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A Syndicate First-time Player Wins $160million in Shared Lotto

A man living in Western Australia has won a shared lottery of around $160 million. The man is also part of a syndicate and states that they had never played this lotto game. The winning combination that was drawn out in Powerball draw 1380 were 10, 4, 12, 18, 2, 34, and 7. The reward was divided among the three winning entries, with each successful entry receiving an amazing $53.3 million payout; the other two winning tickets came from the states of Victoria & New South Wales.

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The Man’s Statements

The man in question went on to an interview on national radio to speak about what had just happened. He is one out of 20 individuals that are in the syndicate to have won a share of the jackpot of $160million from Powerball.

After first believing that the WA resident’s organisation had won the award for division two, the man stated that the incredible victory was “still setting in.”

He stated that he was checking the results of the lotto last night and thought that they had won the 2nd division. He then went on to call some friends of his to tell them that he had won the 2nd division of the lotto.

He then had to call them back to tell them that he had won it. It was a massive draw, where all of the individuals took out $100.

After this, the host wanted to show the man what the community were saying. There was one in particular that brought a laugh to the man. The person asked if it was “ok if I say I hate you?”. The man went on to say that many individuals would hate them at the moment.

The presenter wanted to have his say and stated that they don’t hate him for what happened. They are just jealous that it’s not them.

Incredibly, this is the second time this year that there is a syndicate winner from Goldfields. The first time it happened, a group of 250 individuals had won an outstanding $63 million.

The Mysterious Winner

The identity of the winner from New South Wales (NSW) was the only one that had not been revealed as of the early morning hours of Thursday. However, only a few minutes before noon, a father from Penrith called the lottery organizers to collect their winnings.

He then stated that after telling his family that he might have just won the 1st division lottery, they ended up not believing him. He later added that they now had to believe him!

Incredibly enough, he also said that he nearly missed out on buying the ticket. Fortunately for him though he didn’t. With this win, he stated that he can finally purchase a nice home for his family, as well as give his children whatever gifts they want for Christmas.

Due to the entry not being registered to a player’s card, the lottery organisers were not able to contact/trace the winner.

It’s worth noting that the winning ticket was bought from a small tobacconist inside a shopping centre. This took place in Cranebook in the western part of Sydney.

Syndicate Lotto Winner Australia

Man in Victoria Becomes an Instant Millionaire

The Lotto stated that the winner of the first division of the Victoria lottery was a blue-collar employee from Clyde. The officer who gave the good news to him had to try and keep his emotions in check.

The man could not believe what he just heard. To his surprise, he screamed in excitement. Potentially also used some inappropriate words, but given the scenario, it was all ok.

He, later on, stated that he thought that he would never receive such great news. Furthermore, he went on to say that he will use the money to make his and his family’s life an enjoyable one.

Additionally, 42 submissions were successful in division two, and they each took home around $77,000 for their efforts.