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Face Recognition Tech To Roll Out Into NSW Pubs For Gambling Addicts

Self-excluded players located in the state of New South Wales will soon have their faces analysed by a facial recognition system in an effort to stop these individuals from visiting gambling establishments within the state. From 2023 forward, scanners will be installed in clubs and bars all around the state in order to assist with the process of identifying players who have chosen to be in the Multi-Venue Self-Exclusion plan offered by the New South Wales state.

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The programme reportedly makes use of digital photographs to detect players who have a gambling problem and then prevents these same individuals from being able to access any gaming establishments.

Players who decided to sign up for the self-exclusion plan have been asked to provide their own images, and they have agreed without reservation to have those images archived.

Liquor & Policing For Australian Hotels Association

According to John Green, who is the head of Liquor & Policing for the Australian Hotels Association in New South Wales (AHA NSW), the implementation of face recognition software will boost the identification process.

The use of facial recognition innovation ensures that the Liquor & Policing For Australian Hotels Association have the greatest possible opportunity of recognising individuals when they arrive in a building, despite the fact that people’s appearances may shift from time to time.

After taking it through multiple tests, the Liquor & Policing For Australian Hotels Association discovered that it is capable of recognising people who are attempting to disguise their identities by using various disguising methods, such as eyeglasses, in order to avoid being discovered.

The features of players will be scanned by special cameras as they access a particular gambling establishment, and those scans would be compared to a database of gambling addicts who have given their permission to be included in the self-exclusion programme.

When a player with a gambling issue is detected, the facilities crew is notified so that they are able to take action and direct the individual to appropriate support resources.

ClubsNSW Statements

The chief executive officer of ClubsNSW, Josh Landis, stated that the software will only be used to detect players who are within the self-exclusion database and will not have an effect on other players that wish to a gambling establishment to play.

This is planned in a way to target individuals that are experiencing issues; it is not intended to have an effect on any other person that is not within the database.

ClubsNSW is of the opinion that it is of the utmost importance to provide assistance to those individuals who are experiencing difficulties in a manner that is focused and does not harm any other regular players.

People are free to use the club or bar as they would normally use it, but those players who are struggling are trying to be given the utmost attention and assistance that require them to ensure that they are able to get the most out of the establishment.

ClubsNSW & AHA

This innovation is the result of a collaborative effort among ClubsNSW as well as the AHA, and it will ultimately be implemented throughout the whole state.

It uses a similar concept that is employed in South Australia, which is utilised in over 300 different locations and is currently being utilised in approximately 100 establishments across the state of New South Wales.

According to Mr Green, the results of a poll of people who had self-excluded themselves from gambling indicated that 85% approved the application of the face recognition software.

It is quite successful in determining those individuals who wish to be omitted from gambling establishments and who require assistance from either organisation.

This involves refining the procedure that the organisation had already in operation, but utilising the latest innovation, to guarantee that they’re doing as much as they possibly can to provide such players with the care that they require.

Kevin Anderson, who is the Minister for Gaming in New South Wales, claimed that the project will assist individuals in maintaining control over their gambling problem.

Self-exclusion as a preventative measure is a significant accomplishment for several problem players and because of the recent positive feedback, it just shows that many are ready to take the step forward.

Because of this innovation, establishments will be able to assist their customers in abandoning gambling and finding the necessary help needed.

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Member of Parliament’s Say

Cate Faehrmann, a member of the Green Party and a Member of Parliament, stated that the face recognition innovation would have no effect on the overall goal of decreasing harms caused by gambling and that it would solely focus on problem gamblers who have voluntarily excluded themselves.

The Member of Parliament believes that it’s a little of a concession to the extremely influential ClubsNSW organisation as well as the gaming lobby.

ClubsNSW is attempting, and it appears that they may be successful in their endeavour, to sidestep the implementation of a cashless gaming card.

This represents the industry’s approach of removing the incentive to offer a bundle of regulations that would decrease the negative effects of playing casino games throughout the state.