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Sweet Bonanza Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza

  • RTP96.49%

Sweet Bonanza, a sugary-themed pokie from Pragmatic Play, with a maximum jackpot of 21,175 times your entire wager. A six-reel, all-ways pokie machine serves as the stage for the action. There are more chances for a winning combination after a winning streak. When the Free Spins feature is activated, players are given a total of ten free spins that may be used indefinitely. Rainbow bombs have multipliers of up to 100x in this area, so keep an eye out.


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Sweet Bonanza theme

Candy is the focus of Sweet Bonanza, as stated in the introduction. The reels will spin and fill with various varieties of sweets while you play against a lovely Candyland backdrop. Candied hearts, lollipops, berries, apples, and plums are just a few of the sweets and fruits available. In keeping with this idea, the pokie’s colour scheme is full of brilliant and eye-catching hues.

Many online gambling sites have a premise similar to this, where multiples of the same element are together and those dissolve, enabling fresh pieces to fall. This pattern repeats indefinitely until no more items can be eliminated. Despite its simplicity, the gameplay in this game is rather enjoyable.

More on Sweet Bonanza

Exciting to witness a block of candy dissolve and fresh ones fall, while simultaneously expecting that those will also lead to an even greater win. If you’re looking for a pokie with a storyline, Gonzo’s Quest Megaways is a great example (you can read our review to see how it compares to other online pokies). You’re only spinning candy and seeing it disappear in exchange for a delicious win. It’s a simple theme, but it works fantastically!

Sweet Bonanza Pokie

How to play the Sweet Bonanza pokie

Sweet Bonanza slot is a simple online pokie machine, like many others. Simple loading of the pokie and selecting a denomination is all that is required. Sweet Bonanza casino slot, on the other hand, has some interesting options for players who wish to personalize their gaming experience even more.

Players can first raise their stakes by clicking on a large green button to the left. Due to the higher stake, it is now twice as probable that a bonus round will be triggered on any given spin. For this choice, you’ll have to bet 25% more money. We may use $4.00 per spin as an example to illustrate this point. An additional $1.00 for each spin, up to a maximum of $5.00, is required if you choose to increase the number of times you can trigger the bonus.

Another Way To Play Sweet Bonanza

A second way is to purchase the feature, which costs 100 times the stake, right away. For example, if you were to purchase the feature and bet $4.00 every spin, you would have to spend $400 for the feature. This functionality is out of reach for most people with a budget like that. The incentive may pay out handsomely, but it’s still a great deal of money to risk.

Finally, autoplay is available, as it is with the vast majority of Pragmatic Play pokies. This eliminates the need for you to manually spin the reels. There are no opportunities to add stop losses or huge winnings. Simply pick how many times you want the online pokie to spin for you. It’s simple, but it’s still a lot of fun!

  • Pokie

    Sweet Bonanza
  • Software

    Pragmetic Play
  • Release date

    25th September 2019
  • RTP

  • Volatility

  • Maximum win

    21,175x your bet
  • Minimum bet

  • Maximum bet

  • Paylines

  • Reels

  • Jackpot

  • Free spins



There are many symbols in Sweet Bonanza. They go perfectly with the theme, and their shapes and colours are perfect! The highest paying symbols are the Red Heart and Purple Candy Square, whilst the smallest paying symbols are the blueberries and bananas. During free spins, there is also a sweet bomb icon. There is a winning factor in each sugar bomb ranging from one to a hundred times.

Sweet Bonanza Symbols and Paytable

Symbol Maximum Pay out
Red Heart 50x your wager for 12+ symbols, 25x for 10-11, and 10x for 8-9
Purple Candy Square 25x the bet for 12+ symbols, 10x for 10-11, and 2.5x for 8-9 symbols
Green Candy Pentagon 15x your wager for 12+, 5x for 10-11, and 2x for 8-9 symbols
Blue Candy Rectangle 12x the bet for 12+ symbols, 2x for 10-11, and only 1.5x for 8-9
Apple 10x your wager for 12+ symbols, 1.5x for 10-11, and 1x for 8-9
Plum 8x the bet for 12+ symbols, 1.2x your wager for 10-11, and 0.8x for 8-9
Watermelon 5x your bet for 12+, 1x for 10-11, and 0.5x for 8-9
Grapes 4x your bet for 12+ symbols, 0.9x for 10-11, and 0.4x for 8-9 symbols
Banana 2x the wager for 12+ symbols, 0.75x for 10-11, and 0.25x for 8-9

Sweet Bonanza Pokie Bonuses

When 4 or more lollipops appear anywhere on the reels, you’ll be awarded free spins. They don’t have to create a certain pay line, thus their location isn’t important. Like other features in the same category, this one is quite easy to use. Three, five, or one hundred times your bet will be paid out, and ten free spins will be added on top of that.

Except for the multicoloured bombs with multipliers that appear during the free spins, the rules of the regular game apply to the free spins. As many as 100x multipliers are possible with these tools! However, they only serve to increase your winnings for that spin. This means that for one spin in which you won $1, you’d have $100 in your account.

Get 3 Lollipops For…

3 or more lollipops will allow you to receive more than ten more spins. Free spins will be awarded if this occurs, and you may get as many as you want. As an additional feature, it may be a lot of fun to play with! Free spins are often fascinating on their own, but they may be made much more so by multicoloured bombs.

Ante Bet Feature

You will be allowed to raise the number of coins you wager from 20 to 25 for each spin. If you were playing at a rate of $1 per spin, for instance, the Ante Bet option would cost you $1.25 more per spin.

In exchange, additional scatter symbols will be added to the reels, which will increase the likelihood that you will initiate the free spins bonus round. This additional feature may be found in a wide variety of other pokie games developed by Pragmatic Play.

The Tumble Feature

The Tumble feature will become active if you have successfully formed a winning combination. When a strategy is successful, its winning symbols are eliminated from the field, and new symbols take their place. Repeating the process is done if the outcome of this leads to the creation of a new winning combination. The tumbles continue till there is one in which no new winners are created. After that, they stop

Free Spins feature

During the same spin, you need to land 4, 5, or 6 of the lollipop scatter symbols in order to activate the Free Spins bonus. Your prize is a payment of 3, 5, or 100 times the amount that you wagered altogether, in addition to a bonus trigger for 10 free games.

During the bonus round, the sugar bomb symbol will become involved in the action. These multicoloured explosives can have multipliers as high as 100x. The multiplier can be anywhere from two times to one hundred times.

Sweet Bonanza Free Spins

Multipliers In Free Spins

If you were fortunate enough to land a winning combination in addition to a 20x candy bomb as well as a 10x candy bomb during a tumble or free spin, the multiplier values would be combined, bringing your total win from that round up to 30x.

There is also the possibility of retriggers. If you get three scatters during the same spin, you get an additional five free spins added to your total. There is no cap on the number of additional free spins that can be won by players.

Buy Free Spins

Through the Buy function, you’ll also have the opportunity to “buy” your way into the Free Spins bonus round. This option is also available to you. This will cost you an additional 100 times your total bet if it is available.

Sweet Bonanza Buy Option

Is Sweet Bonanza Really That Sweet?

It’s clear from this review of the Sweet Bonanza for real money is a great time for everyone. In terms of Pragmatic Play pokies, this is one of the greatest. The game has a great visual style, and it’s a lot of fun to play. It’s fun to watch the animations, eat the lollipops, and win Sweet Bonanza free spins.

If you are not in a sweet mood and wish to play a more dangerous game, then you might want to check out our review on Money Train 2. We are sure that you will find it as interesting as Sweet Bonanza!

If you feel that Sweet Bonanza is a bit too sweet for you, then we highly suggest that you take a look at 1 cent pokies. As the name suggests, 1 cent pokies are pokies that take a really low betting amount, so if you feel that this is the type of pokie that you want to play, make sure to go and take a look at it!

Frequently asked questions

Is There A Free Spin Bonus On Sweet Bonanza?

Yes, there is! Not only are you able to get the free spin bonus, but you can also purchase them. This can be done through the Buy Feature.

Can I Play The Sweet Bonanza Pokie On Mobile?

Yes, the pokie is available on both desktop and mobile. So if you are on the go and want to play the sweetest pokie there is, then Sweet Bonanza is a good pokie to start with.

Is It Possible To Play Sweet Bonanza For Free?

Yes, Pragmatic gaming has made it possible for players to try out their demo version of the game. It is a great way to get an idea of how the game is played.

What Is The Minimum And Maximum Bet On This Pokie?

When players play Sweet Bonanza they are able to place a minimum bet of $0.20. Whilst the maximum that they can place is $125.

Is A Random Number Generator Used For This Pokie?

Yes, the Random Number Generator of this pokie can be trusted completely. If it wasn’t then Pragmatic Gaming would not have been authorized to provide the game to the public.

What Are The Highest Paying Normal Symbols?

The top three highest paying normal symbols are the Green Polygon Gem (15x your wager for 12+, 5x for 10-11, and 2x for 8-9 symbols), Square Purple Gem (25x the bet for 12+ symbols, 10x for 10-11, and 2.5x for 8-9 symbols), and the Red Heart Gem (50x your wager for 12+ symbols, 25x for 10-11, and 10x for 8-9).