. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks, each an example of excellence in the online gambling world.

What is Boom City Live?

Boom City Live is a live game show that brings an electrifying twist to the world of online casinos. Set in a bespoke studio, this live dice game captivates players with its 6×6 grid, each square pulsating with potential game outcomes. With a blend of gold and blue dice, players are plunged into a dynamic experience, predicting outcomes vertically and horizontally across the board.

What makes Boom City Live truly unique is its interactive nature. The live hosts bring an energy that’s unmatched in non-live games, engaging players in real time. The game’s theme is a visual and auditory feast, boasting vivid colours and immersive sound effects that enhance the gambling experience.

Key to Boom City Live is its high variance and an impressive 96.43% RTP, suggesting potentially significant payouts for the fortunate. Betting ranges are broad, appealing to all types of players, with a minimum of $0.10 to a maximum of $5,000 per round. The ultimate prize can reach up to 20,000 times the bet, a testament to the game’s high-stakes excitement.

Result Number of occurrences Odds Payout
1x 12 33.3%  1:1
2x 10 27.78% 2:1
5x 5 13.89% 5:1
Power Up 3 8.33% Depends on the final multiplier
Dice Battle 2 5.55% Up to 20,000x
Boom or Bust 1 2.78% Up to 20,000x
Lucky Drop 1 2.78% Up to 20,000x

The Developer of Boom City

Pragmatic Play, a renowned name in the iGaming industry, stands as the innovative force behind Boom City Live. This developer is celebrated for delivering player-favourites across a spectrum of global brands.

Their approach is unique, offering a diverse range of gambling options including online pokies, live casino, bingo, virtual sports, and sports betting, all accessible through a single API. This versatility reflects their commitment to creating an immersive, responsible gambling environment.

Pragmatic Play’s dedication is evident in the professional approach, ensuring each game resonates with players and partners alike. The release of Boom City Live shows their innovative spirit, blending live casino excitement with the thrill of a game show.

How to Play Boom City Live

Boom City Live is a vibrant fusion of fun and strategy, distinctively standing apart from its non-live counterparts. Central to the game is a 6×6 board, pivotal in guiding players through the dice rolls to determine winning outcomes. The game’s allure lies in its simplicity, coupled with the excitement of unpredictable twists and turns.

In each round, players start by placing their bets on the vibrant game board. As the host cues the start, two dice – one gold, the other blue – are rolled, dictating the game’s flow. The gold dice govern vertical outcomes, while the blue dice control horizontal ones. The intersection of these outcomes on the board decides your fate – ranging from landing on a Bust, which means a lost round, to winning multipliers from 1x to 5x.

The Power Up feature is a highlight, transforming Bust symbols on the board into 1x multipliers and offering a free dice roll, thus increasing the chances of hitting winning combinations.

How to Play Boom City Live

Boom City Live Bonuses

The live casino game show stands out with its array of special features and three enthralling bonus rounds, each offering unique challenges and rewards: Dice Battle, Boom or Bust, and Luck Drop. These aspects not only enhance the gameplay but also increase the potential for big wins. Below, we discuss these bonuses in greater detail.

Dice Battle

This round utilises the two main dice, the Gold and Blue dice. Players pick a side and watch as each dice is rolled three times. The results from these rolls turn into multipliers. The side with the highest total wins and the combined multipliers from both sides determine the payout. If your chosen side wins, your payout multiplies your bet based on these totals. If it loses, you receive a payout equal to the losing dice’s total. A special Mega Win of 500x the bet is awarded for rolling three sixes in a row on one die. In case of a tie, both sides get the same payout. The average payout ranges from 15x to 25x, with the potential for higher multipliers if a Power-Up is active.

Boom or Bust

Here, players navigate the familiar 6×6 grid, but with the added excitement of levelling up. The game’s thrill lies in choosing whether to Cash Out for a sure payout or to Keep Rolling in pursuit of bigger multipliers. Each row on the grid contains a mix of multipliers and bust squares, with an increasing number of bust squares as you move up the rows. This escalation in risk makes the decision to either continue playing or to cash out more challenging as you progress through the game.

The key to climbing higher is to avoid landing on a bust square. If you do, the round ends unless you land on a ‘Safe Vault’ icon, which secures your winnings. The grid also features special squares like the level-up square, which advances you up the rows, and the Hyper Square, a rare but game-changing square that catapults you directly to level 6. Manoeuvring this grid requires a blend of strategy and daring, as players weigh the potential rewards against the risk of busting out.

Luck Drop

In this round, players are presented with a grid comprising six columns, each representing a number on the dice. At the top of each column are four multipliers, with the lowest set around 10x and the highest reaching up to 200x. Each column starts with an initial 5x multiplier, guaranteeing this as the minimum win for participating in this online casino game.

Players choose one of the dice numbers as their column at the beginning of the round. The game involves rolling the two dice three times. With each roll, the result on each die impacts the multipliers in the corresponding columns. If the dice result matches your chosen column number, one of the multipliers drops, increasing the potential payout for that column.

The round progresses with each dice roll, augmenting the multipliers in the selected column. After the final roll, players receive a payout based on the total multiplier value accumulated in their chosen column. The minimum win in this round is 5x, but with repeated matches on the dice rolls, the payout can soar to 250x or more, making it a round of both luck and strategic choice.

Boom City Live Bonuses

Strategy & Tips for Playing Boom City Live

Boom City Live involves strategic thinking that can maximise your chances of winning. While the game primarily revolves around fun, understanding some effective strategies can enhance your playing experience. Let’s explore different approaches to betting in this live casino game, each tailored to different types of players.

Betting Just on Bronze, Silver, & Gold Squares

One strategy is to focus solely on the Bronze, Silver, and Gold squares, which represent different multipliers (1x, 2x, and 5x, respectively). A closer look at the 6×6 grid reveals that a significant portion of the squares, about 77%, are likely to be these coloured squares.

By strategically allocating your bets, with the most on Bronze (as it’s more common) and smaller amounts on Silver and Gold, you aim for consistent, albeit smaller, returns. However, this approach tends to be more conservative and might result in a gradual decrease in your bankroll over time, especially without the aid of Power-ups.

Combining Coloured Squares & Bonus Rounds

Another strategy is to combine bets on coloured squares with bonus rounds. This method aims to maintain your bankroll while awaiting a lucrative bonus round. There are two ways to implement this:

Bet All

This tactic involves placing bets on every square on the board. To balance the risk, you might place a higher bet on Bronze squares and distribute your bets evenly across the others. The goal here is to ensure that a win on a Bronze square covers the total wager, minimising losses over successive rounds.

Bet on Some Colours & All Bonus Squares

For a more conservative approach, you can bet on the Bronze squares and all three bonus rounds. This reduces your initial outlay while still keeping you in the running for larger wins during bonus rounds.

Betting Only on Bonus Rounds

For those who prefer a high-risk, high-reward strategy, placing bets exclusively on the bonus rounds (Dice Battle, Lucky Drop, Boom or Bust) is an option. While this approach offers the chance for bigger payouts, it’s also more volatile and should be undertaken with caution, ideally using no more than 10% of your bankroll.

Boom or Bust Strategy

Boom or Bust involves deciding when to take the Cash-Out offer. It’s essential to weigh the potential multiplier of the next level against the risk of busting out. As you progress, the frequency of bust squares increases, so carefully consider whether the potential rewards outweigh the risks. Still, since this is a game of chance, please keep in mind that there are no actual strategies, in the

Strategy & Tips for Playing Boom City Live

Wrapping Up Our Journey Through Boom City Live

Boom City Live is a blend of traditional dice game elements, such as those found in the casino games like Live Craps, with innovative bonus rounds which offers a refreshing and engaging experience. The vivid graphics and interactive nature of the online casino game, including live hosts and a dynamic game board, add to its allure, making it a visually appealing and immersive option for players.

The variety of betting options, from simple colour bets to the more intricate bonus rounds, caters to a wide range of players, from novices to seasoned gamblers. The potential for high payouts, especially in bonus rounds like Dice Battle and Luck Drop, adds to the live casino game’s excitement.

However, like any casino game online, Boom City Live has its drawbacks. The high variance might not suit all players, especially those looking for consistent, smaller wins. The complexity of the bonus rounds, while thrilling, can be a bit daunting for new players, requiring a few rounds to fully grasp the strategies involved.

Frequently asked questions

What is the main concept of Boom City Live by Pragmatic Play?

Boom City Live is a live casino dice game set on a 6×6 grid. Players bet on the outcome of two dice rolls, with various betting options and special features like bonus rounds and multipliers.

How does the betting system work in Boom City Live?

Players place bets on different outcomes on the 6×6 grid. Bets can be placed on individual numbers, colour squares (Bronze, Silver, Gold), or special bonus round squares.

Can you explain the Power Up feature in Boom City Live?

The Power Up feature transforms Bust symbols on the board into 1x multipliers and grants a free dice roll, increasing the chance of hitting winning combinations.

What are the bonus rounds in Boom City Live and how do they work?

There are three bonus rounds: Dice Battle, Boom or Bust, and Luck Drop. Each offers unique gameplay and rewards, such as choosing dice in Dice Battle for multipliers, climbing a grid in Boom or Bust for higher multipliers while avoiding bust squares, and selecting columns in Luck Drop to match dice results for increasing multipliers.

What is the RTP (Return to Player) rate for Boom City Live?

Boom City Live offers a 96.43% RTP rate, which is competitive in the live casino game genre.

Is Boom City Live suitable for new players?

While Boom City Live can seem complex initially, especially with its bonus rounds, it’s designed to be accessible to new players. A few rounds are usually enough to grasp the game’s mechanics.

How does Boom City Live differ from traditional dice games?

Unlike traditional dice games focused on total dice outcomes, Boom City Live incorporates strategic elements with its 6×6 grid, multiple betting options, and special features like bonus rounds, making it more interactive and varied.