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2 Wild 2 Die Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / 2 Wild 2 Die

2 Wild 2 Die Pokie Review

  • RTP96.25%

The Bonus Buy feature in 2 Wild 2 Die allows players to purchase direct entry into various bonus rounds, bypassing standard gameplay. This feature is a significant draw for those playing online pokies, offering immediate access to high-stakes, high-reward scenarios.


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Pros and Cons


  • Check iconExtensive selection of bonus features
  • Check iconExceptional winning potential (15,000x the stake)
  • Check iconSignificant prizes with wild multipliers
  • Check iconBonus Buy option for direct bonus access


  • Times iconHigh cost for certain feature purchase
  • Times iconInconsistent RTP percentages

2 Wild 2 Die Pokie Review

The 2 Wild 2 Die pokie has quickly become a favourite among Australian players. In contrast to the varied settings of Western-themed online casino games, such as the dynamic train backdrop in NetEnt’s Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist and the steampunk-inspired Steam Tower, this pokie immerses players in a diverse journey through a Western town, complete with its own unique atmosphere and visual style.

The screen is divided, with the burning building on one side and a formidable female gunslinger on the other, ready to unleash a barrage of bullets. The pokie’s graphics have an oil-on-canvas impressionist feel, enhancing the ravishing experience, while the twangy soundtrack perfectly complements the Western atmosphere.

During the base game, players are treated to soothing Western melodies, with gentle guitar strums setting a relaxed tone. As the gameplay progresses to the bonus rounds, the music shifts to more thrilling electric guitar riffs, adding to the appeal of 2 Wild 2 Die as one of the top online pokies.

2 Wild 2 Die Slot Australia

How to Play 2 Wild 2 Die

As a standout addition to Hacksaw Gaming’s collection, which includes notable titles like Double Rainbow and Densho, 2 Wild 2 Die features a 5-reel, 4-row grid with 14 paylines. To score a win, players need to align a minimum of three identical symbols on any of these active paylines.

When it comes to betting, the online casino game accommodates a wide range of preferences. Players can start with a minimum bet of $0.10, scaling up to a maximum bet of $100, allowing both casual players and high rollers to enjoy this online pokie. One of the unique aspects of 2 Wild 2 Die is its variable Return to Player (RTP) rates. While the default RTP stands at 96.25%, game operators have the option to adjust this to lower percentages.

As a standout in the sphere of online pokies, it is characterised by its high volatility, which promises the potential for significant wins but also means that payouts might be less frequent. The hit frequency of this online casino game is 25%, indicating that about a quarter of spins will result in a winning combination. The maximum win in a single spin can reach up to an impressive 15,000 times the bet, making it a lucrative choice for those playing pokies online.

Basic Information

  • Pokie

    2 Wild 2 Die
  • Software

    Hacksaw Gaming
  • Release Date

    January 2024
  • RTP

  • Volatility

  • Maximum Win

  • Min Bet

  • Max Bet

  • Payline

  • Reels

  • Jackpot

  • Free Spins


2 Wild 2 Die Pokie Symbols

The assortment of symbols in 2 Wild 2 Die plays a crucial role, not only in defining the pokie’s Wild West aesthetic but also in determining the potential rewards for players. The symbols are categorised into low-payout, high-payout, and special symbols, each with their distinct importance and influence on gameplay, contributing to its status as a top choice among online pokies.

Low-Payout Symbols

The low-payout symbols are represented by a collection of playing cards, including the ace of spades, king of hearts, queen of clubs and jack of diamonds. These symbols offer modest winnings, with a combination of five identical symbols rewarding players with 3 times their bet. While these symbols may not offer the highest payouts, they are frequently encountered and can contribute to steady wins throughout the online casino game.

High-Payout Symbols

For higher rewards, players should look out for the high-payout symbols, which include a skull, a hat, a pistol, the female bandit, and the cowgirl. Landing five of the same high-payout symbol can result in significantly larger wins, ranging from 10 to 15 times the bet. These symbols are not only advantageous for their potential rewards but also enhance the Wild West motif, providing an absorbing experience.

Special Symbols

2 Wild 2 Die also features a variety of special symbols that add exciting twists. The wild symbol can substitute for other paying symbols to help form winning combinations, with five wilds on a payline awarding 15 times the bet. The scatter symbol, depicted as a sheriff’s badge, triggers free spins when landed in sufficient numbers. Additionally, there is the Best of Bonus scatter symbol, represented by a star with ‘’Best of Bonus’’ written on it.

Symbols Paytable

Symbol Payline Maximum Payout
Wild Symbol  x5 15x
Female Bandit x5 15x
Cowgirl x5 15x
Pistol x5 10x
Hat x5 10x
Skull x5 10x
A x5 3x
K x5 3x
Q x5 3x
J x5 3x

2 Wild 2 Die Pokie Bonuses

2 Wild 2 Die elevates the gambling experience with its diverse range of innovative bonus features that align seamlessly with the Wild West theme. These bonus elements not only enhance player engagement but also offer various ways to boost winnings, a notable feature in the admired area of online pokies Australia.

Silver & Gold Revolvers

Players may also encounter Silver or Gold Revolver symbols, each containing 1 to 6 bullets. The female gunslinger seen on the left-hand side of the online casino game screen, shoots the corresponding number of bullets at random positions. Silver revolver bullets transform positions into wilds and upgrade them with a random multiplier ranging from 2x to 200x when the same position is hit a second time. Gold revolver bullets immediately turn the position into a multiplier wild. Empty revolver symbols also turn into wilds, and it’s possible to land multiple revolver symbols simultaneously.

Most Wanted! Bonus

The Most Wanted! Bonus is a captivating feature triggered by landing three scatter symbols. Players start with three refilling lives, reset each time a silver or gold revolver or reload symbol lands. The pokie continues until lives are depleted or all positions are filled with symbols.

The locked revolver and reload symbol values are tallied, multiplied by the bet size, and then paid out. The Reload Symbol collects values of all silver revolvers, reloading them with new bullets that are fired instantly. Multipliers above the reels, in the form of wanted posters, can add or multiply values, further enhancing the win potential.

Best of Most Wanted! Bonus

Triggered by landing three scatter symbols along with a Best of Bonus scatter symbol, the Best of Most Wanted! Bonus offers three iterations of the Most Wanted! Bonus. The highest paying round out of the three determines the final win, providing players with increased chances of substantial rewards.

Shootin’ Wild! Bonus

Activating the Shootin’ Wild! Bonus requires landing four scatter symbols. This bonus awards 10 free spins, where wild multipliers created during the feature become sticky for its duration. Landing additional scatter symbols during these spins grants extra free spins, with two or three scatter symbols yielding two or four extra spins, respectively.

Best of Shootin’ Wild! Bonus

Similar to the Best of Most Wanted! Bonus, the Best of Shootin’ Wild! Bonus is activated by landing four scatter symbols and a Best of Bonus scatter symbol. This feature presents three versions of the Shootin’ Wild! Bonus, with the highest paying round being the final win.

2 Wild 2 Die Slot Australia Bonus

Most Wanted! Free Spins

This bonus round triggers with three FS scatter symbols, featuring a hold-and-win style play. Only Revolver, Reload, and blank symbols appear, with multiplier Wanted Posters atop each reel. Revolver symbols fire bullets at these posters, adding or multiplying their values. Silver revolver symbols are sticky, while gold ones disappear after firing, and Reload symbols collect multiplier values from present silver revolvers.

Shootin’ Wild! Free Spins

Triggered by four FS scatter symbols, this bonus round awards 10 free spins. Wilds with multiplier values become sticky, and additional free spins are awarded for landing more FS scatter symbols during the feature.

The Best Of Bonus Round

Landing three or four FS scatters with a Best Of Bonus Scatter triggers this round for each free spins feature. Players witness three bonus rounds, but only the highest total win is awarded.

Bonus Buy

For players looking to directly access specific bonus features, 2 Wild 2 Die offers a Bonus Buy option, each with varying levels of volatility and RTP:

  • The BonusHunt FeatureSpins, with extreme volatility and a 96.29% RTP, are available for a payment of 5 times the stake, significantly enhancing the chances of triggering a bonus round.
  • The Revolver FeatureSpins, featuring very high volatility and a 96.33% RTP, can be activated for 100 times the stake, ensuring at least 3 Revolver symbols appear.
  • To trigger the Most Wanted! Bonus, which has high volatility and a 96.27% RTP, players can pay 130 times their stake.
  • For the Shootin’ Wild! Bonus, with extreme volatility and a 96.33% RTP, the cost is 200 times the stake.
  • The Best of Most Wanted! Bonus, offering medium volatility and a 96.27% RTP, can be accessed for 260 times the stake.
  • The Best of Shootin’ Wild! Bonus, with very high volatility and a 96.3% RTP, requires a payment of 400 times the stake.


2 Wild 2 Die Pokie Free Spins

Wild Wins Await: Inside 2 Wild 2 Die

Crafted by Hacksaw Gaming, 2 Wild 2 Die pokie distinguishes itself with its inventive interpretation of a classic Wild West theme, enriched by stunning visuals and an engaging soundtrack. The online casino game’s array of symbols not only reinforces its thematic core but also plays a significant role in gameplay.

The inclusion of diverse bonus features in 2 Wild 2 Die is a key aspect that elevates it above many other online gambling offers. These features, ranging from the innovative Most Wanted! Bonus to the Shootin’ Wild! Free Spins provide players with numerous avenues for excitement and potential rewards, further solidifying its place in the Australian gambling market.

The pokie’s flexibility in betting options, coupled with its high volatility and variable RTP, make it suitable for players of all levels, from casual gamblers to those seeking high-stake thrills.

The Bonus Buy feature further adds to the online casino game’s appeal, providing players with the opportunity to directly engage with their preferred bonus rounds. Overall, 2 Wild 2 Die showcases Hacksaw Gaming’s expertise in merging enthralling design with creative gameplay, delivering a memorable experience for pokie players in Australia.

Frequently asked questions

What is the importance of the different RTP rates in 2 Wild 2 Die?

The different RTP (Return to Player) rates in 2 Wild 2 Die offer flexibility to online casino game operators and can affect the player’s overall winning potential, a key consideration for players of online pokies. The default RTP is 96.25%, but operators can choose lower RTPs.

How does the volatility of 2 Wild 2 Die affect gameplay?

The high volatility of 2 Wild 2 Die means that while wins may occur less frequently, they have the potential to be larger in size when they do happen. This makes the online casino game particularly appealing to players who are chasing significant payouts.

Can you explain the significance of the wild multipliers in 2 Wild 2 Die?

Wild multipliers in 2 Wild 2 Die can dramatically increase the value of a win, a feature that adds to its appeal as one of the top online pokies. They can multiply a winning combination’s payout by up to 200 times, greatly enhancing the potential for substantial rewards.

What sets the Most Wanted! Bonus apart from other bonus features?

The Most Wanted! Bonus is unique in its hold-and-win style mechanism, where players accumulate and multiply values with each spin. It involves wanted posters with different multipliers, adding an additional excitement to the gameplay.

How do the Shootin' Wild! Free Spins differ from regular free spins?

In the Shootin’ Wild! Free Spins, wild multipliers become sticky, remaining in place for the duration of the free spins. This feature increases the likelihood of forming high-paying combinations and can result in additional free spins if more scatter symbols land.

What role do the Revolver and Reload symbols play in the online casino game?

The Revolver and Reload symbols in 2 Wild 2 Die are crucial for triggering and enhancing bonus features. Revolver symbols can turn positions into multiplier wilds, while Reload symbols collect values from silver revolvers and reload them, adding to the potential for big wins.

How does the Bonus Buy feature influence the 2 Wild 2 Die experience?

The Bonus Buy feature in 2 Wild 2 Die allows players to purchase direct entry into various bonus rounds, bypassing standard gameplay. This feature is a significant draw for those playing online pokies, offering immediate access to high-stakes, high-reward scenarios.