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Indigenous Leader Exposes Alleged Conflict of Interest in NT's Online Gambling Legislation

Darwin, Northern Territory - Yingiya Mark Guyula, an esteemed Indigenous leader and independent Member of Parliament, has openly criticised the Northern Territory (NT) government, accusing it of a "clear conflict of interest" in its dealings with the booming online gambling industry, which is estimated to be worth over $50 billion.

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Yingiya Mark Guyula Indigenous News AU
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Conflict of Interest Amidst Community Concerns

Guyula, representing the Liya-dhälinymirr Djambarrpuyngu people, voiced concerns over the increasing prevalence of online gambling in remote communities, highlighting the significant profits being made by betting companies at the expense of some of the most vulnerable populations. This accusation comes in the wake of revelations that the NT government, responsible for regulating the majority of Australia’s online gambling operations, had limited its consultations to industry stakeholders before pushing forward new legislation favourable to major gambling firms.

Legislation Under Scrutiny

The controversial Racing and Wagering Act 2024, which proposes stiffer penalties and grants the Chief Minister authority over the NT gambling regulator, has been criticised for its lack of comprehensive stakeholder engagement. Guyula’s statements underscore the absence of dialogue with Indigenous elders, leaders, and health and advocacy groups who are witnessing the detrimental effects of gambling first-hand in their communities.

A Call for Broad Consultation

Critics, including Independent federal MP Kate Chaney, have echoed Guyula’s sentiments, calling the NT government’s approach “mad” and underscoring the need for a national regulator. The NT’s low taxation and lenient regulatory environment have made it an attractive hub for online casino operators, contributing to the government’s revenue but raising ethical and social concerns.

Despite the backlash, an NT government spokesperson assured that broader consultations would follow the bill’s enactment, with provisions for developing standards and codes of practice that would involve a wider range of stakeholders.

Voices from the Community

The debate has drawn attention to the broader implications of online gambling in Australia, especially in regions with significant Indigenous populations. Advocates argue for a more inclusive consultation process that considers the social and cultural impacts of gambling, beyond mere industry regulation.

As the NT government navigates these turbulent waters, the call for transparency, accountability, and genuine community engagement grows louder, with many awaiting action that aligns with public welfare and cultural sensitivity.