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Light & Wonder Incorporated helps Lightning Box Games succeed

According to reports, Lightning Box Games, which is an Australian company that develops games for the use of internet casinos, has disclosed that its revenue for the 12 months that ended in June 2017 (Financial Year) has risen by around 57% from the previous year and it is all thanks to the incredible help from its newly acquired parent company, Light & Wonder Incorporated.

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lightning box / light & wonder casino collaboration
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The American Adventure

In accordance with a report that was published by Inside Asian Gaming, the company that has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia and provides a portfolio of more than 500 video slots was acquired by the American monstrosity that was formerly recognised as Scientific Games Corporation with a transaction that took place a year ago and had been a part of an agreement worth roughly $70 million. According to the outlet, the subsidiary iGaming business eventually had seen yearly consolidated sales achieve an all-time peak, supported by assistance from its newfound Nasdaq-listed sponsor. This helped the business surpass all of its previous records.

It has been reported that Lightning Box Games, which was founded back in 2004, has revealed the company has been enjoying significant gain in the nascent iGaming economies of the United States as well as Canada, with 2 of its titles presently being included in the 20 most famous provided by its parent company’s innovative OpenGaming platform. These marketplaces are located in the United States as well as Canada. The business allegedly also clarified that such a new development in online casinos provides producers in every region of the world with access to more than 3,500 game play which are either their own or provided by third parties. The company’s own 5-reel Lightning Shenlong slot game has reportedly maintained a top-10 position for quite some time.

light wonder & lightning box

The Executive’s Excitement is Real

According to reports, Peter Causley, who acts as the Chief Executive Officer for the company Lightning Box Games, disclosed that the OpenGaming system is safe and resilient, in addition to providing partnerships with an easy and smooth integration. The seasoned manager is said to have continued on to confess that even he was shocked by the rapidity in which his business’s videogames had gained popularity among the customers of Light & Wonder Incorporated.

Mr. Causlet said that they thought that by integrating with Light & Wonder Incorporated, they would be enabled to go on with the ambitious objectives. However, even taking into consideration the enormous worldwide strength of the firm, the pace at which they have thrived has surprised them by quite a lot. Their video games are consistently reaching new levels of success all around the globe, and they can not wait to launch some brand new smash hits that will help us break into the markets of the United States, Canada, as well as Europe down the road.

What They Are Looking to Do For The Future

According to reports, Dylan Slaney, who is the iGaming Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Light & Wonder Incorporated, stated that slot machines from Lightning Box Games seem to be presently available with far more than 50 iGaming producers and that he is already looking ahead of the provider ‘breaking more records’ over the journey of the upcoming months as well as years. For his aspect, Dylan Slaney stated that slot machines from the Lightning Box Games company are currently active with more than 50 iGaming providers.

Mr. Slaney had said that the staff at Lightning Box Games possesses a variety of the industry’s knowledge, which it has brought to excellent use in the production of certain wonderful material which truly connects with players that like playing land-based video games. The results which have been achieved in the first year following the purchase really do speak for themselves, and they demonstrate that it was the appropriate choice to include Lightning Box Games along with the Light & Wonder Incorporated group.