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Gemix 2 Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / Gemix 2

Gemix 2 Pokie Review

  • RTP96.26%

Welcome to the enchanting macrocosm of Gemix 2, where colourful cascades and electric features await! This sequel to the beloved Gemix game by Play'n Go brings players back to the delightful world of gem clusters, promising fun-filled gameplay and potentially rewarding outcomes.


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Pros and Cons


  • Check iconHigh RTP of 96.26%
  • Check iconUnique 7x7 cascading grid
  • Check iconSuper Charge offers multipliers up to x20
  • Check iconFour distinct worlds for variety
  • Check iconWins of up to 7,500 times the stake


  • Times iconNo free spins bonus round
  • Times iconGameplay might be complex for beginners

Gemix 2 Pokie Review

Venture into the glittering world of Gemix 2, a creation by Play’n Go that radiates nothing but charm and allure. Set against a backdrop of mystical realms, the pokie’s vibrant hues come alive, creating a visual extravaganza. Its graphics, detailed and refined, mirror the game’s high-quality design.

The accompanying sounds elevate the experience, harmonising with the game’s enchanting theme. In the realm of online pokies, Play’n Go’s Gemix 2 truly stands out, offering players an unforgettable journey filled with magic and wonder.

Gemix 2 Online Pokie Australia

How to Play Gemix 2

Playing Gemix 2 is a thrilling experience on its 7×7 cascading grid. Wins are achieved by getting clusters of 5 or more symbols. As symbols form winning clusters, they vanish, making room for new ones to drop in and potentially create more wins. The game comes with an RTP of 96.26% and medium volatility, striking a balance between frequent payouts and the chance for significant wins.

Players can anticipate a maximum win of 7,500 times their stake in a single spin. With a minimum bet of $0.10 and a max bet of $100, this game offers a range suitable for both casual players and high spenders. Gemix 2 is also feature-rich with elements like the Crystal Charge meter that can activate multiple effects, adding a stratum of excitement to every spin.

Basic Information

  • Pokie

    Gemix 2
  • Software

    Play’n Go
  • Release Date

    April 2021
  • RTP

  • Volatility

  • Maximum Win

  • Minimum Bet

  • Maximum Bet

  • Paylines

    Cluster Pays
  • Reels

  • Free Spins

  • Jackpot


Gemix 2 Pokie Symbols

In the luminous realm of Gemix 2, symbols play a pivotal role in crafting the narrative and determining player rewards. Each symbol, meticulously designed by Play’n Go, not only adds to the game’s visual appeal but also contributes to potential wins. The symbols can be broadly categorised into low-payout, high-payout, and special symbols, each with distinct features and payout values.

As we submerge into the cascading grid mechanism of Gemix 2, a parallel can be drawn to another engaging title, Fire Hopper by Push Gaming. Where we witness different game developers leverage similar mechanisms to create diverse gaming experiences is truly intriguing.

Low-payout Symbols

The Turquoise Triangle, Blue Rectangle, Purple Square, and Green Hexagon are the more frequently occurring symbols on the grid. These gems, while not offering the highest rewards, play a consistent role in padding your wins. Clusters of these symbols, especially in larger groups, can contribute to steady payouts, ensuring the game’s pace remains engaging.

High-payout Symbols

Among the more coveted icons players eagerly await are the Pink Moon, Orange Flower, Red Heart, and the radiant Gold Star. These symbols, with their intricate designs and vibrant hues, promise richer rewards. The Gold Star, in particular, shines bright, offering up to 200x your stake for a cluster of 15 or more, making it a symbol every player wishes to land.

Special Symbols

Gemix 2 boasts special symbols that come with unique abilities and features. While the exact details were not provided in the initial material, these symbols typically range from wilds that substitute for other symbols to scatters that might offer additional game features. The dynamics of these symbols add layers of excitement to every spin, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

Symbol Payline Maximum Payout
Gold Star 15+ 200x
Red Heart 15+ 100x
Pink Moon 15+ 50x
Orange Flower 15+ 25x
Green Hexagon 15+ 10x
Purple Square 15+ 7x
Turquoise Triangle 15+ 5x
Blue rectangle 15+ 4x

Gemix 2 Pokie Bonuses

In Gemix 2, bonuses play an instrumental role in amplifying the excitement and enhancing the potential for significant rewards. Play’n Go has infused this pokie with a variety of bonus features, each intricately designed to elevate the player’s experience. These bonuses not only offer a chance for amplified rewards but also introduce captivating gameplay mechanics that make every spin a thrilling adventure.

Crystal Charge Meter

The Crystal Charge Meter is a central bonus feature in Gemix 2. As players form winning clusters, the meter starts charging. Once 25 winning symbols are collected and there are no more cascades, the meter activates, triggering one of four potent effects:

  • Chain Lightning: Two corner symbols unleash an electric arc that zaps other symbols. The affected symbols then transform into one of the corner symbols, offering a chance for new winning clusters.
  • Light Beam: A beam of light radiates vertically and horizontally from a symbol on the grid. This beam changes all symbols in its path into other symbols, potentially forming new winning combinations.
  • Crystal Warp: One symbol on the grid gets chosen, and it, along with all its matching symbols, morphs into other symbols. This transformation can lead to new cluster formations.
  • Nova Blast: A symbol gets selected and subsequently explodes. Surrounding symbols within a 7-symbol diameter get removed from the grid, making way for a core cluster of identical symbols. This core cluster can then contribute to a win.

Super Charge Feature

When the Crystal Charge Meter gets supercharged by collecting 50 winning symbols, the game elevates to a new level of excitement. This supercharging activates all four Crystal Charge effects simultaneously. Moreover, it introduces an x2 multiplier to the game.

What’s even more exhilarating is that with each additional 50 winning symbols collected, this multiplier can increment by x2, going up to a maximum of x20. This feature not only amplifies the win potential but also adds layers of depth to the gameplay.

World Patterns

Gemix 2 offers players the thrill of journeying through four distinct worlds. Each of these worlds has two specific patterns players need to complete. By forming wins on indicated grid positions, players can complete these patterns. Advancing through these worlds not only offers variety in visuals and gameplay but also enhances the chances of securing wins.

Gemix 2 Pokie Bonuses Australia

Gleaming Reflections: Farewell to Gemix 2’s World

In the vibrant cascade of online pokies, Gemix 2 emerges as a luminous gem. Play’n Go has masterfully crafted a game that offers more than just spins; it’s an adventure through enchanted worlds, each filled with distinctive symbols and bonuses. The 7×7 grid introduces a refreshing gameplay dynamic, while the Crystal Charge Meter and Super Charge Feature elevate the excitement with every win. It’s the journey through the game’s four worlds, each presenting its own challenges, that truly hooks players.

While the game shines in many aspects, its absence of a traditional free spins round might leave some yearning for more. Nevertheless, for those seeking a blend of allure, and potential rewards, Gemix 2 is a worthy pick. For more insights into games like this, OnlineGamblingAus offers invaluable online gambling reviews, guiding players to their next favourite online gambling platform and the best online casino games on the market.

Frequently asked questions

Who is responsible for the Gemix 2 creation?

Gemix 2 is a brainchild of Play’n Go. This game developer has a reputation for merging traditional pokie elements with innovative features, creating a unique gaming experience for players across various titles.

What is a cascading grid mechanism?

Certainly! The cascading mechanism in Gemix 2 offers dynamic gameplay. When you form winning clusters, those symbols disappear, paving the way for new symbols to fill the void. This cascade can lead to consecutive wins, often resulting in chain reactions of rewards, enhancing the game’s excitement.

Is there a free spins feature in Gemix 2?

Unlike many pokies, Gemix 2 doesn’t have a traditional free spins bonus round. Instead, it focuses on other engaging features like the Crystal Charge Meter and Super Charge to amplify player rewards.

What makes the Gemix 2 gameplay unique?

Beyond its cascading grid, Gemix 2 offers players a journey through four distinct worlds, each with its patterns to complete. This aspect makes each spin both a challenge and a delight.

Are there any special symbols in Gemix 2 that players should be aware of?

Yes, Gemix 2 features special symbols that can trigger various effects. For instance, the Crystal Charge Meter, when filled, can activate effects like Chain Lightning, Light Beam, Crystal Warp, and Nova Blast, each offering unique rewards and gameplay twists.

How many paylines does Gemix 2 have?

Gemix 2 does not feature traditional paylines. Instead, it utilises a cluster pays mechanism. In this system, players secure wins by forming clusters of matching symbols. This departure from conventional paylines offers a unique gameplay experience, allowing for varied and often larger combinations of symbols to achieve wins, adding a fresh dimension to the game.