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Big Hits Blazinator Pokie Review


Home / Pokies / Big Hits Blazinator

Big Hits Blazinator Pokie Review

  • RTP96.09%

Released in December 2023, Big Hits Blazinator by Lucksome ignites the online pokie landscape with its blazing theme and suite of features designed to captivate Australian players. Echoing classic casino motifs, this pokie intertwines traditional symbols with dynamic flaming fireballs, crafting a visual spectacle that's as compelling as it is amusing.


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Pros and Cons


  • Check iconFeatures a Free Spins feature with sticky Wild Symbols
  • Check iconBig Hit Multiplier offers generous payout opportunities
  • Check iconEngaging visual and thematic elements


  • Times iconClassic theme might not appeal to players seeking something new

Big Hits Blazinator Review

Big Hits Blazinator pokie masterfully blends a classic fruit theme with vibrant fiery elements, presenting a mix of traditional and modern online gambling. This pokie offers a distinctive visual appeal with its fruit symbols engulfed in flames, set against a simple yet effective backdrop that doesn’t distract from the gameplay. The graphics strike a balance between retro and fiery modern, ensuring that the game stands out on any platform, be it mobile devices, desktops, or notepads. For those who are into fruit-themed pokies, other stand-out titles include – Hot Fruits on Fire and Fruit Shop.

The sound design of Big Hits Blazinator complements its visuals perfectly. While the soundtrack keeps to a simple tune, it enhances the retro feel of the game, with music that plays dynamically as the reels spin, adding to the excitement of the gameplay. The game uniquely announces its name at the start, although the continuous music play is limited to reel spins, which feels like a missed opportunity to further immerse players in the experience.

Big Hits Blazinator Au

How to Play Big Hits Blazinator

On the gameplay front, Big Hits Blazinator is structured around 6 reels and 4 rows, offering 50 paylines. The betting range might not be as accommodating to high rollers, starting from a minimum bet of $0.10 to a maximum bet of $25. With the default Return to Player (RTP) rate set at 96.09%, Big Hits Blazinator positions itself as an attractive option for players. It’s important to note that the game offers three different RTP settings (96.0%, 95.0%, or 93.0%), allowing operators to choose; hence, players should check the RTP at their chosen casino, as it can significantly impact gameplay over time.

The game’s medium volatility is paired with a max win potential of 10,000x the bet, striking a balance between risk and reward. The hit frequency in the base game is 20.0%, with Free Spins activation averaging 1 in 180 spins, indicating that patience might be required to unlock the game’s full potential.

For those eager to explore the bonus features that Big Hits Blazinator has to offer, we will explore these exciting aspects in the following sections, highlighting how they contribute to the game’s appeal and your chances of securing big wins.

Basic Information

  • Pokie

    Big Hits Blazinator
  • Software

  • Release Date

    December 2023
  • RTP

  • Volatility

  • Maximum Win

  • Min Bet

  • Max Bet

  • Payline

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  • Free Spins


Big Hits Blazinator Pokie Symbols

From the traditional fruit symbols to the more lucrative sevens and diamonds, each symbol plays a crucial role in the gameplay. Understanding the value and function of each symbol is essential for maximising your playing experience. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of these symbols, starting with the low-payout symbols, moving on to the high-payout ones, and finally exploring the special symbols that bring the game to life.

Low-payout Symbols

The game’s low-payout symbols are represented by a colourful array of fruits, each bringing a slice of classic pokie nostalgia. Cherries, lemons, oranges, grapes, plums, and watermelons make up this category. These symbols are the foundation of many winning combinations, with three or more of the same type on adjacent reels starting from the leftmost reel necessary to trigger a payout. Cherries, being the least valuable, alongside lemons and oranges, provide the game’s initial foray into potential wins. Grapes and plums occupy the middle tier of value, whereas watermelons stand as the most prized within this selection.

High-payout Symbols

Elevating the payout potential are the high-payout symbols, which include a trio of coloured Lucky 7s – white, blue, and red – and the highest-value symbol, the diamond. These symbols bring more significant wins, with the Lucky 7s offering a nostalgic nod to classic pokie machines while providing a modern twist in their fiery design.

Special Symbols

Big Hits Blazinator also features special symbols that play pivotal roles in unlocking the game’s bonus features and boosting winning potential. The Wild Symbol, easily identified by its golden frame and the text “WILD” against a blue or red background, can substitute for any pay symbol to help form winning combinations. It appears on all reels during the base game and on reels 2 to 6 during the Free Spins.

Symbols Paytable

Symbol Payline Maximum Payout
Wild x6 250x
Diamond x6 20x
Red 7 x6 15x
Blue 7 x6 10x
White 7 x6 10x
Watermelon x6 8x
Plums x6 8x
Grape x6 5x
Orange x6 5x
Lemon x6 5x
Cherry x6 5x

Big Hits Blazinator Pokie Bonuses

Big Hits Blazinator bonuses are designed to increase the potential for big wins, offering Australian players various ways to boost their payouts. From the Bonus Scatter Symbol that unlocks the door to the Big Bonus Free Spins, to the choice offered by the Gamble feature, and the innovative Lucksome Locks option, these bonuses provide players with critical decisions that could lead to substantial rewards. Next, we will explore each of these bonuses in more detail, shedding light on how they contribute to making Big Hits Blazinator a standout pokie.

Big Bonus Free Spins

The Big Bonus Free Spins feature is a central element of Big Hits Blazinator. This feature begins with a Big Hit Meter and a predetermined Big Hit Level that players aim to match or exceed with wins on the reels. Wild symbols become sticky during this feature, locking in place to enhance winning combinations, while scatter symbols can transform into Red or Blue Fireballs, each with its effects on the gameplay. Red Fireballs increase the Big Hit Level and potentially the wild multipliers, whereas Blue Fireballs add to the Big Hit Meter, extending the feature’s duration. This carefully calibrated balance of elements ensures that the Big Bonus Free Spins round is both thrilling and potentially very lucrative.

Bonus Scatter Symbol

The Red Fireball symbol serves as the game’s Bonus Scatter Symbol, playing a crucial role in the mechanics of Big Hits Blazinator. Landing three or more of these fiery scatters across the reels triggers the Big Bonus Free Spins, a feature that significantly ups the ante with its dynamic play and potential for substantial wins. Once activated, players are prompted to click on one of the fireball scatters to reveal the Big Hit Level for the free spins, starting anywhere from x10 to x50. This level can skyrocket up to x1,000 during the free spins, with the number of scatters landed influencing the chance of achieving a higher starting Big Hit Level.

Gamble Feature

After securing a win of 5x the bet or more in the base game, players are presented with an intriguing choice through the Gamble feature. This option introduces two wheels – one for direct wins and another for the Big Bonus – allowing players to stake their current win in the hope of increasing it or unlocking the Big Bonus Free Spins. Successfully landing on a green segment results in a win, while a red segment signifies a loss.

Lucksome Locks

The Lucksome Locks feature is activated when two scatter symbols appear in view during the base game. Activating this feature for a set cost locks the scatters in place, with the reels spinning in hopes of landing additional scatters to trigger the Big Bonus Free Spins. This feature is a gamble on its own, with the potential to either advance to the lucrative free spins round or remain in the base game.

Big Hits Blazinator Gmble Wheel

Elevate Your Gambling Experience with Big Hits Blazinator

Big Hits Blazinator emerges as a notable addition to the landscape of online pokies, blending a traditional fruit machine aesthetic with modern, fiery twists that appeal to a broad Australian player base. The game’s strengths lie in its comprehensive suite of features, including Free Spins with sticky Wild Symbols and a generous Big Hit Multiplier, which together offer players the chance for substantial payouts. Its commitment to a visually appealing experience, coupled with an engaging theme, adds to its allure, making it a compelling choice for those who enjoy pokies that balance traditional and contemporary elements.

However, Big Hits Blazinator is not without its limitations, the visual theme for example, while attractive, may not stand out significantly in a crowded market filled with similar fiery-themed pokies. The reliance on a classic theme might not cater to players in search of more innovative or unique pokies. The betting range, while accommodating to casual players, may not satisfy the appetites of high rollers looking for higher stakes.

The game’s RTP settings and medium volatility indicate a balanced approach to risk and reward, yet the variability in RTP suggests that players should be mindful of the settings at their chosen casino, as this could affect their overall experience and potential winnings.

Frequently asked questions

What makes Big Hits Blazinator unique among other pokies?

Big Hits Blazinator distinguishes itself with its blend of a classic casino theme and fiery visuals, alongside innovative features like the Big Bonus Free Spins, Gamble feature, and Lucksome Locks.

Can the Big Hit Level really reach up to x1,000 during the Free Spins?

Yes, the starting Big Hit Level in the Free Spins feature ranges from x10 to x50, but with the appearance of Blue Fireball symbols during this mode, it can indeed increase up to an impressive x1,000, significantly enhancing the potential for big wins.

How do sticky wilds work during the Big Bonus Free Spins?

During the Big Bonus Free Spins, any wild symbols that land on the reels become sticky, meaning they remain in place for the duration of the Free Spins. This can help create more winning combinations and increase the overall payout from the bonus round.

Is the Gamble feature optional, and how does it work?

Yes, the Gamble feature is entirely optional. It becomes available after any win of 5x the bet or more in the base game. Players can choose to gamble their winnings on a spin of one of two wheels, aiming to either increase their win or win Big Bonus Free Spins. Success depends on the wheel landing on a green segment.

Are there any tips for new players starting with Big Hits Blazinator?

New players should start by familiarising themselves with the game’s paytable and features in the information section. Playing at a comfortable bet level initially is advisable, allowing for an understanding of how the features work, especially the impact of the Big Hit Level and the utility of sticky wilds in Free Spins.

How do the wild multipliers work during the Free Spins?

Wild multipliers are triggered when a Red Fireball lands beneath a wild symbol during the Free Spins, increasing its multiplier value by +1. These multipliers are cumulative, meaning if multiple wilds with multipliers are part of the same winning combination, their values are multiplied together, potentially leading to significantly larger wins.

What is the range of betting options available in Big Hits Blazinator?

Big Hits Blazinator caters to a wide range of players with its betting options, starting from a minimum bet of $0.10 to a maximum of $25.