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Caesar slots

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Caesar slots


Caesar Slots casino, launched in 2012, has revolutionised the social gambling scene. In partnership with Playtika, this casino mirrors the grandeur of the iconic Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. With its vibrant array of free-to-play pokies on the website, mobile app, or via Facebook, Caesar Slots casino transports the Las Vegas vibrancy right into Aussie homes.

$ bonus

Pros and Cons


  • Check iconMade accessible across all devices
  • Check iconIntegration with Facebook
  • Check iconA one-of-a-kind bonus mechanism for free coins
  • Check iconA specific loyalty program named Playtika Rewards


  • Times iconThe casino focuses only on pokies
  • Times iconNot all pokies are available upon signing up

Caesar Slots Casino Bonuses

Online casino bonuses serve as a fantastic incentive for players, enhancing their gambling experience, extending their playtime and of course rewarding them. For the casino, these promotions are a strategic tool to attract and retain players, a factor often emphasised in casino reviews.

However, Caesar Slots casino stands apart from the norm; it doesn’t offer the typical welcome bonuses or the usual promotions found in other online casinos catering to Australian players.

Instead, Caesar Slots has devised a unique reward system tailored to enrich the player’s journey in its own distinctive way, which will be explained below. This approach ensures players remain engaged and rewarded, albeit through a different method than what is traditionally expected.

Free Coins Bonus at Caesar Slots Casino

The unique Free Coins Bonus promotion allows players to collect up to one million free coins, offering a robust alternative to the traditional welcome bonus and providing ample opportunities for players to enjoy. By engaging with Hourly, Daily, and Super Bonuses, players can significantly boost their coin balance.

To partake in this offer, players are encouraged to log into Caesar Slots every three hours to claim their free bonus. This system not only rewards regular engagement but also opens doors to additional bonuses, multipliers, wilds, and other game-enhancing features. Upon signing up, newcomers are greeted with a generous 40,000 coins, achievable through simple registration via email, Facebook, or Google.

Moreover, Caesar Slots extends the chance to earn more coins by following their social media channels, including Facebook, which already boasts over 5 million followers, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. These platforms not only serve as a source of free coins but also offer engaging content, insider tips, and exclusive news, enriching the player’s experience further.

For those eager to maximise their benefits, enabling push notifications on mobile devices ensures regular updates and additional free coins. It’s important to note, this bonus is a one-time offer per user.

Caesars Slots Casino Au

VIP/Loyalty Bonus at Caesar Slots Casino

Caesar Slots casino’s VIP/Loyalty program, called Playtika Rewards, is an exceptional scheme that acknowledges and rewards players for their ongoing engagement. Membership to this program is automatic and free, ensuring every moment spent on online pokies translates into accumulating points and escalating perks.

As players elevate from the initial Bronze status up to Diamond status and beyond, they unlock access to exclusive VIP online casino games, superior coin package deals, and an abundance of free gifts and coins, enhancing their gambling venture.

The program is structured around Status Points, which players earn through gameplay and purchases, facilitating progression through the tiers. Special promotions offering double or triple Status Points further expedite this journey. Here’s a breakdown of the tiers:

  • Bronze: Starting point for every player, offering a daily free gift of 250 coins and random free gifts from friends. Progress to Silver status with 150 Playtika Rewards points, achievable through purchases or consistent gameplay.
  • Silver: Offers double status points for each level reached, larger daily free gifts, and significantly increased Facebook fan page and share post gifts. Requires 4,000 status points to advance to Gold.
    Gold: Unlocks access to more than double the coins in each package, a 20% increase in Mega Bonus, daily free gifts of 100,000 coins, and enhanced Facebook and share post gifts. Ascend to Platinum with 30,000 points.
  • Platinum: Daily free gift leaps to 200,000 coins, with a 25% increase in Mega Bonus wins, and substantial increases in the value of Facebook fan page and share post gifts. Achieving Diamond status requires 250,000 status points.
  • Diamond: Coin packages now sevenfold in value, daily free gifts of 500,000 coins, and a 30% increase in Mega Bonus wins. Royal Diamond status is the next milestone, requiring 2,000,000 status points.
  • Royal Diamond: Offers exclusive access to VIP online casino games, personalised account management, and over one million free coins daily. Ascension to Black Diamond demands 8,000,000 points.
  • Black Diamond: The pinnacle of Playtika Rewards, offering unparalleled perks and maintaining the mystique of high-tier rewards, encapsulating the essence of exclusive gambling experiences, as noted in various casino reviews.


Caesars Slots Au Rewards

Is Caesar Slots Casino Trustworthy?

Caesar Slots casino, in partnership with software behemoth Playtika, as mentioned earlier, upholds an exemplary standard of security and user service terms. This collaboration ensures that Playtika not only has full rights reserved but also oversees the casino’s security protocols, reinforcing its stature in Australia as a secure online gambling destination.

Significantly, the casino adheres to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1) at the AA level, reflecting a commitment to making web content accessible and secure using advanced technologies like HTML, WAI-ARIA, CSS, and JavaScript. The casino also uses a random number generators (RNG).

Playtika’s integration with third-party platforms, such as social networks including Facebook, enables the collection of personal information such as names, profile pictures, and email addresses during both the gambling and registration processes.

Despite this data collection, Playtika pledges comprehensive protection of personal information, though it acknowledges that no system can promise absolute security. The company clearly states its limited liability for unauthorised data disclosures, adhering to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Moreover, Playtika’s approach to player privacy and interaction with the casino is meticulously outlined in the Playtika Privacy Notice, emphasising transparent and responsible data handling. The company advocates for responsible gaming, offering options for self-exclusion to support players in managing their gambling habits responsibly.

Caesar Slots Casino Complaints

Like any successful enterprise, Caesar Slots isn’t immune to receiving some complaints from its users. However, it’s noteworthy that the majority of feedback encountered leans positively, with only a handful of grievances. Most issues raised by players tend to revolve around the purchase of coins, a central aspect of engaging with the online casino’s games, which will be elaborated on in the payment methods section.

Other minor complaints typically relate to the pokies’ settings, such as the desire for more nuanced sound options – players have expressed a preference for turning off all sounds with exceptions for specific notifications like a ding or bell during game pauses or at the end of multi-spins.

The casino staff actively engages with all reviews, demonstrating a robust commitment to addressing player concerns and continuously improving the gambling experience. This proactive approach to customer service underscores the casino’s dedication to ensuring satisfaction and care for every member of their gambling community.

Caesars Slots Free Coins Au

Caesar Slots Casino Payments

The provision of smooth and reliable payment methods is a cornerstone of player satisfaction at online casinos, ensuring users can engage with online casino games effortlessly and securely. In contrast to conventional online casinos that typically feature real money wagering through common payment methods like crypto payments, casino bank transfers, and others, Caesar Slots operates differently, eschewing these standard financial transactions.

Caesar Slots adopts a distinctive approach by utilising its own system of in-game currencies,
These virtual assets are coins, decisive for gameplay, level progression and enhancing overall enjoyment. These coins carry no real-world monetary value, thus emphasising the casino’s recreational intent. However, players have the option to purchase these coins, with the casino addressing any issues related to such transactions promptly and effectively.

If a player faces any delay or problem in receiving purchased items, Caesar Slots encourages players to contact their customer service for resolution. In situations where purchases are made through third-party stores like the Play Store, Apple App Store, or others, players are advised to provide the receipt as proof of purchase. This enables customer service to verify the transaction and credit the player’s account accordingly.

Customer Care & Support

At Caesar Slots Casino, the commitment to providing comprehensive customer care is evident through its accessible support options. Support services become available to players once they’ve logged in on the website. For direct assistance, players can send an email to the casino’s dedicated support team at any time, a feature frequently praised in casino reviews focused on player support.

Furthermore, Caesar Slots has streamlined access to its support services by separating them from the main site. This can be easily found by simply clicking on the ‘’Help’’ at the top right corner or scrolling to the bottom of the page and selecting the “Support” category.

Upon accessing the support section, players are presented with a variety of help options, including the submission of a support ticket and a well-organised FAQ section that covers a range of topics from Technical Issues and Features to Purchases and Games. This ensures that players can quickly find solutions to common queries or issues they may encounter.

In addition to these resources, Caesar Slots boasts an active community management team. Players are encouraged to reach out via Facebook, where they can send a message directly or leave a comment on posts. This level of engagement demonstrates Caesar Slots Casino’s dedication to fostering a supportive environment, ensuring that every player’s experience is as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.

Caesars Slots Australia Casino

Casino Games at Caesar Slots Casino

The allure of a comprehensive gaming library is paramount in the online casino landscape, especially for a discerning audience with a pronounced passion for pokies, as is the case in Australia. The importance of quality software cannot be overstated, as it underpins the gambling experience, ensuring smooth gameplay, stunning graphics, and enchanting themes.

Caesar Slots casino caters precisely to this enthusiasm, showcasing a broad array of Australian online pokies directly in the casino lobby. Regular updates enrich the selection, ensuring players always have fresh and exciting pokies to explore.

It’s pivotal to highlight, however, that Caesar Slots adopts a model familiar within social casinos, which might not align with every player’s expectations. Upon registration, players are greeted with a selection of free online casino games, but accessing the full suite requires levelling up through regular play.


The significance of a well-curated pokies library in an online casino cannot be overstated, as it’s a pivotal aspect that can greatly enhance player satisfaction and retention. Caesar Slots casino excels in this regard, boasting an impressive collection of over 150 free pokie machine online casino games. This vast selection ensures hours of free entertainment for its players, accessible without the need for any downloads, across various devices.

Among the eclectic mix of pokies, players can find an array of popular titles highlighted as “Top Free Slot Games” on the casino’s platform. These include the enchanting Wild Howl, the regal King of the North, the mysterious Valley of the Pyramids, the lucrative All Mine Gold, and the divine Wheel of Zeus.

The diversity in themes caters to every player’s preference, ranging from fairy tales like Alice’s Mystery, reminiscent of Spirit of the Lake, through to animal, fantasy, oriental, pirate, mythological themes, and even ancient Egypt themed pokies such as Eternal Egypt, echoing the allure of Play’n Go‘s real-money pokie Legacy of Egypt.

This broad spectrum of themes ensures that every visit to Caesar Slots casino is a new adventure, offering something for everyone, whether they’re in search of mystique, mythology, or the tingle of exploration and discovery in their pokie experience.

Jackpot Pokies

At Caesar Slots, jackpot pokies present an exhilarating opportunity for players to hit substantial, life-altering wins, particularly with progressive jackpots. The casino features a tiered jackpot system based on the size of the stake, allowing higher bets to unlock access to more lucrative jackpot pools. With each player’s spin, the progressive jackpot increases, amplifying the excitement and potential winnings.

Players can choose to participate in the jackpot corresponding to their bet level. A unique aspect is the jackpot accelerator, which randomly activates, offering players a chance to win multipliers on their bet or access the JP symbol, leading them to the chance of scooping a jackpot or securing a higher bet multiplier. This streamlined approach to jackpot pokies at Caesar Slots casino combines the joy of big wins with the excitement of progressive gameplay.

Caesar Slots Free Slot Games

Caesar Slots Casino: A Kingdom of Pokies at Your Fingertips

Renowned for its rich selection of pokies, an inventive rewards scheme, and attentive customer support, Caesar Slots Casino distinguishes itself as a prime destination for those seeking a completely different gambling experience. Its collaboration with Playtika and its operation through social media platforms like Facebook enhance its accessibility and community feel, allowing players to enjoy a social gambling environment from anywhere.

It’s important to note, however, that Caesar Slots is distinct from traditional online casinos as it operates on a coin-based system, focusing on free pokies that negate real-money gambling. This approach prioritises entertainment without the risks associated with betting real money, though it allows for the purchase of coins to enhance the gambling experience.

While the need to unlock pokies through play may not suit every player’s desire for immediate access to a wide range of online casino games, the casino’s commitment to a secure, responsible gambling environment and the fun of progressing through levels offer a well-rounded and enjoyable gambling journey.

Frequently asked questions

Can I win real money playing pokies at Caesar Slots casino?

No, Caesar Slots casino operates on a free-to-play model with a coin-based system. While you can experience the pleasure of winning, the coins and prizes have no real-world monetary value.

How do I get more coins if I run out from Australia?

Players can earn free coins through various means such as bonuses, promotions, and regular play. Additionally, coins can be purchased directly within the game for those looking to extend their playtime immediately.

Are there any tips for playing at Caesar Slots casino's pokies?

As with most pokies, outcomes are determined by random number generators, meaning there’s no guaranteed tip for winning. However, playing regularly and participating in various casino events can increase your chances of earning more coins and rewards.

Can I play Caesar Slots online casino games on Facebook?

Yes, Caesar Slots casino offers its online casino games through its Facebook platform, allowing players to enjoy a seamless gambling experience and interact with a community of players without leaving the social media site.

How often are new pokies added to Caesar Slots casino?

Caesar Slots casino regularly updates its game library with new pokies, ensuring players have access to fresh and exciting content. Keep an eye on updates and announcements for the latest additions.

Is there a way to play with friends at Caesar Slots casino?

While Caesar Slots does not offer traditional multiplayer pokies, players can connect with friends via Facebook, share their achievements, send and receive coin gifts, and compete in leaderboard challenges for added fun, a feature appreciated in Australia and noted in online casino reviews.

What should I do if I encounter a technical issue while playing?

If you face any technical difficulties, you can reach out to Caesar Slots casino’s customer support through the support section on their website or Facebook page. They offer assistance with technical issues, purchases, and other queries to ensure a smooth gambling experience.