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Boss Bear Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / Boss Bear

Boss Bear Pokie Review

  • RTP96.47%

Get ready for a wild adventure in Boss Bear, Push Gaming's latest pokie sensation! Join the fun of a vibrant urban jungle where gangster pandas rule the reels. With its unique blend of wildlife and crime, Boss Bear promises an exciting gambling experience. Brace yourself for thrilling features, high volatility, and the potential for big wins!


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Pros and Cons


  • Check iconHigh volatility for thrilling gameplay
  • Check iconFun and Engaging theme
  • Check iconInnovative features
  • Check iconFlexible betting options for all budgets


  • Times iconLimited betting range compared to some other pokies

Boss Bear Review

Boss Bear, developed by Push Gaming, takes players into a gritty urban environment where a panda and its crew navigate the syndicate business. With a massive 50 paylines, the pokie is filled with symbols ranging from Ninja stars to gangster animals. The game boasts 3D graphics, immersing players in the thrilling world of mobsters. The enticing theme is complemented by smooth gameplay and dynamic sound effects, creating an engaging atmosphere.

Aussie online pokies enthusiasts and fans of mafia-themed games will find Boss Bear a delightful addition to their gambling repertoire. The colour palette and graphics bring the characters to life, enhancing the overall gambling adventure. Push Gaming has successfully combined entertainment with innovation, making Boss Bear a standout in the world of online pokies.

Boss Bear Slot Australia

How to Play Boss Bear

Starting off on the Boss Bear adventure, players should familiarise themselves with the basics. The game features a 5-reel, 6-row layout with high volatility, promising substantial returns with a 96.47% RTP. The maximum win per spin reaches an impressive 25,000x, adding to the excitement.

Setting the stage for players, the minimum bet is $0.10, while high rollers can go up to $100. The Reveal and Golden Reveal symbols introduce unique gameplay elements, providing players with a chance to trigger the Coin Feature. The game also includes a Gamble Feature, allowing players to risk their winnings for a shot at higher Free Spins prizes. Find out all of the important basics of this game right in the table below:

Basic Information

  • Pokie

    Boss Bear
  • Software

    Push Gaming
  • Release Date

    November 2023
  • RTP

  • Volatility

  • Maximum Win

  • Min Bet

  • Max Bet

  • Payline

  • Reels

  • Jackpot

  • Free Spins


Boss Bear Pokie Symbols

In the Boss Bear pokie, the reels are adorned with symbols that bring the mobster mammal theme to life. From the menacing wolf and monkey enforcers to Ninja stars and the charismatic panda boss, each symbol contributes to the overall atmosphere of the game. The Reveal and Golden Reveal symbols add an extra layer of excitement, triggering unique features as they land on the reels. Now, let’s get into detailed descriptions of the Low-payout, High-payout, and Special Symbols to gain a comprehensive understanding of their roles in this thrilling online casino game.

Low-payout Symbols

The low-payout symbols in Boss Bear include diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades. Landing 3 to 5-of-a-kind of these symbols on a payline will result in varying payouts. Importantly, all these symbols equally offer a payout of 0.8x the bet for a full 5-of-a-kind win. While these low-payout symbols may not yield as substantial rewards as their high-payout counterparts, their frequent appearances significantly contribute to enhancing overall winning combinations. Their consistent presence adds value to the gameplay, offering regular opportunities for wins.

High-payout Symbols

Stepping up the payout ladder, the high-payout symbols feature a Shuriken, a pistol, and the formidable characters of a wolf, monkey, and the panda boss. Achieving 5-of-a-kind with these symbols yields more substantial rewards, with the panda boss being the highest-paying symbol at 100x the bet for a full payline.

Special Symbols

Special symbols play a crucial role in Boss Bear’s dynamic gameplay. The Wild Symbol, represented by a Samurai sword, can substitute for other paying symbols, excluding the Scatter Symbol, Reveal Symbols, and Golden Reveal Symbols. Keep an eye out for these special symbols, as they not only enhance the base game but also pave the way for thrilling bonus features, which we’ll explore in the next section.

Symbols Paytable

Symbol Payline Maximum Payout
Wild (Samurai Swords) x5 100x
Panda x5 100x
Monkey x5 20x
Wolf x5 10x
Pistol x5 4x
Shuriken (Ninja Throwing Stars) x5 2x
Clubs x5 0.8x
Hearts x5 0.8x
Spades x5 0.8x
Diamonds x5 0.8x

Boss Bear Pokie Bonuses

In the urban streets of Boss Bear, players can anticipate an array of enticing bonuses that elevate the gambling experience to new heights. From the Free Spins Feature, triggered by the appearance of Scatter Symbols, to the adrenaline-pumping Gamble Feature, where players can risk their winnings for a shot at even greater rewards, Boss Bear offers a diverse range of bonuses to keep the excitement flowing. The Coin Feature, activated by Golden Reveal Symbols, unveils an exhilarating spin through various prizes, including Instant Prize Symbols, Multiplier Symbols, Scatter Symbols, Collector Symbols, and Nudge Symbols.

Free Spins Feature

The Free Spins Feature is set in motion by landing 3 or more Scatter Symbols. This bonus transports players to a mob restaurant where they can enjoy 7, 8, or 9 free spins, depending on the number of scatters. As the Low Symbols are converted to Reveal Symbols during the free spins, additional spins and multiplier upgrades are awarded for each conversion.

Gamble Feature

For those seeking an extra dose of excitement, the Gamble Feature is triggered by landing 3 or 4 Scatter Symbols. This feature allows players to risk their base game or Coin Feature winnings for a chance to secure higher Free Spins prizes. A spin of the Gamble Wheel determines whether players attain enhanced Free Spins prizes or return to the base game.

Coin Feature

The Coin Feature is activated when Golden Reveal Symbols appear on at least three consecutive reels. Each Golden Reveal Symbol transforms into a coin, spinning through enticing prizes. During this feature, players may encounter Instant Prize Symbols, Multiplier Symbols, Scatter Symbols, Collector Symbols, and Nudge Symbols, each contributing to the suspenseful spin through potential rewards. Keep an eye out for the Collector Symbol, which accumulates the value of Instant Prize and Collector Symbols, enhancing the overall excitement of the Coin Feature.

Boss Bear Pokie

Pandamoneum: Boss Bear Unleashing the Yakuza Zoo in a Fun Pokie Adventure

In the animated and buzzing world of Boss Bear, Push Gaming has masterfully crafted an engaging online pokie experience that captivates players with its unique theme and dynamic gameplay. The mobster mammal narrative, featuring a charismatic panda and its enforcer companions, adds an entertaining twist to traditional pokie themes. The intricate symbolism, from the Samurai sword Wilds to the elusive Scatter and Reveal Symbols, contributes to the excitement, offering players a diverse array of opportunities to trigger rewarding bonuses.

The bonuses, including the Free Spins Feature, Gamble Feature, and Coin Feature, not only provide ample chances for winning but also enhance the overall enjoyment of the game. The meticulous design of the Coin Feature, with its Instant Prize, Multiplier, Scatter, Collector, and Nudge Symbols, adds layers of complexity to the game, ensuring that every spin brings the potential for suspenseful and rewarding outcomes.

Boss Bear stands out not only for its entertaining theme and engaging features but also for its impressive technical aspects, including 3D graphics and seamless mobile compatibility. With high volatility that promises significant returns and a 96.47% RTP, players can embark on an exciting gambling journey, immersing themselves in the intriguing world of gangster mammals. The theme is similar to other mobster-themed pokies such as The Catfather by Pragmatic Play, for those who are into mafia pokie adventures.

As you explore the reels of Boss Bear, you are invited to uncover the nuances of each symbol, embrace the thrill of bonus features, and aim for the impressive 25,000x maximum win. Push Gaming has successfully combined innovation and entertainment, making Boss Bear a must-try for pokie Aussie enthusiasts seeking a unique and rewarding online gambling venture. Join the online gambling adventures of the Yakuza zoo and discover the excitement that awaits in the world of Boss Bear at Vegaz Casino today!

Frequently asked questions

What sets Boss Bear apart in the world of online pokies?

Boss Bear distinguishes itself with a captivating narrative featuring mobster mammals. Its unique blend of a charismatic panda leading a Yakuza family adds an intriguing layer to the traditional pokie experience.

Can you explain the mechanics of the Coin Feature?

Certainly! The Coin Feature, triggered by Golden Reveal Symbols, transforms positions into coins spinning through a variety of prizes. From Instant Prize Symbols to Multipliers, each spin during this feature introduces a sense of unpredictability and potential big wins.

How does the Gamble Feature add a layer of excitement to the game?

The Gamble Feature injects thrill by allowing players to risk their winnings for potentially higher Free Spins prizes. It introduces an element of decision-making, offering players a chance to enhance their rewards in an engaging manner.

What is the significance of special symbols like Golden Reveal, Scatter, and Coin in Boss Bear?

Boss Bear’s special symbols, including Golden Reveal, Scatter, and Coin Symbols, play pivotal roles in triggering various bonuses. Each symbol contributes uniquely to the overall excitement and potential rewards, creating a dynamic and immersive gaming experience.

How does the panda character contribute to the overall theme and narrative in Boss Bear?

The panda assumes a leadership role in the Yakuza family, adding charm and personality to the mobster mammal theme. Beyond its symbolic significance, the panda’s presence enhances the narrative, making Boss Bear an entertaining and engaging pokie experience.

Is Boss Bear suitable for players new to online pokies, or is it geared towards experienced gamblers?

Boss Bear caters to a broad audience. While its engaging theme and intuitive gameplay make it accessible for newcomers, the innovative features and high volatility provide depth and excitement for seasoned players seeking a thrilling gambling experience.

Can you elaborate on the mechanics of the Reveal Symbols and their impact on gameplay?

Reveal Symbols, landing in stacks during both the Base Game and Free Spins, introduce an element of surprise. When stacked on consecutive reels, they transform into Golden Reveal Symbols, triggering the Coin Feature. This innovative mechanic keeps the gameplay dynamic and engaging.