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Victorian State Government Imposes Budgetary Restrictions for the Crown

Among the several amendments made to the 1991 Casino Control Act by the Victorian Legislature is a maximum of AU$1,000 each day for players who play at the Crown. The Casino Legislation Amendment (Royal Commission Implementation & Other Matters) Bill of 2022 was passed into law in a little over a month after it was first proposed in August. This bill proposes a number of substantial changes to the existing gaming legal structure in Victoria, particularly as they relate to Crown Melbourne.

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In its expanded view into misconduct at the Melbourne casino of Crown, a royal commission which is directed by Ray Finkelstein KC discovered that top executives at the casino have been “indifferent to their ethical, moral, as well as sometimes legal obligations.” The commission then suggested that such amendments to the legislation be made as a result of its findings.

In addition to this, the Crown is being investigated in both Western Australia as well as New South Wales.

The legislation also contains measures for a pre-commitment system for pokie machines. This means that gamblers will be required to specify how much money they’re willing to lose before they begin playing. This was another suggestion of Finkelstein’s investigation.

The deadline for Crown is Set

The deadline that was given to the Crown was the end of the year 2023. This deadline is for them to put the expenditure limitations into effect, and will have until the end of the year 2025 to reach the requirement of all of the adjustments. The leeway time is a representation of the latest tech that the provider will be required to implement in order to guarantee that it is in full accordance with the law.

In the event that Crown is unable to provide evidence that it has remedied its “shameful” behaviour, the company’s casino permit will be revoked automatically.

Melissa Horne, who is the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming, as well as Liquor Regulation, stated something along the lines of the following.

In order to put every single one of the royal commission’s findings into action, they are keeping Crown Melbourne accountable as well as executing an extra Twelve suggestions. These suggestions focus on preventing financial fraud and minimising harm.

The failings that were discovered by the royal commission will never occur once more as a result of the law that adopts changes that are at the forefront of change.

At the beginning of this year, the massive private equity firm Blackstone paid AU$8.87 billion to purchase the Crown Gambling Establishment.

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What Does This Mean To Players?

Given this news, this will not only leave an effect on the casino but also on the players. So, because of this new law set by the government, what does this mean to all Crown players? Well because of this new legislation, just like Queensland, the victoria state players will have to obey all procedures set by the casino and by the state.

Given that this process will not be done in a fortnight, players can expect that the actual action taken by the Crown may take some time. They also need to plan how they will go about this news.

If you are a player that is planning to start playing at the Crown casino establishment, then it is important to note that this is not the first offence Crown has received. In May of 2022, the Crown received a punishment of a record $80 million. This was all down due to the fact that the Royal Commission received certain information about the casino accepting Chinese bank cards. This was done to fund gambling and also disguise it as a hotel expense transaction.

So if you are seriously considering this casino, make sure to conduct your own background check.

Do you think this will also affect the Aussie Online Gambling Industry? Guess time will tell…