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The Ville Resort Casino in Australia Could Get Punished for Their Connection to Junket

The allegations that some casinos in Australia have indeed been involved in the operation of unlawful junkets are reaching a tipping point now. The gaming authority for the state of Queensland is planning to question the Ville Resort Casino in Townsville, about possible violations of the casino's junket policy.

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The Ville Resort Casino Australia
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The Rumours on Junkets

In spite of numerous claims to the contrary over the course of a previous couple of months, it was suspected that some of the smaller gaming companies in Australia were working with junkets. ABC News reports that the Office of Liquor and Gaming (OLQ) has reportedly begun the process of officially prosecuting The Ville.

It is not against the law to work with junkets, however, the connections must be cleared through authorization beforehand. It would appear that The Ville avoided complying with the law, and this oversight is only one of many new problems that Australia’s casino sector is causing for itself.

There is No Escape

The gambling sector in Australia is being analyzed from a variety of perspectives, including those of federal regulators as well as the mainstream media. This indicates that any violation, irrespective of how serious it may be, will almost certainly be found.

The issues that have been affecting The Ville may be traced back to a few months ago when a news organization published an article alleging that the casino had unlawfully collaborated with an unauthorized junket. The casino received money and other incentives in return for the junket’s service, which lured high-rolling customers to the establishment.

The Ville replied by saying that there was only a mix-up and that it had not violated any regulations, saying that the accusations were unfounded. The OLQ does not view it in that light at all. It is now bringing charges against the establishment on 2 counts of breaking the Casino Control Act of Queensland.

2023 on the Horizon

Although this year is coming to a close, The Ville and its founder, the millionaire Chris Morris, will not discover what comes next until the year 2023. In the month of January, this case will be heard in court at some point.

The story comes to light not long after another gambling operator found themselves in legal trouble with the government. A monetary penalty of $10,000 was issued to the Reef Hotel Casino in Cairns due to the fact that it collaborated with an unlicensed junket operator.

When this occurred, the casino compensated the tour operator by handing over 5% of the total revenue generated by the players who were brought in by the tour operator. During the course of its inquiry, the OLQ Regulation may decide to impose additional penalties or other penalties.

Chris Morris The Ville Resort Australia

Junkets Becoming Less Popular

Once upon a time, junkets were a significant component of the gambling industry, particularly in and around Asia. Prior to the time when junkets earned a poor image, Macau was well-known for being led by these tours.

The junket industry has been turned upside down as a result of various crimes, including allegations of laundering money and connections to organized crime. The lawsuit that involves Suncity Group, as well as Alvin Chau, has been particularly taxing on everyone involved. It is believed that he was responsible for laundering several millions of dollars via casinos in Macau, Australia, as well as other countries.

The majority of the gaming companies in Asia had, at one time or another, depended on junkets, particularly as they began stepping up their activities in that area. This was especially true when they first began expanding their activities in the region. But, over the course of the last few years, they have been making concessions, and at this point, there are just a few of the alliances in existence.

The Future of Junket’s with Law

Macau is in the process of revising its laws around junkets, and Australia is most certainly going to follow suit. Only Queensland has legislation that calls for partnerships to be pre-approved before they can begin.

In other regions with gambling establishments, the task of assuring that junket operators stay within the bounds of the law is given to the casinos themselves. But, the results of implementing that policy have not been as favourable as anticipated.