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Mega Joker Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / Mega Joker

Mega Joker Pokie Review

  • RTP99%

Looking for some old-school Vegas charm with a fresh twist? Mega Joker Pokie is here to steal the show. Two games rolled into one, this is a double-layered, vintage-style pokie that serves up a slice of nostalgia while keeping you on the edge of your seat. With a random progressive jackpot and the thrilling supermeter, there's much more than meets the eye.


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Pros and Cons


  • Check iconTwo games in one for double the fun
  • Check iconProgressive jackpot that could strike at any time
  • Check iconSuper High RTP of up to 99%
  • Check iconAuthentic, vintage-style graphics and sounds


  • Times iconLack of interactive mini-games
  • Times iconHigh minimum bet

Mega Joker Review

Mega Joker is an intriguing blend of Las Vegas glitz and classic fruit machine, created by, game developer NetEnt. The authentic graphics capture the essence of vintage gaming machines, complete with retro fruit symbols and reel animations. The bright colours bring a splash of vivacity, balancing the classic appearance with a touch of modern aesthetic.

Sounds are kept simple with the nostalgic whirring and clicking of reels, punctuated by a basic melody to celebrate your wins. However, the game skips on continuous background music, preserving the retro feel. If you’re a fan of the traditional pokie experience, Mega Joker won’t disappoint.

The design of Mega Joker is a breath of fresh air for players tired of cluttered video pokies. It cuts to the chase, providing a simpler yet super enticing gaming experience.

Mega Joker online pokie australia

How to Play Mega Joker Pokie

With five lines and four buttons, Mega Joker presents a rather tedious gameplay. To start, you place your bet and set the reels in motion. Wins can be pocketed or wagered in the supermeter mode, which opens up a second set of reels and bigger prizes.

In terms of stats, Mega Joker has high volatility and offers an RTP of up to 99% that’s favourable in comparison to other pokies. The minimum bet starts from a mere $1 per spin, making it an attractive choice for low-stake players, while the maximum bet is $10. Whereas the maximum win from a single spin is a delightful $2,000 jackpot.

Mega Joker’s additional special features are the supermeter and a randomly triggered progressive jackpot. These features give a significant boost to your potential earnings and add an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay, but we will go into the details further in this review.

Optimising your Strategy for Maximum Returns in Mega Joker

In Mega Joker, the RTP can fluctuate significantly from 85.28% to a whopping 99% depending on your game strategy. To maximise your odds, aim to play with the highest possible bet, which substantially increases your potential for hitting the jackpot.

The key to this game lies in the Supermeter mode—a feature that activates after a base game win, offering the opportunity to bet your winnings for larger rewards. Here’s how to handle your Supermeter bets:

  • With less than 40 coins, wager 20 coins
  • Between 40 coins and 99 coins, place a 40 coin bet
  • Over 100 coins, round up to the nearest 100 coins, then bet 100 coins
  • Over 200 coins, round up and bet 200 coins
  • If your balance exceeds 1,600 coins, collect your winnings

Remember, the Supermeter mode offers higher winning odds, and higher bets improve your chances of landing joker symbols. However, there’s a cap of $2,000 in Supermeter winnings—exceed this, and you’ll only receive the difference. Therefore, consider cashing out before reaching this limit to secure your earnings. By combining calculated risks with strategic play, you can maximise your returns in Mega Joker.

how to play mega joker pokie Australia

Supermeter Mode

The Supermeter Mode is arguably the most distinguishing feature of the Mega Joker pokie. Activated whenever a player lands a win of less than 2,000x on the bottom reels, the Supermeter Mode transfers gameplay to the top set of reels and gives you the opportunity to stake your winnings for higher rewards.

Bets in this mode can range from 20x up to 200x, with each level offering increased payouts. When playing at the maximum bet, two Jokers appearing anywhere on the reels will net you a mystery win between 100x and 2,000x. It’s a gamble, but the potential rewards make it a tantalising prospect for those who enjoy the buzz of high stakes.

Maximise the RTP in Supermode by utilising the betting strategy in the table below:

Supermeter Balance  Optimal Bet
20x 20x
40x 10x
60x 20x
80x 40x
100x 100x
120x 20x
140x 100x
160x 20x
180x 20x
200x 200x
220x – 280x 20x
300x 100x
320x – 380x 20x
400x 100x
420x – 1,580x 20x
1,600x – 2,000x Collect

Basic Information

  • Pokie

    Mega Joker
  • Software

  • Release date

  • RTP

  • Volatility

    Very High
  • Maximum Win

  • Minimum Bet

  • Maximum Bet

  • Paylines

  • Reels

  • Jackpot

    Yes, Progressive
  • Free spins



Within the vintage design of Mega Joker, players are greeted by an array of symbols, each evoking the nostalgic charm of classic fruit machines. From vibrant fruits to traditional lucky sevens, these symbols add both visual appeal and potential payouts to the gaming experience.

As is customary with online pokies, the symbols are divided into low-paying, high-paying, and special categories. Here’s a closer look at what each category entails and how they contribute to the gameplay.

Low-Paying Symbols

The low-paying symbols in Mega Joker consist of vibrant, classic fruit icons – cherries, lemons, and oranges. Despite being on the lower end of the paytable, these symbols make up for it with their frequency on the reels. Landing three of these on any of the five paylines will result in a win. These frequent smaller wins can keep your balance topped up, allowing for more sustained gameplay.

High-Paying Symbols

Turning up the heat are the high-paying symbols, which are denoted by bells, treasure chests, and the Mega Joker symbol itself. These symbols don’t appear as frequently as the fruit symbols, but when they do, they pack a punch. Getting a three-symbol combination of these on a payline can lead to substantially bigger payouts.

For instance, three Mega Joker symbols on a payline can net you the maximum payout, turning a potentially regular spin into a jackpot.

Special Symbols

The game’s special symbol is the Joker, adding a wildcard element to the gameplay. The Joker can substitute for any other symbol on the reels to help create winning combinations, thereby increasing your chances of a win on any given spin.

Symbols Paytable

Symbol Payline  Payout
Bottom Layer
Cherries  x3 10x – 20x
Lemons x3 10x -20x
Watermelons x3 40x – 80x
Bells x3 100x – 200x
Treasure Troves x3 200x – 2,000x
Three Jesters x3 10x – 400x


Symbol Payline  Payout
Top Layer
Cherries x3 100x – 200x
Oranges x3 100x – 200x
Lemons x3 200x – 400x
Grapes x3 300x – 500x
Watermelons x3 500x – 1,000x
Bells x3 100x – 600x – 1,200x
Three 7’s x3 800x – 2,000x
Three or more Jetsters x3 100x – 2,000x

Mega Joker Pokie Bonuses

Within the electrifying gameplay of Mega Joker, the standout feature is the rewarding Progressive Jackpot. This isn’t just a feature that adds a thrill, it also significantly increases your chances of hitting a major win.

The Progressive Jackpot in Mega Joker isn’t merely a side attraction but a central part of the excitement and potential windfall it offers. Let’s delve deeper into the nuances of this jackpot to understand how it contributes to the pokie’s allure.

Progressive Jackpot

The Mega Joker pokie also features a Progressive Jackpot, which is randomly awarded to players, making every spin potentially lucrative. The more you play and the higher your bets, the better your chances of bagging this jackpot. The size of the jackpot continues to grow as a portion (3%) of each bet placed by players worldwide is added to the total.

The Progressive Jackpot is not tied to any specific symbol combination, which means it could be awarded at any time, adding a constant layer of anticipation to each spin. Imagine hitting that jackpot – it’s the kind of win that transforms a regular pokie session into a truly unforgettable experience.

These two bonuses, while seemingly straightforward, introduce an added level of value to Mega Joker, appealing to players who appreciate a mix of luck and decision-making in their pokie gameplay.

Mega Joker Pokie Bonuses

Mega Joker Pokie | A Reel Joyryde

In the vast world of online pokies, Mega Joker stands out with its mix of traditional charm and innovative elements. It channels the nostalgia of old-school fruit machines, with new-age features that significantly boost your potential winnings.

Unlike many games, like Fruit Shop or Wolf Gold, Mega Joker doesn’t follow the common path of free spins and scatter symbols. Instead, it embraces the Supermeter mode, an exciting gamble feature that injects suspense into each spin and brings forth the opportunity for higher rewards.

The real kicker in Mega Joker, however, is its progressive jackpot, which is an unexpected twist that keeps you on the edge, since any spin can trigger a life-altering win. So, if you’re after a pokie that respects the classics while daring to be distinct, Mega Joker is your game – a pokie that is sure to keep you coming back for more.

Frequently asked questions

What is the gaming software behind Mega Joker Pokie?

Mega Joker Pokie is designed and developed by NetEnt, a renowned name in the world of online casino gaming. Their games are widely appreciated for their reliability, smoothness, and engaging gameplay.

Is Mega Joker Pokie suitable for beginners?

No, Mega Joker isn’t recommended for beginners due to its need for strategy, limited betting options with a high minimum bet, and high volatility, making it better suited for advanced gamblers.

How volatile is Mega Joker Pokie?

Mega Joker is considered a high volatility pokie, meaning that payouts may not happen frequently, but when they do, they can be quite substantial.

Are there any unique features in Mega Joker Pokie?

Yes, apart from its classic design, Mega Joker Pokie stands out for its Supermeter Mode where you can gamble your winnings for a chance at even bigger rewards.

What's the biggest win I can get from a single spin in Mega Joker Pokie?

The biggest win you can get from a single spin in Mega Joker Pokie is 2000x your bet in the regular game. However, if you’re playing in Supermeter mode, you have a chance to win the progressive jackpot, which could be significantly higher.