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Buggin Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / Buggin

Buggin Pokie Review

  • RTP94%

Enter the outlandish world of Buggin, an ELK Studios creation, where the garden's tiniest inhabitants lead to big adventures. With its charming backdrop and cluster wins mechanism, this pokie offers a lighthearted escape with every spin, complete with thrilling Feature Wilds and cascading symbols to keep the excitement buzzing.


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Pros and Cons


  • Check iconEngaging 7x7 cluster pays format
  • Check iconVariety of Feature Wilds
  • Check iconPotential for wins up to 10,000x bet
  • Check iconMultiple game modes


  • Times iconRTP slightly lower at 94%
  • Times iconHigh volatility might not suit all players

Buggin Pokie Review

Enter the enchanting world of Buggin, an innovative creation from ELK Studios, where the diminutive denizens of a garden are the main attraction. This pokie captivates with its vibrant colours and detailed animations, set against a backdrop of a lush garden that serves as the stage for these tiny creatures’ antics. The sound design complements the visual feast, with a melodic tune that mirrors the serene yet lively garden atmosphere. Every aspect of Buggin, from the cheerful graphics to the harmonious sounds, contributes to a light-hearted gambling experience that’s both enjoyable and visually appealing.

Buggin Slot Australia

How to Play Buggin

Buggin offers a straightforward yet engaging experience on a 7×7 grid with cluster wins. Players adjust their stakes from a minimum of $0.20 to a maximum of $100, suitable for various gambling preferences. The game’s RTP stands at 94%, and it features a medium volatility level, rated 7 out of 10, balancing the frequency and size of wins. This pokie boasts a maximum win potential of up to 10,000 times the bet in a single spin, offering substantial rewards for those lucky enough to hit the big clusters or benefit from the game’s multitude of features.

Cascading wins allow winning symbols to be replaced by new ones, potentially creating consecutive wins from a single spin. The game also introduces big symbols, which can cover 2×2 or 3×3 spaces, increasing the chances of forming winning clusters. Features combined with the game’s engaging theme and dynamic gameplay, make Buggin a must-try for Aussie fans of online pokies and those looking for a unique gambling experience.

  • Pokie

  • Software

    ELK Studios
  • Release Date

    February 2024
  • RTP

  • Volatility

  • Maximum Win

  • Min Bet

  • Max Bet

  • Payline

    Cluster Pays
  • Reels

  • Jackpot

  • Free Spins


Buggin Pokie Symbols

The Buggin pokie is adorned with a delightful array of symbols that draw inspiration from its garden theme, each meticulously designed to enhance the immersive experience. From the lower payout icons representing everyday garden elements to the high-payout characters that bring the game’s bug inhabitants to life, every symbol contributes to the narrative of this charming pokie.

Special symbols add an extra layer of excitement, with wilds and scatters designed to unlock the game’s full potential. The way these symbols combine and interact on the grid is key to unlocking Buggin’s treasures. Let’s get right into the specifics of these symbols, exploring their designs, functions, and the payouts they offer.

Low-paying Symbols

In Buggin, the low-payout symbols are beautifully crafted icons that reflect the serene garden environment. These include a leaf, raspberry, blueberry, and a mushroom. Each of these symbols pays out when you land a cluster of 5 or more. These symbols are the foundation of the game, providing frequent wins that keep the gameplay engaging. The payout for these symbols increases as the size of the cluster grows, making every spin a potential win.

High-paying Symbols

The high-payout symbols in Buggin elevate the game with their unique charm and higher rewards. These are the semi-humanised bug characters that not only add personality to the pokie but also offer the chance for larger wins. A cluster of 5 or more of these bug symbols triggers a win, with the payouts significantly increasing as the cluster size expands. These characters, each with their distinctive style and colour, bring the garden to life, from the industrious ant to the graceful lady bug. Their detailed designs and animations celebrate the diversity and beauty of garden life, making every win a moment of delight.

Special Symbols

Special symbols in Buggin play a pivotal role in enhancing gameplay and boosting win potential. Wild symbols stand out as they can substitute for any paying symbol, helping form or expand winning clusters. Notably, wilds come with multipliers, magnifying wins they contribute to. Then, there are scatter symbols, the gatekeepers to Buggin’s thrilling bonus features. Landing 3 scatters triggers the free spins round, opening the door to even greater win possibilities. The interplay between these special symbols and the base game icons is what makes Buggin a dynamic and unpredictable online pokie, where a single spin can turn the tide in your favour.

Symbols Paytable

Symbol Payline Maximum Payout
Lady Bug 12+ 100x
Sassy Snail 12+ 50x
Blue Ant 12+ 25x
Cricket 12+ 20x
Mushroom 12+ 3x
Raspberry 12+ 2.5x
Blueberry 12+ 2x
Leaf 12+ 1.5x

Buggin Pokie Bonuses

Buggin’s bonus features elevate the online gambling experience with engaging elements like cascading wins and free spins that extend playtime and increase win potential. The game also introduces the innovative X-iter feature, allowing players to buy into specific game modes for a more tailored experience, ranging from direct entry to bonus rounds to enhanced winning opportunities with prefilled Feature Wilds. Alongside these, Feature Wilds add dynamic gameplay changes, creating new winning opportunities with each spin. The blend of regular and super free drops further enriches the gambling landscape, offering strata of excitement and chances for significant rewards. Buggin’s bonuses are designed to complement the game’s theme while offering substantial winning possibilities.

Free Spins Bonus Game

Triggering the Free Spins Bonus Game in Buggin is achieved by landing 3 scatter symbols across the reels. This event unlocks a new phase of the casino game, transporting players to an upgraded garden setting where the stakes are higher and the wins more significant. During this bonus round, the garden becomes a fertile ground for potential big wins, with each free spin offering enhanced opportunities to increase rewards, thanks to the game’s special features and modifiers that come into play.

Wild Redrops

Wild Redrops are a thrilling feature in Buggin, providing a unique twist to the gameplay. When activated, this bonus ensures that Wild symbols, with their valuable multipliers, get another chance to contribute to winning combinations. This not only adds excitement but also increases the potential for significant rewards, making each Redrop a moment of high anticipation.

Feature Wilds

Feature Wilds are a cornerstone of Buggin’s bonus offerings, each bringing a special ability to the game that can dramatically alter the outcome of a spin. These symbols enhance the gameplay with their unique functions, from expanding symbols to adding multipliers, making them a key component of the game’s strategy.

Big Wild: The Big Wild feature transforms standard symbols into larger versions, covering more grid space and increasing the chances of forming winning clusters. This can lead to a cascade of wins, making the Big Wild an exciting prospect whenever it appears on the grid.

Multiplying Wild: Multiplying Wilds add an extra excitement to the game by increasing the value of wins they contribute to. This bonus can turn a modest win into a substantial reward, highlighting the potential impact of Wild symbols in Buggin.

Random Wild: The Random Wild feature spreads additional Wild symbols across the grid, replacing standard symbols and potentially leading to unexpected wins. This random distribution of Wilds can turn a non-winning spin into a profitable one, adding an element of surprise to the gameplay.

Removing Wild: Removing Wilds cleanse the grid of the lowest-value symbols, increasing the chances of higher-value combinations forming. This bonus can significantly alter the board, setting the stage for more lucrative wins.

Upgrading Wild: Upgrading Wilds elevate the value of existing symbols, transforming them into higher-paying counterparts. This feature not only boosts the potential payout of a spin but also adds a visual transformation that enhances the excitement of the game.

Buggin Slot Bonus Au

Critters, Clusters, & Cascades: A Buggin Experience

Buggin by ELK Studios encapsulates an enthralling pokie experience, seamlessly blending a unique theme with innovative gameplay. The game’s design, from the detailed bug characters to the lush garden backdrop, provides a fresh perspective in the universe of online pokies, reminiscent of the creativity seen in other titles like Oxygen and Pirots 2.

The strategic use of cluster pays, combined with the excitement of cascading wins and Feature Wilds, ensures a gameplay that is as rewarding as it is engaging. With its balanced mix of medium volatility and the allure of substantial wins, Buggin stands as a compelling choice for players seeking a novel and enjoyable pokie online adventure. Its ability to cater to a wide audience, coupled with the thrill of its bonus features, solidifies its position as a must-try within the ELK Studios portfolio.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Buggin unique among other pokies?

Buggin stands out with its garden-themed setting and the use of bug characters as symbols, offering a playful twist on traditional pokie games. The 7×7 grid and cluster pays format also add a fresh dynamic to the gameplay.

Can the Feature Wilds significantly impact my winnings?

Yes, Feature Wilds in Buggin can dramatically increase winning potential. Each type of Feature Wild, from Multiplying to Big Symbols, has a unique way of enhancing clusters and creating more winning opportunities.

How does the Free Spins Bonus Game add value to the gameplay?

The Free Spins Bonus Game elevates the excitement by offering additional chances to win without placing further bets. The transition to this mode often introduces enhanced features or increased chances of landing high-value symbols.

How does the X-iter feature enhance the Buggin pokie experience?

The X-iter feature in Buggin allows players to directly access different game modes, offering unique gameplay experiences and potentially higher chances of triggering bonus rounds. It’s an innovative way to customise the game according to players’ preferences and strategies.

What role do cascading wins play in Buggin?

Cascading wins allow for multiple consecutive wins from a single spin. Winning symbols are removed, making room for new symbols to drop in, potentially creating new winning clusters.

Is Buggin suitable for players who prefer low or high stakes?

Buggin caters to a wide range of players with its betting options, from $0.20 to $100 per spin, making it accessible for those who prefer low stakes, as well as appealing to high rollers looking for significant wins.

What role do scatter symbols play in Buggin?

Scatter symbols are key to unlocking Buggin’s bonus rounds, such as the Free Spins Bonus Game. Landing the required number of scatters not only initiates these special rounds but also adds an extra layer of excitement and winning potential to the gameplay.