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Casino Barbut

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Casino Barbut

You may play a dice game called Barbut at a casino. Craps and Punto Banco are two games that are similar to this one. Rolling winning combos with the two dice is the objective of this game for you. You have the option of placing a wager on the combination(s) you believe you will be rolling on.

Casino Barbut Theme

Like many live casino games, such as Live Monopoly, Casino Barbut has an exceptional theme. Many players have noted that online game developers have done their utmost to make them as eye-catching as possible. Additionally, it is not surprising as there are many ways how this game can be themed, such as classical or modern.

Barbut dice game

How To Play

Dice may be rolled in the game of Barbut, and there is no limit to the number of people who can take part. At Barbut, you may choose between two different bets to place: the red bet or the yellow bet. Predict whatever combination of eyes the dice will have once it is rolled in order to win any of these bets.

The game is played with two dice in the shape of a hexagon and on a table with a face that is either yellow or red. Prior to the rolling of the dice, the participants are required to make their wagers on these squares.

Time to Play

After all of the participants have put their wagers, one of them will have the opportunity to roll the dice. The player will continue to toss the dice until they make a combination that is successful.

When the dice come up with a winning combination, those players who have made bets that correspond to the outcome get their rewards. After then, the game proceeds with the next player having a chance to roll the dice.


It is determined at the beginning of the game by rolling a die by each participant to see who goes first. The participants will then put their wagers, and the person who will be the shooter will roll the dice just after the player who gets to begin the round.

Wager on Yellow Square, you would want a combination of: Wager on Red Square, you would want a combination of:
  • 3 / 3 toy
  • 5 / 5 toy
  • 6 / 6 toy
  • 5 / 6 toy
  • 1 / 1 toy
  • 2 / 2 toy
  • 4 / 4 toy
  • 1 / 2 toy

The game continues with yet another roll of the dice if none of the previously mentioned combinations is produced by the rolling of the dice. You will then have the opportunity to put in a new wager.

When a roll results in a winning combination, the prize money is distributed to the winners, and play passes to the player whose position is immediate to the right of the one who rolled the dice. If the dice land somewhere other than on the table, the cast will not count.

Online Version

Barbut may be played for free at most online casinos, which are easy to access. You have the opportunity to test out the dice game in this demo version before you start wagering real cash. However, the free version of the game offered by certain casinos only allows for 1 or 2 rolls of the dice before you are required to make a real-money bet in order to continue playing the game.

You’ll also find this game at some of the best online casinos. The game is offered in the form of video pokie machines as well as video table games. One of the most entertaining ways to play Barbut digitally is as a game with a live dealer. A live dealer game is one in which visuals are broadcast of a genuine croupier who rolls the dice for the participants while at the same time the players are able to engage in conversation with one another.

Casino Barbut dice

How To Win

Because of the significant part that luck plays in Barbut, there is not really a technique that one can use while playing this game.

Types of Barbut

There are a few more games that are quite similar to Barbut, and they go by the names Barbudi, Barbooth, Barbotte, and Even-Up Craps. In the game of Barbudi, the player which tosses the dice is also referred to as the shooter, but he competes in the round against the fader who is to his right.

In the event that the shooter fails to win, the fader takes over as the new shooter, and in the event that the fader fails to win, the player towards the right of them will become the new fader.

You have the option, while playing at Barbudi, to put a split bet, which is a wager that is equal to or more than twice the table’s minimum bet and is divided into two halves of the same size. In addition, the guidelines are roughly equivalent to one another.


We strongly advise that you do not participate for an excessively lengthy period of time and that you only play using money that you are able to lose due to the huge house edge.
Make it a point to put the game down as soon as you realise that it is no longer enjoyable to you.

Establish boundaries for your own behaviour. Consider the greatest amount that may be wagered and won. When you hit these restrictions, you must immediately stop playing.
Gamble at a single reputable casino.


There is a maximum of 21 different outcomes that might occur while playing Barbut with the two dice. If you properly wager on one of the combos shown in either the yellow or red square, you will win the game. In the event that you come out on top, your wager will be increased by one.

The player will get an amount equal to one and a half times his original wager if either the combo 1 and 1 as well as 6 and 6 is rolled. You have been unsuccessful in winning any further combos with your bet. However, the basic strategy is the same at all online casinos, despite the fact that some of them have somewhat different payment tables for the various winning combinations.

Casino Barbut dice payout

History of Barbut

The ancient dice play that forms the basis of Barbut may be traced back to the Mediterranean as well as Middle Eastern regions of the world. Gaming providers saw a need in the market for a fresh social game that was also one that was simple to pick up and play, so they came up with this concept.

Is a Roll of a Dice Worth A Shot?

Players that like more sophisticated gambling games are generally not going to find much enjoyment in Barbut because of the significant role that chance plays in the game. Because of the restrictions on the types of wagers that may be placed, it does not provide the same level of excitement as the other casino dice games.

There are many throws that amount to nothing, and it is difficult to win significant sums of money. Barbut was designed to be played in a communal setting, which is precisely the kind of environment in which it is most enjoyable.

Frequently asked questions

Is There A Strategy To Win?

You are eligible for the prize if you have accurately anticipated the result of the dice roll. You may find out the amount you will be compensated as wins for the scores obtained by looking at the table for payments.

Is There A House Edge?

The house has an advantage of 4.76 percent on each game, which is a significant disadvantage in comparison to other casino table games such as roulette, blackjack, and punto banco.

Where Can I Play Barbut?

You may play Barbut against the computer at an online casino or in a physical casino as just a table game. There is also the option of playing Live Barbut at online casinos.

Who Created Barbut?

Barbut was created many years ago by people who lived in the Mediterranean or Middle Eastern regions of the world. Because of the creativity and uniqueness of the game, casinos have been able to develop them and allow players to play from the comfort of their own homes.

What Are The Winning Combinations For The Red Square?

In Barbut, if you place a bet on the red square, you would be hoping to get the following combinations: 1 / 1 toy, 2 / 2 toy, 4 / 4 toy, and 1 / 2 toy.

What Are The winning Combinations For the Yellow Square?

In Barbut, if you place a bet on the yellow square, you would be hoping to get the following combinations: 3 / 3 toy, 5 / 5 toy, 6 / 6 toy , and 5 / 6 toy.